About us

Petsforcare is an online search portal for information about all the variety of dogs.Presently our goal is to cover up on all the different famous breeds of dogs which are popular all over the world.Along with this you will also find many articles related to dog health care and wellness.We are new to this and its our endevour to carry on this work further so that people can better gain insight into things which people are generally not aware of.The articles will better help you to analyse the different species of dogs their habits their way of living and how best we can adapt to cope with them.

Our Vision

We at petsforcare are currently focussed on everything related to dogs.But with time we are planning to include other animals as well.Though not very common but many do keep horses,lizards or big cats as pets.And we will try to include all these animals as well in near future.

Thanks for all the love and support for visiting our website and with your motivation and help we will surely be able to provide you with a one-stop solution for all pet care and knowledge.