Dachshunds Guard Dog: Can Dachshunds be used as watch dog?

These sausage-shaped dogs with short legs were bred to chase badgers and burrows. The Dachshunds are loyal and protective of their owners. Like every other dog, the Dachshunds bark at any stranger that comes to your house. They are natural barkers and will bark to release their anxiety or warn people.

However, the barking of these dogs is like bigger dogs. The emotional feelings of this dog mostly depend upon its owner’s feelings. This breed is prone to separation anxiety and maybe distressed if you come home late. They are likely to chase other dogs or cats besides squirrels and chipmunks. They also come in many colors but the reddish-brown or black with a few markings is the most common.

The Dachshunds are hunting dogs and show a great degree of restlessness. They might also show their restlessness by pawing the ground or digging something. They also jump at humans showing a sign of restlessness and will cause the least harm since they are human-friendly. This feature of this breed might be a trouble if you are thinking of making a Dachshund, your guard dog. Breeding a dog and providing it with special training will approve it, but a Dachshund is not the right choice. 

Can a small dog be a guard dog?

People are keen on protecting their family with a help of a guard dog.  Even though the size of the dog is not the only criteria for becoming a guard dog, people are more bent on choosing medium-sized or larger dogs for this purpose.

The personalities of bigger dogs provide a sense of extra protection and security and also taking care of these dogs is easier. On the other hand, small dogs don’t make good guard dogs.  They can be considered as a minor nuisance by the intruder. Shorter dogs are more owner-oriented. They always seek food and attachment makings which, as a result, makes them aggressive.

Are a guard dog and a watchdog the same?   

A guard dog is used for providing security to the property of the owner. They may also be successful in driving away from a threat from the ground. The size, strength, courage and most importantly, a level-headed outlook is very much required for a guard dog. The typical guard dogs use the forceful display for driving away from the threat.  And since the display is their first line of defence,  they will always give a warning before biting, just how a good guard dog is supposed to do. Also, such dogs don’t need any type of special training. In such cases, breeds like Doberman pinscher, Cairn terrier and German Shepherd serve as great guard dogs.

On the other hand, a watchdog or an alarm dog warns his owner about the upcoming threat, especially by barking. The watchdogs are smart enough to stay out of danger till the backup arrives. In these cases, a strong and big dog may not be required. They don’t need any special training unlike the Protection and Service Dogs who require hours of training to perform their training autonomously. However, there are several small dog breed that makes good watchdogs.

They are- Rat Terrier, Miniature Poodle, Pomeranian, Miniature Pinscher, Beagle and Dachshunds.  Several guard dogs can become great watchdogs but not all watchdogs can become guard dogs.

How Dachshunds protect their owner?

Dachshunds don’t take lightly, the entry of strangers into their domain.  The protective instincts of Dachshunds are strong enough to protect them from any harm. They are the biggest in spirit and can be considered as the bravest among the small dog breeds. The hunting skills, loyalty and devotion are among the special characteristics of Dachshunds. Another feature of these dogs is that they become over-attached with their owner if the owner starts spending most of the time with them.

The Dachshunds are always willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their owner. They are very brave from a very young age. They would chase the attacker unless he is far away from his owner. They are stubborn and may get irritated ant to react aggressively when pushed too far.

They are usually very brave, but in case you find their tail between their legs, you should understand that they are scared of something and immediately take them to the vet. Dachshunds with their teeth open do not mean they are growling, but they are trying to protect their territory. 

Tips on making your Dachshund a great watchdog: 

A Dachshund may not be appropriate for a guard dog, but he is perfect for becoming a watchdog. Training a Dachshund requires a lot of patience. A Dachshund owner should be aware of the following things:

  • Dachshunds are smart and curious. They let themselves into problems they should not enter. Thus, always try to keep them distracted or try them with a dog belt.
  • To keep their hunger instincts alive, they should go through proper exercise. They should be active all the time. They can hike up to 10 miles a day if kept under proper exercise. Also, they are prone to obesity and will always convince you that you are hungry. Try saying no to them when they demand more food after an adequate amount is provided to them. 
  • Have contact with a dog meet-up group so that your Dachshund stays social. This will help in making them less aggressive when meeting strangers.    

Just because a breed list is made, doesn’t mean that the members of that particular breed will bark at the sound of the doorbell. Every dog is individual in his or her way and their behaviour depends on a variety of things including genetics, training and owner experience.  The temperament and the behaviour of any breed can be shaped by raising and training. If the Dachshunds are socialized from an early age, they will be free of suspicion and act politely with strangers. If your Dachshund is provided with regular opportunities to experience new environments, they can be more restful at home with their curiosity satisfied.

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