Interesting and Fun Facts about English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are among the wrinkly-faced dogs that can become your best companions. Sources say that Bulldogs originated from both America and English.

The breed possesses a ‘bully’ face with distinctive cheek muscles. Their skin on the head and body is comparatively loose and can be easily noticed on the muzzle. On the other hand, their droopy cheek covers most of the lower jaw making them look like Mastiffs. 

These are a family-oriented breed and are very much lovable. Unfortunately, there are several facts about them that owners fail to learn. But, better late than never! 

Top 10 Interesting and Fun Facts about English Bulldog

1. The English Bulldog breed got its name from a sport

Bulldogs were named, not after their appearance, but after a sport named bull-baiting. In this game, a bull was tethered to stake the ground and other dogs had to bite the nose of the bull. Before 1206, this blood sport was common for the people of the United Kingdom until it was banned in 1835. 

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Back then, the dog was considered ideal for the sport. The vicious and fearless character of the canine made them perfect competitors. But in the long run, it often caused harm to the breed. Some even ended up being thrown into the air by the bull and with time, the ‘sport’ turned into a murder game.

2. Bull Dog mommies give birth through C-section

Bulldogs have an awkward biology. The female dogs face difficulty in conceiving and while giving birth. Thus, they need some assistance for there is a great difference between the shape of a bulldog pup’s head and the birth canal of the mother.

Bulldogs are brachycephalic, i.e., they have a short snout. This gives their head an odd shape. Also, the female bulldogs have a small birth canal. As a result, following the natural process of childbirth can be difficult. It often causes serious injury or even death. Thus, vets nowadays do surgery through the C-section that reduces the risk of the baby getting stuck in the canal.

3. They barely escaped extinction

After getting banned in the UK, these dogs lost their purpose. People could barely use this breed for other purposes due to their temperament. But some who still loved the breed decided to save them.

Fanciers wanted this breed to survive. Therefore, they started breeding to turn them into kinder and gentler beings. With time, some of them were sent to Germany and the United States and were used by farmers for herding. However, others started using them as pet dogs.

4. Their wrinkly face serves a purpose

The wrinkles on the face of a bulldog are just more than loose skin. In the olden times, when the breed was a champion of Bull-baiting, it needed wrinkles to protect itself from attacks for it was clear that these canines were no good in front of those beasts. 

fun facts about english bulldogs

Fortunately, the droopy wrinkles were a saviour. They would act as a protector, guarding the vital organs of the body. The folds on the skin would help the blood to flow out of their eyes. Its bottom teeth have a strong grip and its small back legs could withstand any pain. Thus, although it looked like the dog was suffering, in reality, it barely felt any pain.

5. They are the national breed of England

These dogs are quite famous, especially in England. People there love this breed enough to make them their national dog. During World War II, these dogs were portrayed by England while Germany used Dachshunds and the United States represented Pit Bull.

These dogs were used for various rescue operations and other war factors. People also believe that the dog embedded British values. Even President Winston Churchill also owned one of this breed and was even nicknamed the ‘British Bulldog’.

6. The English Bull Dog breed also served as mascots

Back in the days, soldiers of the United States were called ‘Dog Faced Soldiers’. But, the 3rd Infantry decided to sign up for something. They actually adopted a canine as a mascot and even developed a song. In 1965, Walt Disney drew this mascot named ‘Rocky, the Marine bulldog’ that set the army back exactly one dollar.

english bulldogs served as mascots

The University of Georgia also has an English Bulldog ‘Uga’, serving as a mascot. It was also ranked the top college mascot by the USA Today Index poll, 2017. Till date, 7 English Bulldogs have been fulfilling the role of Uga and impressing everyone with their own distinctive personalities.

7. They are no swimmers

Many of you must have watched videos of bulldogs playing with water or even swimming! Well, that does not justify them as swimming experts. As owners you must be well aware about the various noises the breed makes like snorting or snoring. These dogs have a short and wide skull which results in short nasal passages. All the noises are result of the dog’s partially blocked airways.

This is also a reason why they should not be left near the water. In order to keep them afloat, they have to keep their snouts above water. Further, the breed has short legs that make it difficult for them to swim.

8. No two dogs are the same

An interesting and fun fact about Bulldogs is that no two of them are the same. These dogs come in a total of 10 colours and four different markings.  Thus, you will never find two dogs under this breed having the same coat colour or personality.

9. They are famous for breaking records

These dogs are also known to be record breakers. In 2009, an English bulldog named Tillman created a record at the X Games XV. It was the first dog to set a record for skateboarding the fastest 100 meters. This event even listed him in the Guinness Book of World Records in the same year.

English bulldogs have set world records

Later, in 2015, another English Bulldog named Otto broke this record by travelling the longest human tunnel on a skateboard. It crossed through the legs of 30 people, which was indeed delightful scenery. 

10. They were owned by renowned personalities

Bulldogs were pets of several well-known personalities. Presidents namely Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding owned this breed and called them ‘Boston Beans’ and ‘Oh boy’ respectively. 

Other celebrities like actor Adam Sandler had a bulldog and named it ‘Meatball’. This dog even served in many of Adam’s movies and as the best man at its owner’s wedding. 


The English Bulldog is an adorable and perfect pet for homes. However, before you bring them, make sure you have the right environment required for the proper upbringing of the dog. You must also make sure that there is proper financial stability in your home to take up the responsibilities of the new canine member. If provided with love and care, these dogs surely will also turn out to be beautiful companions.


Q. Who won the world’s ugliest dog contest?

A 9 year old English bulldog named Zsa Zsa won the World’s Ugliest Dog Show contest in 2018 in San Francisco.  

Q. Do they require lots of exercises?

Bulldogs don’t need tons of exercise. A small walk around the corner block on a pleasant morning should be enough. 

Q. Do bulldogs drool?

Since they are brachycephalic, their short snouts make them prone to drooling and farting. 

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