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The Shih Tzu dog breed is a little however strong canine with a lavish, long, twofold hair coat. This present variety’s ready, certain, energetic, and valiant air make it a top pick among toy canine lovers. The Shih Tzu is an old variety and has a long history as a lap canine to aristocrats.

The Shih Tzu, when appropriately prepared and thought about, can make a brilliant friend. Its little size makes this variety ideal for condos and more modest living spaces. Simply be ready for some grunting and wheezing; the Shih Tzu is viewed as a brachycephalic variety due to its head shape and short, “smooshed” face. Generally speaking, most proprietors of the variety will disclose to you that the Shih Tzu is really an adorable canine variety.


Truly, the reason for the Shih Tzu was to be a partner – and that is exactly what they need to be. They essentially want to be with you. So don’t anticipate that they should chase, monitor, or recover; that is not their style.  Friendship is their predominant trademark, and your lap is their number one objective.


All things considered, the Shih Tzu is certifiably not a completely habitually lazy person. They’re ready and enthusiastic and may bark at newcomers to their home. Try not to stress, however; they’ll warm up to your visitors the moment they stroll inside.

 History Background of Shih Tzu

Once you own a Shih Tzu, you own a shade of Chinese history. Supreme raisers within the castle of the Chinese ruler built up the Shih Tzu (signifying “lion canine”) many years previous from Tibetan reproducing stock. The variety is without any doubt the results of crosses of 2 considerably seasoned natural dogwood varieties, the Lhasa Apso and therefore the Pekingese.

For many years, Shih Tzu carried on with the lifetime of noble lap heaters and was spoiled by heads and their families. It’s said sovereigns would provide vital blessings to the reproducers of Shih Tzu who delivered the foremost beautiful and friendly canines.

The variety stayed taken cowl behind castle dividers, primarily obscure to the remainder of the planet, till the 1930s. Breed clubs formed in the national capital and later European nations additionally refined the range, not absent plenty of dialogue among fanciers on the acceptable type.

Health condition of Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s are known for their longevity as they survive average anywhere from 10-16 years. Although they’re traditionally a reasonably healthy dog breed, Shih Tzu’s are susceptible to a couple of health issues. It’s important to know these issues in order that you’ll look out for symptoms and help keep your pup healthy.


Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea which may eventually end in an ulcer. Within the case of a corneal ulcer, your Shih Tzu will often have to undergo surgery. Keratitis causes blindness if the condition is severe.


This is an eye-related disorder, happens when the eyeball actually dislodges from the socket and therefore the eyelid shuts behind it. It’s incredibly painful, often time requires surgery, and may indeed cause blindness.

Often the primary symptoms begin with an inflammation of the attention, and overtime you’ll be ready to notice that your dog’s eye begins to maneuver forward. Thankfully, there are surgeries available for this condition.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This disease occurs when the photoreceptors within the back of the attention begin to fail. Initially it begins with nyctalopia. Your Shih Tzu will have a tough time navigating within the dark, and sometimes seem clumsy.

As it progresses, it begins to affect their daytime vision also. In most cases, PRA will eventually cause complete blindness. While there’s no treatment available for this condition, veterinarians can diagnose it years before blindness ensues, which allots an inexpensive amount of your time for the dog to adapt to the blindness.

If they’re ever red or swollen or if you notice your dog itching them frequently, it’s best you’re taking your pup to ascertain a veterinarian in order that they can diagnose the matter. Many eye-related problems need to be caught early so as to be fully repaired.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is one among the foremost common conditions that affect dogs generally. Usually, it’s seen in bigger dogs that grow too quickly into their bodies, but it also can occur in smaller canines just like the Shih Tzu.

Hip Dysplasia can occur in Shih Tzu’s because they like to jump around, particularly in their youth. It affects the hip and creates a displacement between the joint and thigh bone. Hip Dysplasia varies in degrees of severity, and sometimes the dog will walk with a touch of an abnormal gait and joint pain but live a totally healthy life.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia are very common. Basically, if your puppy faces abnormal gait, lameness within the legs, difficulty walking, and at the worst immobility, then you should consult with your veterian.

Ear Infection

The structure of the Shih Tzu’s ears makes them susceptible to ear infections. The floppy ears subside to a warm long canal, which may sometimes be the stomping grounds for bacteria.

There are treatments and antibiotics available for this condition and it’s best to bring your dog to the vet.

Collapsing Trachea

This condition is more often found in little dogs, thanks to the structure of their faces. The trachea (also referred to as the windpipe) consists of cartilage. If the cartilage weakens, the structure will flatten, and breathing becomes a difficult and painful process for your Canis Minor.

This can be corrected by surgery if severe enough, but sometimes your dog will suit the collapsed trachea (so long that’s not impairing airflow).


The type of grooming tasks that you simply do and the way often you are doing them will have a serious effect on both how your Shih Tzu puppy or dog looks, and therefore the health of skin, coat, nose, paws, and other body parts.


Face and eye wiping on a daily basis. Brushing depends on coat length, long coats a day, moderate coats every 2 days, short coats every 3 days. Skin or coat disorders may need more frequent baths than usual. Otherwise, baths are often done every 3 weeks frequently. Coat trims are hooked into the specified coat length if needed.

Paw and nose care should be done. This is often hooked into the season. Issues with drying, peeling, and more would require 1 to three applications per day.


The amount of food which should tend to a Shih Tzu depends on his age, activity level, metabolism and build. 1/2 to 1 cups of high-quality dry food are recommended. There’s also a difference in calories in various foods which you feed to your dog.

Like all other dogs, these dogs also require an honest amount of protein for healthy growth. Chicken meal, chicken, turkey, and eggs are the main sources of lean protein for a Tzu. Fish is additionally a crucial constituent of a healthy meal for these dogs because it is additionally an honest source of protein and healthy fats. Sweet potatoes, oats, rice, and barley are sources of good carbohydrates which are required. Veggies are often given to satisfy the need of minerals and vitamins.

Exercise of Shih Tzu

It’s important to supply just the proper balance of exercise for Shih Tzu dogs. Regular cardiovascular activity plays an enormous role in both physical and emotional health. Yet, since the Shih Tzu may be a brachycephalic breed, it is also vital to require precautions to avoid overheating.

The ideal exercise for Shih Tzu is 2 walks per day, duration of 25 minutes. Additional supervised and controlled cardio sessions are often added in, anywhere from 1 to three times per day. Exercise and walking durations differ between summer days and winter days.

Shih Tzu will get most mental stimulation and enrichment from their daily walk and time spent with free play or with toys. However, it’s an honest idea to supply other activities that stimulate the mind. Mental exercise can burn the maximum amount of energy as a workout.

Detection of Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Males and females alike stand at nine to 10 and a half inches tall and weigh nine to 16 pounds.

Their coat colour differs from white to dark brown to black. The coat colour of 1 breed is often a mix of two to 3 colours or may blend of colours. Shih Tzu has tails that curl over their backs. Their tails are high and heavily plumed. The ears of a Shih Tzu are large and rest at the edges of the dog’s head. Their ears are heavily coated.

They look similar to other dog breeds but the cuteness and size will help you to detect the specific one.


Shih Tzu is the most adorable dog breed. None can hate or ignore him. You will love your pet quickly. They are also very intelligent and can learn things very easily. If you teach him properly they can do the same. They are also known as companion dogs because of their friendly nature. They enjoy more with family members. Shih Tzus are also very good with children. They look like a cute toy. Your children will love this puppy. If you want to buy a Shih Tzu then it is the best idea for you and also for your family.

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