How to Surprise Your Pup On His Birthday

Today Dogs have become an inevitable part of a family. And being a member of family member don’t you think it’s important to recognize and celebrate their birthdays just like we do for our family members.

Although this is a relatively new concept and not very popular and socially accepted however its time, we think about this. Many families around the world have started accepting this norm as a way to make their dogs feel special and closer to them.

But how and what can be done to make this a special one. Our website Petsforcare has taken great detail in enumerating some of the steps to make this day for your pet special.

Well here are some awesome tips to plan your dogs birthday.

1.Bake a Cake

Well, no birthday is complete without a cake and this is our first priority. Nothing can prove your love and affection for your dogs than food. Dogs love cakes. However, be careful to make dog-friendly cakes. You can refer to the following video on tips on how to make simple dog-friendly cake.

Some important and healthy ingredients are:

  • High-quality protein (meat, seafood, dairy or eggs)
  • Carbohydrates (grains or vegetables)
  • Essential fatty acids (egg yolks or oatmeal)
  • Fat (meat or oil)
  • Calcium (dairy)

2.Host a small party

You can start with a small party wherein you invite a small group of family along with their friendly dogs. This will be a great get together for your dog and make new friends. Dogs too love to socialize and meet other dogs. However, be cautious and make sure they are supervised all the time. You can serve them dog-friendly cakes or toys to keep them busy.

Here are a few tips on how to plan the perfect birthday party:

  • Proper planning of a number of guests as well choosing a date when all can be available.
  • Think of a fun dog-related theme like dogs dress in their favourite dress.
  • Plan party games to keep your dogs busy. Have plenty of balls or chew toys which can keep them busy. Arrange water games if you have plenty of open spaces.
  • A proper list and menu of dog foods. Cakes made of healthy ingredients and fit for dog along with plenty of clean drinking water.
  • Designate places where you want them to stay to avoid unwanted encroachment to some areas. Keeping such places neat and tidy and avoid any sharp objects to ensure the safety of dogs.

3. Buy a gift

Well, the gathering is not always feasible but make sure you buy them enough toys to please them. Dogs love surprises. Dogs will love it if you gift them a bone which they can love to chew. Dogs love to chew and nibble on everything and it is the best time to buy him chew toys. Hope to provide you with this useful tip before buying gifts:

  • A good dog chew toy can be a great item for a gift. Dogs will surely love them. Nothing can match this toy.
  • A nice LED or colourful collar and leash.
  • A good bottle and food bowl.
  • A good soft comfy dogs mattress.

4. Go for a Ride

Take your dog on a ride. It will be wonderful to carry them to a dogs park, halt at an ice cream parlour and visit his favourite places. The idea is to make him happy and travelling is the best method. Let them feel the breeze in their fur while you drive them with fun.

Here are few steps before you step out:

  • Ensure you take dogs leash and collar before you head out.
  • Maintain a pet travelling kit or bag comprising tissue paper, bowl, a waste scoop, plastic bags and medicines if he needs any.
  • Have regular checks on your dog to ensure he doesn’t get hit by any moving objects as dogs do tend to pop their heads out of moving car. Buckle him up properly.
  • Ensure sufficient food and clean drinking water if you are heading out to long-distance travel.

5.A relaxing massage

With our busy life it gets difficult to give them the time they need. But lets take this day off to spent time with them. You can relax with them watching TV, simultaneously cuddling them or massaging them on their back where they like it the most. Let him sleep with you in your bed and cuddle him and give him all the happiness he deserves.

6.Game Time

Dogs just love to play. What better can be then go out for a run or go out for a walk on a beach or playground where he can run or hop around happily. Playing a game of Frisbee or a ball game would be great. Please look at below points for more detailed info:

  • Play frisbee with your dog. The game helps your dog to chase over long distances. Start with soft disk and encourage him to catch it and bring it back to you.
  • Play Tug Of War with your dog. This game is a favorite of many dogs. It’s a great way of increasing their teeth strength as well as making him strong and dominant.
  • Arrange some water games for your dog as this will make him strong and agile. A great plus point if you have your own pool. Dogs love swimming and if not you can help them teach.
  • Play a game of hiding and seek with your dog indoors if you are free. It’s amazing to capture and see how they react to your missing.

Golden Retriever (6) fooding

7.Photoshoot Time

 Well, this is becoming trendy and many dogs enjoy clicking photos. You should definitely go for this if you have a lady dog. It’s a good time pass and this way they will feel closer and be more affable to you. Here are some pointers that will make this session easier for you.

  • Choose the right photographer as taking photos will not be easy with all dogs and you want to capture the best moments. Burst mode will be ideal.
  • Choosing the right place which the of which the dog is aware of. Be it your home or an open park where you go for a stroll.
  • Dressing up the perfect way not only for your dog but you too. You should look fashionable as well as your dog. However, it totally depends upon you.
  • Bring lots of water and food to reward your dog for a good photoshoot. It’s important they remain hydrated and be focused.
  • At the end make a nice video as well photo album to keep good memories and also show them to you dogs.

8.Dress Up

Dress up your dog with his favourite outfit or colour. You can experiment with various outfits like wedding suite or fairy doll outfit. Let it be colourful and bright. A pack of socks and shoes to accompany the dress. Buy a hat or cap and believe me they will look adorable in this outfit.

Here are some simple tips on choosing the right costume for your dog:

  • Match the right costume which meets the theme of the party.
  • Be aware of choking hazards. Do not force them to wear outfits which make them uncomfortable and restrict their breathing.
  • Ensure the costume fits properly and is durable.
  • Keep it lightweight and colourful.


We at PetsForCare are new yet will try our best to source out the best possible and apt solutions for all pet related issues or problems. I hope you like this article of ours. Please do comment us in below comment section on what you do like or do stuffs to celebrate your pets birthday.


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