12 Pros and Cons of Adopting a Labrador Retriever

The species of Labrador Retriever is one of the most loved dog breeds, especially in the United States. These intelligent and cute species happen to be very friendly to humans.

Even in India, these dogs are very popular. This matured breed requires continuous training and exercise for becoming the best family dogs.

There are a thousand reasons to reside with these cute Labrador retriever puppies. But certain things should be kept in mind while adopting a Labrador in India. 

Important Tips for adopting a Labrador Retriever: 

  • These Labrador Retrievers were bred to retrieve. Therefore, every time you throw a stick at them, they will surely fetch it back.
  • They are very friendly. They like going out with both adults and kids. They easily adapt to everyone.
  • They always need something for chewing. Try buying them toys so that they don’t spoil your furniture.
  • They always prefer swimming since they are true water dogs. Their webbed feet and adventurous spirit help in catching fishes.
  • They are a ball of energy, therefore it is fun to play with them. Being working dogs, they always have to release their energy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Labrador Retriever:

Labradors are bred to fulfill any demanding jobs. But they also have some good and some bad in them. 

Advantages of owning a Labrador Retriever:

  1. Labradors are very stable dogs:
    Dogs tend to develop unstable behavior. But, the Labradors are mostly playful and harmless. These dogs can connect with humans on an emotional level. They consider humans to be their best friend and always love to spend time with them. 
  1. The Labradors are the easiest to train:
    If you are thinking of adopting a Labrador, you can be assured that it is the right choice. As an owner, the most necessary training skill that you need to know is ‘fetch’. This skill helps them become smarter. This also keeps their weight in control as they are food lovers.
  1. The Labradors are highly patient:
    Even though they have lots of energy filled in them, they can still be one of the patient dogs in the world. This potential makes them compatible with kids. They are less demanding and would happily accept a spot on your bed or chair!
  1. The Labradors are very healthy:
    They were bred only to become working dogs. Therefore, being active and healthy is a part of their nature. However, if you are adopting a Labrador, you should know the health problems lashed with him. Being hyperactive dogs, they might get hurt at times. Also, becomes they are motivated by food, eating too much and not working out can cause obesity in them.
  1. The size of the Labrador is barely a matter:
    These dogs keep growing for 2 years and continue growing for more than 18 months. After they are completely grown up, they engage themselves in various strenuous physical activities. An advantage of these dogs is that they do not grow up to an unmanageable size
  1. Labradors love you as much as you love them:
    They are always ready to go for a swim because of their hunter instincts. Adopting a Labrador forces them to play with their dogs, even if it is for the entire day. They were bred to retrieve; therefore any thrown thing will always be retrieved by them without getting tired. 

Disadvantages of owning a Labrador Retriever in India:

  1. Labradors undergo shedding:
    This is one of the major problems of adopting a Labrador. You will find their fur all over your house. In winter, their coat happens to get thicker to prevent them from the cold. Slowly after spring arises, these furs start to shed. If the Labradors are brushed regularly, it can prevent shedding and keep their coat smooth.
  1. The Labrador breed is highly unsuited for guard dogs:
    They might be very protective of their property but when it comes to a stranger, they can be friendly as ever. Being friendly is a part of their nature. Therefore, they cannot be good guard dogs
  1. Labradors need help during eating:
    They are dogs who love eating. When somebody is adopting a Labrador, he should keep in mind that the dog is not facing obesity. Labradors also tend to steal food. As an owner, you should always keep a check on him. 
  1. Proper and early socialization is important for Labradors:
    Generally, Labradors are very friendly dogs. Therefore, not much effort is required for socializing them. But, early obedience training will keep the Labrador in proper behaviour even after he grows up. Also, if this breed is not properly socialized, he might be a victim of isolation
  1. Cost is one of the major factors for adopting a Labrador:
    A good bred Labrador will have a higher cost, considered to others. People who sell these dog breeds at 30-50k are mostly professional sellers. They breed not only for money but also out of affection. They also help you with information regarding the breeding of Labrador puppies.
  1. The Labradors are very curious:
    Having a backyard saves you from most of the hassles of adopting a Labrador. These dogs love to explore the world in which they belong. They start hunting for even the slightest things. But their curiosity can end up destroying your home. 

Cost of maintaining a Labrador Retriever in India:

The cost of a Labrador Retriever in India is ₹4000-₹5000 to 1lac. The breeds which are sold at ₹8000-₹10000 are usually mass breeders. These people have very little idea about breeding.

Cost of Maintaining Labrador Dog in 

However, adopting a Labrador from a professional breeder increases the price to ₹40,000. Besides the cost of buying your puppy, there are other additional costs you need like financial and emotional costs. The Labradors should also be provided with good quality dog food to keep up their health

Adopting a Labrador also involves grooming. The cost of every grooming session might cost from ₹4,000- to ₹6000. Grooming them regularly not only keeps them healthy and maintains hygiene but also keeps a check on their skin and spots anything unusual. If you groom your dog regularly, you may also strengthen your bond with him. 


If you have kids at home, the Labrador may just be the right choice for you. Even though these breeds exhibit behavioural issues, they can also be one of the enthusiastic companions of all time. There is also a major factor that the owner should keep in mind while adopting a Labrador. The bad habits of this breed should be identified before it goes out of hand. The dog should also be checked regularly to ensure a healthy life.

Even though Labrador retrievers are very popular among people, some cannot understand the situation around them. Several dogs require adoption from a well-to-do family who will take good care of them. The fosters contribute to society by taking care of such dogs. In case you find such a dog in your locality, you can contact any local breed club or national breed club immediately for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I adopt a Labrador?

Labradors can be adopted from dog rescue groups. But these dogs will lack the training and breeding that professional breeders provide. Therefore, they require proper care and training.

How much maintenance do I require for my Labrador dog?

Labradors are dogs with a fair amount of maintenance yearly. Owners are recommended not to bathe their labs very often.

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