How to Groom Afghan Hound – 6 Tips for Afghan Hound Grooming

The Afghan Hound is among the most elegant dogs. Their elegance is personified by their looks. This is an ancient breed that has silky, thick hair with a very fine texture. They have a highly dignified personality, compared to the other dog breeds. How to groom an Afghan Hound at home is among the important topics that we will discuss in this article.

Afghan Hound are also people-oriented and are known to be loved by their companions. Since they are big, they require regular exercise. Along with such things, grooming them regularly is also essential to maintain their nutrition. Afghan Hound grooming is not an easy job. It requires a lot of care and time to handle the delicate fur. 

How to groom an Afghan Hound at home?

Afghan Hound Grooming is an important part of adopting this breed. This breed does not only require constant brushing and bathing but also needs proper checking of its ears, nose, feet and nails.  If the coat of this breed is groomed properly, it can have spectacular outcomes. The fine coats of an Afghan Hound gest tangled very easily. Therefore brushing them regularly is essential. This breed, according to the American Kennel Club has a variety of colour combination, some of which are truly impressive.

 Afghan Hound grooming at home

To groom, an Afghan Hound at home follows several rules and requires several types of equipment. The basic step of grooming an Afghan Hound is to bathe him thoroughly. After it is done, dry him completely. You can use a towel and a blow dryer in such cases.

Towelling is an important part of Afghan Hound grooming. This will prevent the warmth of the body from escaping after a bath and also helps in drying up faster. The coat they have is similar to the dogs of high altitudes. It is for their coat that they are presented in different dog shows.

Steps for Afghan Hound Grooming:

There are a set of golden rules that should be followed on how to groom an Afghan hound at home. Their elegance can only be visible if they are groomed properly. Before grooming them, let’s learn about the requirements. For bathing them, you will need :

  • A Shampoo 
  • Good cream to be sued after risen
  • Hair-dryer
  • A place for bathing them
  • Table for grooming them
  • Large pin brush, oval

Now, let’s learn about the steps that should be followed to groom these Afghan Hounds:

  1. While bathing your Afghan Hound, make sure you sink your fingers deeply into its coat. This will not only massage their coat but also let the shampoo enter into every part of their body. You can also use a cylindrical rubber curry to shampoo your dog. 
 Afghan Hound bathing
  1.  This breed can also get matted. As an owner, you should work carefully with the mats. After the Afghan Hounds are shampooed and heavily creamed, the mats can be easily dealt with. The dog should again be bathed to prevent their coat from getting damaged.
  2. Brushing is essential for such breeds but not between baths. An important part of how to groom an Afghan Hound at home is that their coats should be brushed for longer hours if you are to avoid bathing every week. The texture of their coat needs proper brushing for several hours. But, make sure you don’t keep brushing a dirty and dry coat.
  1. While blow-drying the Afghan Hound, it is necessary to keep a check on the front and backside of the legs. You are recommended to use a stand dryer. This way, their hair will remain straight
  2. The final step to groom an Afghan Hound at home is too neat the dog’s outline using thin shears. These keep the coat of the Afghan Hounds tangle-free, mat and clean. The quality of their coat can also be improved by stripping their frizzy undercoat. 
  3. Lastly, a little bit of Hair spray and your dog is ready to dazzle!

Health Issues of Afghan Hound and Care:

Even though Afghan Hounds have a good reputation among dog breeds, they are also latched with certain health issues. Some of the general health issues that affect the Afghan Hound breed involves ear infection, nail related issues and dental problems. With proper Afghan Hound grooming, these issues can be resolved. 

Nail, ear and teeth are among the prep work that is required to groom an Afghan Hound at home. As an owner, you must always keep checking the ears and teeth regularly before bathing. Wipe the ears of this breed with clean cotton balls. These will help in proper air circulation. Do not try to remove all the hairs inside the ear. These small hairs act as a filter, blocking any foreign debris that tries to enter the ears.  

 Afghan Hound  grooming

Taking care of the nails is an important part of the Afghan Hound grooming. To groom an Afghan Hound at home, you should always carry nail clippers for your dog. The long nails can be uncomfortable, both for you and your dog. They can also end up changing the shape of the paw.

The Afghan Hound also deals with major dental problems. Therefore, it is necessary to solve them. Brushing them thrice a week will prevent tartar from building upon the surface of the teeth. These are the major points if you want to know how to groom an Afghan Hound at home

How to groom an Afghan Hound for a dog show?

The necessary points regarding how to groom an Afghan Hound at home also stands as the main points for grooming them during a show- nutrition, socialization and hygiene. But, special attention should be given to them while participating in dog shows

 Afghan Hound  dog show

There are different methods to groom them for a show.  You can decorate your pet in any way you like. But make sure, it does not harm them in any way. You can also take help from a breeder who trains these dogs for the runway. The breeder will correctly guide you for entering the dog show. And for a start, the Afghan Hound Club of America is the best place for exposure


Many owners have bought this breed with prior information about them. This has led to not taking proper care of them. The Afghan Hound is a delicate breed. Therefore, special care and attention are required to attend them. Sometimes, these dogs are not adopted and end up on the streets. If you find any such case, report to the rescue group at hand. 

If you own one of this breed, please learn about the factors on how to groom an Afghan Hound at home to get the best results. These dogs are not at all aggressive and can evolve into one of the best family dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are Afghan Hounds friendly with children?

Afghan Hounds are lovable dogs. They show the least sign of aggression towards people or other dogs. Therefore, they are best suited for children. Growing up with kids automatically help them develop a friendly nature towards everyone.

Q. Do these dogs require more time for grooming?

Afghan Hounds require considerable time for grooming. The most important part of this breed is grooming. Regular bathing and brushing bring out the true texture of their coat. The silky coats of these dogs will make you want to brush them even more. 

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