Best 12 National and International Dog Shows

Dog Shows are unique competitions where various dog of multiple breeds participate and exhibit their talent, beauty and hard work. It is a type of competition where dogs and their breeders participate not only for entertainment but also for showcasing their breed and its qualities. Various dog competitions are organised all around the globe.

Individuals work hard enough to achieve the prestigious award and ribbons provided by the organisations. It also motivates a sense of true team between the breeder and his dog. 

Dog competitions undertake various sports for dogs. The dogs are judged on how they have improved in the parameters of their breed. The bodily structure of a particular breed also plays an important part while being judged during a dog championship. However, before participating in such competitions, the canine requires a confirmation certificate from a popular dog show. This is an indication of merit before he/she approaches any national or international show. 

Given below are some of the popular dog shows held at the national and international levels. Many canines have gained recognition through these competitions. 

List of Top 12 National and International Dog Shows

1. Beverly Hills Dog Competition:

Beverly Hills Dog Competition
(Source: Dog o’ Day)

Sponsored by Purina, the Beverly Hills dog competition is organised every year by the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills. Scheduled for the 3rd week of April/May, this popular dog show has won the hearts of many people. This event is usually telecasted on weekends by NBC sports and is held at Fairplex in Pomona, Calif

The Kennel Club of Beverly Hills includes 2000 canines of 207 breeds taking part in the competition every year. This competition has groups divided based on breed, namely- Hound Group, Sporting group, Non-sporting Group, Terrier Group, Toy Group and Herding Group. The canines are mostly categorised under these groups. The canines are then judged based on agility, obedience, therapy, barn hunt and other performance sports.

Many celebrities have also taken part in this event. Winners of each group are awarded a Rosette for their performance. Those ‘Best in Show’ receive a Gold Medallion while those ‘Best in Group’ receive a Silver Medallion.

Some of the breeds who won this popular dog show in the past years are:

  • Nick {Siberian Husky}-Best in the show (2020)
  • Piper {Bloodhound}- Hound group Winner (2020)
  • Bono {Havanese}- Toy Group Winner (2020)

2. Westminster Dog Show:

Westminster Dog Show
(Source: The Washington Post)

In 1877, the Westminster Kennel Club organised a dog show in America which later came to be known as the Westminster Dog Show. Ranked as the second oldest dog show in the United States, the Westminster Dog Show is among the popular dog show on American television. Even to this date, the event is organised in New York’s Madison Square Garden during a weekend in June and broadcasted by FOX, FS1 and FS2.

There are around 2500 entries for this competition. Every dog is presented by an owner or a hired professional breeder. The canines are then judged based on the information that is provided to them and how well they can reach their ideal standards. Even the body structure of the breed also plays a role in judging. The breeds are divided based on colour, coat and size. Every winner receives a net price of $50,000.

Some of the prestigious breeds who won titles in this competition are:

  • Wasabi{Pekingese} (2021)
  • King {Wire Fox Terrier} (2019)
  • Rumor {German Shepherd} (2017)

3. Master Agility Dog Championship:

Master Agility Dog Championship dog show
(Source: FOX Sports)

The agility championship is for those dogs who are capable of achieving a ‘masters’ level. This popular dog show is also organised by the Westminster Kennel Club with 350 breeds as participants. This event is held annually during the summer season in New York and is also broadcasted by the FOX channel. In the UK, this championship is organised by Crufts

The canines entering the master agility championship should achieve a higher title.  Then they have to face a qualifying round before entering into the ‘Championship Round’. These qualifying rounds have two events: Standard Agility Course and Jumpers and Weavers course. Only 10 breeds are qualified for taking part in the Master Agility Championship.  

Winners of the Master Agility Championship receive a prize of $50,000 from the WKC. The American Kennel Club also awards the winner with $5000.

Some of the past winners of agility championship popular show include:

  • An uncertain breed named Pink (2020) (12-inch)
  • Lili Ann {Australian Shepherd}(2020) (20-inch)
  • Punk {Golden Retriever} (2020) (24-inch)

4. National Obedience Dog Championship:

National Obedience Dog Championship dog show
(Source: American Kennel Club)

The National Obedience Dog championship is one of the oldest dog shows organised by the American Kennel Club. This popular dog show occurs in various parts of the world like Florida, Ohio, etc. About 195 breeds (both mixed-breed and Foundation stock Service [FSS] breed) take part in this competition. This competition is also organised by Crufts in the United Kingdom.

The canine has to be of 6 months of age for participating in this competition. They should also be physically sound and should be AKC registered. For entering into the competition, the dogs have to complete three classes: Novice, Open and Utility. After the classes are completed, they enter for the trials. The canines need to obtain a score of 170 to enter into the obedience competition. Dogs are judged on the disciple they maintain before the judges. Their obedience towards their breeders is also taken into consideration while judging. 

The National Obedience Dog competition also focuses on bonding the communication skills of the dog with its handler. Some of the past winners of this competition are: 

5. World Dog Show:

World Dog Show in China

The World Dog Show is also one of the popular dog shows held annually by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). Established in 1971, this dog show has been claimed to be one of the ‘Most Important Dog Show’ in the world. Every year, the FCI sets the location of the dog show to various cities namely- Amsterdam in 2018, Shanghai in 2019 and Madrid in 2020. The show happens for 3-4 days, mostly during the summer season.

About 10,000 breeds participate in this dog competition. Both the kennel clubs of Westminster and America are invited to attend this show. One of the top titles of this event- Certificate of Aptitude at the International Championship of Beauty allows only the purebred breed to compete. The world show also includes Agility, Obedience, conformation and other demonstrative events. 

The show also has a panel of the 10 most qualified judges who judge the dogs in separate categories. Those who win the title are ‘Best in the World’. Some of the previous winners include: 

  • Fine Lady S Zolotogo Grada {Black Terrier Russel} (2016)
  • Frosty Snowman {Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen} (2018)

6. Crufts:

Crufts Dog Show
(Source: Shropshire Star)

Crufts Dog Show is known to be among the most important and popular dog shows. The motive of this show is to celebrate every aspect of a dog in our daily lives. The Kennel Club organises this show almost every year. Besides being a dog show, Crufts also organises large trade shows for dog-related goods. Earlier, this show was broadcasted by the BBC, but lately, it is televised by Channel 4. This show is organised annually at Birmingham National Exhibition Centre in the UK.

About 20,000 dogs of 200 breeds participate in this show. Besides trade fairs, the show also organises competitions on agility, obedience, flyball and Rally.  For taking part in these competitions, the canine should be a champion in either of these. He should also be recognised by the Kennel Club as one of the breeds. The judges mark the breed depending on the competition they take part in.

Past winners of this competition include:

  • Collooney Tartan Tease {Wippet} (2018)
  • Silvae Trademark {Wire-haired Dachshund} (2020) 

7. FCI Dog dance World Championship:

FCI Dog dance World Championship dog show
(Source: Animalso)

The FCI Dog Dance Championship is also among the popular dog shows. Organised by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the show allows 360 breeds to participate in it. This popular dog show is generally a dancing competition for all pedigrees. It is held every year in various parts of the world like Leipzig, Brazil, Australia, etc. within the 8-12th of November.

The show has three sections: the European Section, the American and Caribbean Section and Asia, Africa and the Oceania Section. Any breed who is a member of the FCI or is registered under WKC or AKC can take part in this competition. The presentation, content, artistic interpretation and welfare of the animal; all act as the factors for judging the breed’s dance in this popular dog show.

Winners of this show received a prize of $10,000. Some of the past winners include:

  • Alaqadar {Afghan Hound} (2020)
  • Kalan {Australian Kelpie} (2020)

8. Weight Pull Championship:

Weight Pull Championship -- dog show
(Source: Youtube)

Weight Pulling Championship mainly focuses on how much weight a dog can pull within its weight class. This is among the popular dog shows and is mostly organised by the International Weight Pull Association (IWPA). They organise weight pulling championships throughout Canada and United States during April or early May.

About 600 dogs take part in this competition. The primary qualification for entering this competition is that the breed should be a member of the 12 regions of Canada and the United States.  

Before entering into the competition, the dogs compete with their kind in their region and receive a certain point. The top 5 points are then taken into consideration. The region winners are then made to compete against each other. Every winner who is the ‘International Champion’ receives a golden medal. The 1st and 2nd runners up receive silver and bronze medals respectively.

The IWPA sets up a location for conducting the prize ceremony and general meeting. Some of the past winners of this championship include:

  • Monarch Joseph {Mixed Breed} for pulling weight on the natural surface in 2019.
  • Chewy {Poodle} for pulling weight on an artificial surface in 2018. 

9. Flyball Championship:

Flyball Championship -- Dog show
(Source: American Kennel Club)

Broadcasted on ESPN, the Flyball Championship is also a popular dog show, organised both by the American Kennel Club in the US and by Crufts in the UK. In collaboration with the North American Flyball Association, the AKC organises four events under Flyball- Flyball Dog Champion (FDCH), Flyball Master (FM), ONYX and Flyball Grand Champion (FGDCH).

This competition is all about teamwork where 4 dogs with one handler participate together against another 4 dogs with another handler in a relay. Originated in the 1970s, this competition was specially set up for smart and intelligent dogs. 

Any breed is allowed to take part in the competition. A canine has to be registered under AKC, FSS or Purebred Alternative Listing Number (PAL). Their title application allows them to participate in the Flyball Championship. The competition is held region wise. In total, there are 23 regions including the North-western territories.

Some of the past winners of this competition include:

  • Roadrunners flyballteam {Zonhoven, Belgium} (2018) under AKC 
  •  Focus Flyball Team and Aces High Flyball Team (2019) under Crufts

10. Tracking championship:

Apart from the other championships organised by the American Kennel Club, the Tracking Dog Championship is among the well-known. This championship is among the popular dog shows where the search and rescue traits of the breed can be discovered. It takes place throughout the world every year.

The National Tracking Championship of 2021 is scheduled to take place at West Branched Oak Road, Raymond. Sponsored by the Royal Canin, the show is broadcasted on channel ABC

Unlike the agility and obedience championship, the dogs need to pass just one test to achieve a title for this popular dog show. The canine that covers the maximum yard under one scent trail receives the title. The titles under Tracking Championship are- Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX), Variable Surface Tracking (VST), Champion Tracker (CT) and Tracking Dog Urban (TDU). The tracking range for every field is 440 to 1000 yards.


  • A dog has to be more than 6 months to enter into the competition. 
  • The breed should also be registered under AKC or FSS. 

11. Disc Dog Championship:

Originated in the 1970s, the sport of Disc/Frisbee got famous. Later, it transformed into a championship named Incredible Dog Challenge where the breeds could show off their teamwork and amazing top-notch skills. Sponsored by Purina, this popular dog show is broadcasted on various channels all over the world and is held at Nottingham Park, UK.

Here, the breeds compete under two portions: the performance of the breed and the bonus point. The points are given for the number of times the breed catches the Disc within the time of 2 ½ minutes. These actions are also sometimes accompanied by music. The judges judge the breed on how the breed jumps off, stands and balances himself to catch higher discs. The creativity and fitness of the breed are also taken into consideration. 

The judging panel of this popular dog show consists of three judges, but the final decision is based upon the third judge. The ratio of the catch decides the winner. Some of the past winners include:

12. Eukanuba World Challenge:

The Eukanuba World Challenge is organised by Crufts and supported by the FCI. This popular dog show deals with breeds from all over the world. As the name suggests, ‘Eukanuba’ refers to ‘Top or the supreme’. This is an exciting competition where the winners of various international championships gather together to celebrate the glory of purebred breeds. The Eukanuba World Challenge is also organised by the American Kennel Club in the US and involves sports like dog diving and agility.  

Handlers of 18 years and above can join this popular dog show. However, the dog breed should be registered under a kennel club. Before entering the competition, the dog handlers should also submit pictures of their dogs and handlers. Winners of this competition are awarded a prize of 7,500 euros. The 1st and 2nd runners up also receive a prize of 2,500 euros and 1,500 euros

Some of the past winners of the Eukanuba World Challenge include:


Watching cricket or football can become boring at a certain point in time. But, watching these adorable dog breeds perform in various popular dog shows will surely steal your heart. These dogs try to do their best to win prestigious titles. Dog shows also offer a purpose for the dog influencers. Getting into popular dog shows require a lot of grooming and handling of your pet. On the bright side, it restores the historic breeds.

Most of these popular dog shows are also very old. However, television and the new technology have made it more viable to the common people. In recent times, these dog shows have also attracted many renounced people into the community. 


Q. What are the popular dog breeds who took part in dog shows?

Some of the famous dog breeds who took part in the dog shows include:
English springer spaniel
Smooth fox terrier
Airedale terrier

Q. Does the Kennel Club of India organise dog shows?

Yes, the Kennel Club for India organises various dog shows like Bangalore dog Show, Patiala Dog Show, Chandigarh Dog Show, etc.

Q. What is the Weave up and Back competition?

Under this competition, the dogs can exhibit their physical fitness. They are provided with 30 weave poles, each at a distance of 24-inch. The task of the dogs is to weave these poles completely, without skipping.

Q. Does South India organise any dog shows?

South India has its own Kennel Club. The Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung Memorial Dog show and the Non-pointed Dog show are organised by them.

Q. Are there dog shows held in China?

Indeed, there is a famous dog show held in Chine known as the CKU dog championship. This championship also receives competition from the Asia Pacific. The World Dog show has also held its dogs shows in Shanghai, China.

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