How to take care of dogs in the rainy season?

Rain is like a peace offering after the hot and sweaty summers. It is a relief not only for friends and families but also for our furry little companions. Therefore, it is essential to take care of dogs in the rainy season. Dogs are mostly victims of waterborne diseases and infections during this season. It is thus, very important to look after your pet and its hygiene. 

High humidity and contaminated water are among the common scenarios during this season. Therefore, to take care of dogs in the rainy season, one must be very careful about the damp-smelling coats and the thick skin at this time.

You might be thinking that these can’t be cured. Well, you are wrong. There are several ways to protect your pet from such situations. But before coming to that part, we must first focus on the diseases that are common among dogs during this season. 

Diseases related to dogs during the rainy season:

Besides few moments of peace, the monsoon also brings along several diseases and infections that are harmful to our pets. Some of them are given below:

Waterborne Diseases:

Waterborne diseases in dogs
(Source: Kent)

Puddles of dirty stagnant water are found almost everywhere during the rainy season. They can be a carrier of waterborne diseases. Many pets are likely to come in contact with this water followed by pain in the abdomen, vomiting and even loss of appetite

The only way to take care of dogs from such waterborne diseases in the rainy season is to make them eat curd and rice. Any other food during such a disease should be strictly prohibited. If the symptoms persist, you are recommended to take your pet to a veterinarian. 


pododermatitis in dogs
(Source: Veterinary Practice)

During the rainy season, the air and soil become moist. This can cause pododermatitis, in many pets. While dogs enjoy walking the streets for long hours, sometimes they end up over stagnant waters. This water loosens their paw and causes inflammation on their skin

The best way to take care of dogs in the rainy season is to make sure that they are not out on the streets or in the parks for long. Wipe off their paws neatly after coming back from walks. There are also some beautiful shoes for dogs, available both online and offline.

The dogs should also be properly groomed during the rainy season. As owners, you should trim their fur in-between the paws. This way you can easily avoid any water clogging or germs within it. Washing the paws with soap and water and then blow-drying them can also act as a substitute way of keeping your pet healthy. 

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Ear Infections:

Ear Infections in dogs
(Source: DogTime)

One of the diseases that require utmost attention is an ear infection. Ears are one of the sensitive parts of the body. An infection in the ear can be very painful for the pet. The humid weather of the rainy season causes ear infections in almost every animal.  

The simplest way to get rid of ear infections in pets is to not allow them to get wet in the rain. In case, they get wet, clean their ears with earbuds on alternative days. Some pets are patient, i.e., they will sit silently and let you do the work. While for most pets, it is not such an easy job. In these situations, consult your nearest vet.

There are also other ways to take care of dogs in the rainy season. Use ear-cleaning drops for cleaning their ears. However, you need to carry out the work with utmost delicacy. Finally, if everything fails to work, search for a professional dog grooming centre near you and hire one of its best personnel.

Tick Infections:

Tick Infections in dogs
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

Ticks and fleas are common visitors of the rainy season. It is known to be their breeding season. To keep your dogs free of such infections, brush them regularly, especially during monsoons. Brushing the regularly will make you aware if your pet is infected with ticks or not. 

In case you find any ticks on your pet’s body, do not medicate it yourself. Ask your veterinarian about it. To take care of dogs in the rainy season, wash their coat using anti-tick shampoo and rub an anti-tick ointment on their skin. This way, you will be able to kill the ticks manually. 

Maintain distance from reptiles:

Maintainig distance from reptiles and plants during rains
(Source: Hill’s Pet Nutrition)

Monsoon is the season for reptiles and lizards. They are often seen on the walls and the lawn. Every dog owner is well aware of their dog’s instinct of chasing smaller creatures. Sometimes, they may also end up ingesting such a creature. 

The quickest solution to take care of dogs in the rainy season is to induce vomiting in them.  Put salt or vinegar on the back of their tongue. This way you can easily remove the poison. 

7 Tips to take care of dogs in the rainy season:

1. Keep your pet clean and dry: 

Even pets love the monsoon showers, just like humans. It becomes a great duo when both the owner and the pet enjoy the rain dance. But the after-effects of it can be dangerous. As an owner, you must ensure that your dog gets a nice hot water bath after getting wet in the rain. This way, all the bacteria will be removed from their body. 

Rains in urban areas contain a lot of pollution and can be acidic. The best way to take care of dogs in the rainy season is to wash them in plain water. You can also use antimicrobial shampoo for removing the infections. The warm fur of the dogs acts as a second home for other microorganisms and helps them multiply. Cleaning their fur and drying them can be one of the best tips.

2. Protecting the paws: 

Paws are a sensitive part of the dog’s body. While grooming them mostly involves trimming the nails, taking care of the paws is also an important job. After returning from walks, make sure you take good care of their paws. 

One of the ways to take care of a dog in the rainy season is by washing its paws in lukewarm water. This way, all the debris and dirt that is stuck inside the nails of the dog will also come out along with the germs. Once done, dry them completely. You can also search for bruises if any. Ignoring wounds during monsoons can be a mistake. 

DIY– Mix a small amount of Vaseline and coconut oil. This forms paw butter. Use this paw butter on the sensitive paws before going out for walks.

3. Offer diets that are rich in fibre: 

Veggies and fruits that are rich in fiber should be given to dogs. This is also one of the ways to take care of dogs in the rainy season.  These fibrous foods help in bowel movements and the proper digestion of food. Instead of getting bored while it is raining outside, try having some indoor fun with your dog. Exercising your dog also compensates for outdoor entertainment. 

Another way to take care of dogs in the rainy season is to provide them with an amount of food that is equal to the amount of exercise it does at home. If the food intake is more than the physical activity, it can result in obesity and other health problems.  

4. Provide only boiled water to the canine:

We believe that pets are provided with the pure drinking water for consumption. But, owners should be cautioned about the water they feed to dogs, especially during the rainy season. To take care of dogs in the rainy season, owners should provide their dogs with boiled water after cooling it down.

The boiled water not only kills bacteria and other microorganisms but also avoids getting affected by any waterborne diseases. It ensures that the pup is not suffering from any tummy problems

5. A secure resting space:

Rains are always accompanied by storms, thunder and lightning. The crackling thunders often scare away dogs. You can easily take care of dogs in the rainy season by providing them with a separate space of their own. When the thunder and lightning scare them, they can have a cosy space to calm themselves. 

These resting spaces can be filled with your dog’s favourite toys and soft rugs. They can crawl up to their space and enjoy their resting space. Sometimes it so happens that frightened dogs run right under your bed. In these situations, leave the door of your room open for them to sneak and hide.

6. Check out for fleas: 

Dog’s ears and coats are often infected with ticks and fleas. The monsoon season makes it easier for these pests to reside in the furs of animals. The moist fur of the dog is a comfortable spot for them. These pests reach out to the dog’s fur while they are close to tall grasses or shorter shrubs

These pests can also cause harmful diseases to the canines. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your pet is pest-free. To take care of dogs in the rainy season, one must check the bedding of the dogs. It should be clean and free of ticks and other bugs. 

Run your fingers through the dog’s fur. The ticks are usually found in the abdominal region and near the neck and ears. You may also use a torch for inspection. This will be a hassle-free job for you since dogs will surely enjoy this. 

7. De-worming and vaccinating:

Since the monsoon is crawling with infections and diseases, every canine needs to get de-wormed. Talk to your vet and consult about the schedule to provide a vaccine. This is also one of the ways to take care of dogs in the rainy season. Vaccines will also protect the dogs from respiratory and other worm related ailments

Products to take care of dogs in the rainy season:

Earlier we learnt about several hacks to protect our canines from the rainy reason. But sometimes, even such hacks fail to prevent harm to our dogs. To make sure that every dog owner survives this rainy season, several tools have been invented. Let’s take a look.

1. Jelly Wellies: 

Jelly Wellies

Inspired from jelly sandals, Jelly Wellies are a set of doggy rain gear. It is 100% waterproof and is very comfortable to wear. These boots are made of silicon with adjustable Velcro straps for proper fitting. This tool adds to the list of how to take care of dogs in the rainy season.

2. Soggy Doggy: 

Soggy Doggy for dogs

This tool is great for highly energetic dogs. This is designed from chenille fiber that traps moisture, mud and grass. Owners are also free from cleaning dirty paw prints since this tool soaks the last drop of water from the dog’s coat.

3. Fresh Wave odour Eliminators:  

Odor eliminators for dogs

Dogs who get wet in the rain release an odour. There have been no hacks on how to remove this smell. Thanks to Fresh Wave Odour Eliminators, the moist smell of the wet dog’s fur goes away naturally. These are plants and oils, non-toxic and are nature friendly.

4. Paw Wash: 

Paw washer for dogs
(Source: Top Dog Tips)

Despite muddy grounds, outside the house, dog owners are not worried about the paw prints in their home. The Paw Wash has made it easier for owners to take care of dogs in the rainy season by cleaning the dog’s paws. Besides this, the Paw wash also removes the excess moisture from their paws.

5. Clear Hooded raincoat: 

Raincoats for dogs
(Source: Top Dog Tips)

If you are searching for a raincoat for dogs, here it is. The clear hooded raincoat is one of the convenient tools to take care of dogs in the rainy season. The clear hood helps in proper vision and it is also detachable. It also comes in several colours like pink and yellows and several designs like polka dots.  Check out our page for Clear Hooded raincoat by petsforcare


Taking care of dogs during the rainy season is one of the toughest jobs. Dogs should be taken care the most during the rainy season. However, taking care of dogs with longer hair is harder. Their furs get matte and have tangles in them. Therefore, they require more attention than short-haired dogs. 

Make sure you keep their coat clean and free of pests. They require regular grooming and cleaning to maintain the quality of their fur. Dogs like the Afghan Hound are famous for their long and silky fur. Following simple steps can prevent you from the issues of the rainy season. 


How can I bring my wet dog back into the house?

Most of the dogs loves rain. As an owner, you know about the disadvantages of getting wet in the rain. Therefore, pick him up and bring him in.

How to keep him engaged inside the house while it’s raining outside?

Try to provide company to your dog. Keep him diverted and occupied.

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