Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds

As humans, we love dogs more than anyone else. They have a history of being ‘man’s best friend’. But, besides such titles, they also serve a purpose. We find various dog breeds throughout the world. While some stay house-dogs, some services for the law enforcement and as guide dogs. However, we also find certain dogs that can be the best military dog breeds

Dog breeds from military platforms require hardcore training. They serve for personal security rather than just sniffing out criminals and drugs. The best military dog breeds are set out during riots, emergencies and combat zones. While some of these dog breeds are trained for one purpose, most of them are trained to survive in several situations.

Given below is a list of the top 10 best military dog breeds in the world (Not in any order).

PSI : (Pounds Force-per-Square-inch, a pressure of one-pound of force applied to a surface area of one square inch)

List of top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds

1. German shepherd:

German Shepherd --Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: BarkPost)

The German shepherd accounts for an all-rounder canine. It can be a gentle family dog on one side and the best military dog breed on the other. A significant fact about German Shepherds is that they have been used in war fields since World War I. Adolf Hitler was also known to have owned this dog breed.

They are courageous dogs. They can use their intelligence and overcome critical situations by making the best decision a military dog can make. These dogs are highly trainable and are not over-aggressive as we can say for few other dog breeds. German shepherds are also known to be among the loyal kind. They are used by the US Military forces as trackers, senders and receivers of messages and rescue dogs and are also included in the K-9 Corps. It also has a speed of 28mph and has a bite force of 238 PSI

2. Rottweiler:

Rottweiler --Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: CGTN)

Rottweiler is one of the confident and beautiful dog breeds. This dog is also used by countries like Australia, Germany and United States in the military field as a messenger. There was a time when communicating on different bases was difficult. Soldiers relied on dogs to do their job. This habit slowly evolved Rottweiler into becoming one of the best military dog breeds. They have a speed of 25mph and have a bite force of 328 PSI.

They diligently worked through tough situations to carry out important messages. They also act as good combat dogs. Their strong bite can easily harm the enemy. These fit dogs have the agility to sniff out enemy bases and hunt them down. However, they are not very open in the field as compared to German shepherds. But, the help they provide to the military forces is worth praising.

3. Labrador retriever: 

Labrador Retriever -- Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: Daily Express)

We have always known Labradors to be sweet family pets. Learning about their involvement in the military forces is quite a surprise. Those who own a Labrador have an idea about how powerful their nose is. They can track a scent from a great distance which is commendable. This feature makes them one of the best military dog breeds.  

They can sniff explosives and ammunition from afar and warn the forces about it. Their sense of smell is also helpful during rescue operations. These dogs are highly obedient, friendly and less-tempered. Therefore, they can be easily trained. In some places, these dogs are also used for relieving stress during combat situations. The Labrador dog breed is also used by the Indian Army for carrying out operations on the field. It has a speed of 30mph and has a bite force of 230PSI

4. Boxer:

Boxer Military Dog --Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
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One of the super alert dog breeds is the Boxer. Apart from being a good family dog, this breed also has other talents. The boxer is a strong, agile breed used by the military forces. The jowly look of this breed scares away strangers. Their athletic build and iconic under bites made them one of the best military dog breeds for working during World War I. They were mostly used by Germany as carrier dogs, guard dogs and attack dogs.  

Boxer provides one of the most versatile services to the military forces. They served as messengers during wartime. Some dogs of this breed also act as a scout and patrol dogs. Their primitive actions of bull-baiting and hunting have turned them into a multi-purpose dog breed. Being loyal and smart dog breed, Boxers are also used for various rescue operations. The speed of a boxer is 38-45 mph and its bite force is 230 PSI .

5. Alaskan Malamute and Huskies: 

Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: Pinterest)

Not all battles are fought on land or in the sea. During World War I, many battles were fought on ice. The US military knew it well that a ground dog will not be able to detect the dangers on ice. Therefore, they searched for the mightiest dog breed on ice and found the Alaskan Malamute and Huskies They had a speed of 30 mph and had a bite force of 230 PSI.

This dog breed was best for conducting search operations in snow. The cold did not bother these dog breeds much. During WWI, many planes crashed in Greenland. The military then used the help of this dog breed to search for the lost men and their planes. The talent of finding out people from impossible situations made them one of the best military dog breeds. Presently, this dog breed is used by the K-9 unit of the United States. 

6. Doberman Pinscher:

Doberman -- Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
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Know to be a renowned military dog, the Doberman Pinscher has proved its capability in such fields. These are intelligent dog breeds and have served as a purposeful dog breed during World War I. Their alertness to any upcoming danger makes them one of the best military dog breeds. This breed has a bite force of 600 PSI which is highly dangerous and a speed of 32 mph

These dog breeds also serve as patrol dogs. They are athletic and can be easily trained. Another important trait of these dogs is that they are highly protective. This feature has helped many soldiers on the battlefield. For most of the battles, this dog breed has served on the frontline.  However, these dogs have also been used wrongly by USSR during the 2nd World war as suicide dogs. Like many humans, even dogs should not be used for such cruel experiments. However, they are now used by the K-9 unit of the United States Army and also by the Indian Army.

7. Belgian Malinois: 

Belgian Malinos -- Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: Wikipedia)

The Belgian Melinois has a similar reference to the German shepherd. These dogs have quick reflexes and can outrun the German shepherd in speed (30mph). They are hardy under stressful situations. This makes these dogs one of the best military dog breeds with a bite force of 195 PSI. An important significance of this dog breed is that it was used during the raid of the well-known terrorist Osama Bin Laden after the attack of 9/11 in New York

These dogs are also easily trainable like the German shepherd. They are loyal and athletic. They act independently in dangerous situations and are more confident about their actions. This feature has also helped many soldiers during tough situations. In some cases, they are also parachuted with their handlers to combat a situation. The size and features of Belgian Melinois have made it a part of the K-9 units of US law enforcement.

8. Bloodhound:

Bloodhound --Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: Orvis)

Considered large and strong, the Bloodhound has been one of the best military dog breeds. They have a great sense of smell like most of the dogs on the list. These dogs have been trained to track down the enemy or anything that belongs to them. Most of the time, their sniffing power is used for finding out bombs, drugs and other explosives. 

This breed is presently been used by the US government to identify missing individuals. They also had good eyesight to alert their owners about the approaching enemy. It has a speed of 32mph and can catch the enemy quite fast and a fatal bite force of 406 PSI. However, it is a bit notorious. But in dangerous situations, it maintains its calm to carry out the order. The bite of a Bloodhound can injure about 70% of a person.

9. Giant schnauzers:

Giant scnauzers -- Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: Pinterest)

This dog breed has a feature similar to the Boxer breed. The Giant schnauzers dislike strangers. These alert dogs will know immediately if somebody is found trespassing their area. This character makes them one of the best military dog breeds. They have a speed of 28 mph and a bite force of 556 PSI.

These dog breeds were used originally by the Soviet Union during the 40s. They were also known to be the foundation breed of the Soviets. This dog breed has a reserved personality and is hard-headed. However, they lost their significance after the introduction of German shepherds and Doberman pinschers. But, to this date, they are still used by many military troops for detecting bombs and rescuing people.

10. Terriers:

Terrier -Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds
(Source: American Kennel Club)

The terrier breed is also one of the best military dog breeds. Dogs like Airedale Terrier and Black Russian terrier serve as good military dogs. The Black Russian Terrier also originated in Russia during the 1st World War. Mostly, this dog breed was used for guarding the borders. They are dominant but can be handled by experienced trainers. They also have a bite force of 231 PSI.

The Airedale terrier is, however, a difficult dog to handle. They take commands properly and mostly prefer listening. They have a strong nose which helps them in detecting bombs. Also, these dogs do not entertain strangers. A surprising dog under this breed who is involved with the military is the Yorkshire terrier. Many will consider this as a lie, but this small pup is more useful than you can imagine. This dog has been of much help during WWI. It has pulled a telegraph wire through a dangerous pipe of 70-feet for urgent communication. 


The list of best military dog breeds is full of surprises. It includes pups we thought were best as family dogs. This can be a reason for our narrowing thought process. While these dogs serve the nation, they are also considered as brave soldiers. They have more disciple than humans and are more obedient. 

Unfortunately, these dogs aren’t inevitable. They also face random health issues. Some of the dogs even get affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This mostly occurs when the dogs leave their active service. Sometimes it can also result in the death of a handler. On the god side, these factors are being dealt with. The military dogs are also taken special care of and getting the love and care they deserve.


Can Bulldogs be used as a military dog breed?

Bulldogs are not suitable for the military field since they are less aggressive and not very active.

Which breed is the best military dog?

The Belgian Melinois is known to be the best military dog

Can Giant schnauzers be used as family dogs?

Given their height and behaviour, Giant schnauzers act as good family dogs.

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