Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds in the world

Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal animals. They long to be with us, sharing cuddles and providing company. Most humans love dogs out of the loyalty they have for us. The executive secretary of the American Kennel Club has rightly said that “Key traits of a loyal dog include being confident, devoted and affectionate”.  

Generally, every dog is loyal in its way. However, some tend to possess this feature more than others. Some of the most loyal dog breeds will always be by your side, through thick and thin. Hence, they all truly deserve the title of ‘Man’s Best Friend’. 

Given below are some of the most loyal dog breeds whose commitment will surely surprise you.

List of Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds in the world

1. Golden Retriever:

It is not a difficult job to find out that Golden Retrievers are the most loyal dog breeds. These eager-to-please dog breeds would love to hang out with people. Originated in Scotland, this breed was earlier made to hunt. It’s surprising, how a hunting canine turned out to be such an adorable and faithful pet. 

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Golden Retriever
(Source: Pro Breed)

This breed has endless energy and can love its family above everyone else. It’s also easy to train them. The American Kennel Club has identified Golden Retriever to be the ‘Most Popular Dog Breed’. They also turn out to be the best dog a family can have. Their smile is pretty enough to keep you cheerful.

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2. German shepherd:

Listed as one of the most aggressive dog breed, the German shepherd is used by police officials for searching shreds of evidence. But here is a surprise for you. The German shepherd is also counted among the most loyal dog breed. The adaptability of these dogs can help them transform into any role needed. 

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world -German Shepherd
(Source: The Spruce Pets)

While they can be intelligent dogs working with armed forces in the field, they can also be gentle pets who love their owners. Their sense of loyalty and protection will make them do anything for their family. These dogs are mostly perfect for families which consist of one or two members. The breed is indeed easy to train and also account for the best guard dogs. The commitment of this dog towards their family will shock you.

3. Dachshund:

Dachshund is a sausage-shaped dog bred for catching burrows. They have a natural barking trait and are known to be good hunting dogs. They are also added to the list of the most loyal dog breed. The Dachshunds are protective of their owners. They might start barking at any stranger who tries to approach their owner. 

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Dachshund
(Source: BeChewy)

This breed has the same emotional feelings as its owner. This makes them very owner-oriented. Dachshunds can also be prey to separation anxiety if their owner fails to give them proper attention. Their hunting trait does not make them less human-friendly. However, these dogs can also be aggressive when irritated. Since they are of the stubborn kind, it is difficult to train them. 

4. Border collie:

The Border Collie Dog Breed is known to be among the oldest dog breed. Originated on the border of Scotland and England, the breed was made to herd in the hills. These are also known to be the most loyal dog breeds. Their obedience and intelligence make it easier for any person to train them.

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world- Border Collie
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These are mostly working dogs that have a guarding instinct. They will always protect their owners from any stranger. Collies are highly energetic dogs that require regular training and exercise for realizing their energy.

Since they are of the herding group, they are easy to train. For families who have kids, this breed will be the right choice for you. The Border collie will take care of your children like they are of its own.

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5. Labrador retriever:

You know it when your dog becomes an important part of your life. It is the same as this breed. These affectionate beings would do anything to get few moments of cuddling from you. The intelligence and affectionate trait of Labrador Retrievers make them one of the most loyal dog breeds

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Labrador Retriever
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

Originated in Newfoundland, these dogs were famous among fishermen. Back in the time, they helped the fishermen catch fish. The spirit of companionship was always prevalent in this breed. It is also easy to train this breed. They can adapt easily to any given surroundings. Law enforcement even uses retrievers as guide dogs. They believe that the loyalty of this breed could be put to some good use. 

6. Akita:

This breed has a similar trait to the German Shepherds. Among all the American dog breeds on the list, the Akita is a Japanese dog known to be one of the most loyal dog breeds. They long for human companionship and are aggressive towards strangers.

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Akita
(Source: Petfinder)

The AKC confirms that these dogs have a long life span. They are also perfect family dogs and are more comfortable with children. However, they require early socialization. Without proper training, this breed can become aggressive towards other people and newborn babies. The Akita is also protective of their family members. They are quite large dogs (70-130 pounds) that are enough to fill our hearts!

7. Beagle:

The Beagle dog breed belongs to the hound group. These dogs are also considered among the most loyal dog breed. Their floppy years and small body make them even more appealing. These happy looking dogs are very protective of their owners. However, they are mostly dedicated to a particular person. 

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Beagle
(Source: Zooplus)

These dogs have a hunting trait. They sniff out their prey faster than other hunting dogs. Originated in Great Britain, these dogs have a similar reference to Ancient Greece. The gentleness of this breed makes them closer to their owners. These are mostly silent dogs and are easier to train. As an owner, you must keep in mind that these dogs are not adaptable to kids below 8 years of age

8. Boxer:

This dog breed is also known to be among the most aggressive dog breed. However, it still manages to reach the title of the most loyal dog breed. Developed originally in Germany, this dog breed was used for hunting purposes. With time, it became less aggressive and friendlier.

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Boxer
(Source: BeChewy)

These harmless beings are highly energetic and intelligent. They loving having fun and require very low maintenance. Boxers are also known to be good family dogs. They prefer the company of children around them.

Unfortunately, not all dogs of this breed share the same character. Some can become highly aggressive if proper training is not provided to them. However, on the other hand, some dogs are highly protective of their owners. 

9. Rottweiler:

Rottweiler is a dog with protective traits. They are powerful and enjoy the company of humans. This breed is also known to be among the most loyal dog breeds. In olden times, these dogs would protect the butcher’s money in their absence. This character of Rottweiler makes them highly protective of their owners.

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Rottweiler
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Rottweiler dogs are usually in packs. They also make up for good guard dogs. People consider Rottweiler to be rowdy.  On the contrary, they are very good with kids. They can get aggressive, but only in times of guarding their family. These dogs were also used by law enforcement and the United States Military in the field for their agility. 

10. Bulldog:

The phase-‘appearances can be deceptive’ goes well with this dog breed. Named after a sport called ‘bullbaiting’, this breed was originally made to bite the bull’s nose while it was hitched up to the ground. Most people have the opinion that these dogs are aggressive. However, it is not completely true. 

Most Loyal Dog breeds in the world - Bulldog
(Source: Bil-Jac)

They may look like they are angry all the time, but in reality; this dog breed is among the most loyal dog breeds. They barely have any temperament issues and are very gentle with children. Unfortunately, they are of the stubborn kind. This makes it difficult for the owner to train them. They require proper training for becoming good family dogs.  Besides being loyal dog breeds, they also seek human attention. Owning an American Bulldog can solve most of your problems- loyal breed, aggressive canine and a perfect guard dog!


Dogs will always be loyal to you. But that should not make you take them for granted. They also require love and company from you. Try arranging plans outdoor for you and your dog. This will also make the bond between the two of you stronger. 

Remember, training and socializing are important parts of dog care. Those who are very loyal may not always require training. But dogs who have a hunting trait need proper exercise and socialization. Make sure you don’t leave them alone for long. Any dog, if left alone for long can develop separation anxiety and start acting destructively. Dogs are your best friends. Try to be for them all the time.


Q. Is Chihuahua a loyal dog breed?

Yes. Chihuahua, even though aggressive is also a loyal dog breed.

Q. Which dog can be the most protective?

Among all dog breeds, Beagle and Boxer can be very protective of their owners.

Q. Is a German shepherd an intelligent dog?

Among the most intelligent dog breeds, the German shepherd is also one. 

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