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The Border Collie Breed is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This breed was mostly meant to look after the herd in the hilly areas along the border of Scotland and England. With the help of their eyes, they could find the enemy from a far distance. The Border Collie Breed is highly athletic. They are also known for their obedience and intelligence

The Border Collie Breed is ranked among the most intelligent and trainable dogs by many Canine Behaviourists. It has also covered around 1022 words and is trained to act according to the cited words. 

In case you want to own this breed, there is certain information that you should take into consideration before proceeding. You ought to know about certain areas of this dog’s behavioral aspects if you want to be his best friend. 

Let’s know more about border collie breed

Origin of Border Collie:

Border Collie Breed information

The ancestors of the Border Collie Breed, known as the Landrace Collie, originated from the British Isles. With a history of guarding the flock of sheep on the borders of England and Scotland, these dogs slowly came to be known as the best working dogs

The name ‘Border Collie’ inherited a part of the Scottish Heritage. In 1858, these dogs were transported to New Zealand. Finally, in 1995, these dogs were recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Border Collie At a Glance

Breed Group:Herding
Life Span: 10 to 16 Years
Height:19 to 22 inches
Weight:28 to 47 pounds
Temperament:Intelligent, Tenacious, Alert, Responsive
Energy level:Hyper

Colour and Personality of Border Collie:

Border Collie Breed color

The Border Collie Breed is a medium-sized dog. The male dogs of this breed are slightly heavier than the female ones. These herding dogs usually have two sets of coats- one that is short and smooth, and the other that is long and coarse (up to 3 inches).  They have several coloured coats like Brindle, Gold, Lilac, black and white, Black and blue and others.  

These are the best dogs for working in the countryside. They are mostly famous for their herding instinct which makes them great watchdogs. They are highly protective of their owners and can act destructively if left in isolation for a long time. These intelligent dogs learn very quickly and adapt to the responses faster than you expect!

These dogs are very friendly when kept with kids or other pets. But, they may start barking at strangers because of their guarding instinct

Shedding and Grooming of Border Collie:

Border Collie Breed Shredding information

The Border Collie Breed has an average life span of 10-16 years. The Border collie breed has a double coat. It has a thick coat that sheds quite often. The coat it has varies from smooth to rough.  The most common color pattern of this dog is black and white. The shedding of fur for Border Collie Breed is average. These dogs shed during the spring and autumn. However, with proper grooming, the shedding of these dogs can be reduced. As an owner, you are recommended to brush them at least once a week. Since they are athletic dogs, they need more care and attention than the others breeds.

To keep the furs from shedding, this breed needs to be brushed many times during the week. Grooming them is not much of a problem. But, when the furs of the Border Collie start shedding more than usual (which is seasonal), he might need extra brushing. 

These dogs don’t need a regular bath. But since these dogs are more active and outgoing, they might need a shower. Brushing their teeth regularly prevents their teeth from gum diseases and bad breaths. The nails of this breed also grow faster than others. Therefore, trimming their nails regularly is highly recommended. 

Proper grooming is important for these dogs so that they can grow into a good and healthy breed. 

Training of Border Collie Breed:

Like every other dog, the Border Collie Breed also needs training. Since these are herding dogs, they very intelligent. Therefore, it makes it easier for us to train them. They are capable of understanding the instructions easily. This breed is also likely for families who take part in dog sports

The athletic characteristics of the Border Collie Breed make him the best for competing in various dog sports. They excel in activities like Frisbee, Flyball, tracking and even dancing and learning mathematics table. Well, this is indeed a surprising talent! These dogs are very adaptable to kids. Playing with the children of the family can also be their favourite recreation.  

Since these dogs are very active, regular exercise is very necessary for them. In this way, they can release the excess energy burning up in them.

Food and health:

Food and health Information of Border Collie

The Border Collie Breed should be given proper and healthy food. Depending on the weight of the dog, his diet should be controlled. As an owner, you should feed your dog at regular timing. This will also keep him healthy.

Even though this breed is very healthy, it can sometimes fall sick. Sometimes the diseases can be genetic or hereditary

 Some of the common health diseases are:

  • Collie Eye Anomaly: In this disease, the retina and sclera choroid gets damaged and leads to vision impairment. Thanks to technology, there have been developed tests to check whether the dog will give birth to an affected puppy or not. 
  •  Hip Dysplasia: This is a genetic disease where the thighbones are not properly joined with the hip socket. In such cases, the dog can feel pain or even become disabled.
  • Retinal Atrophy: This is also a disease where the breed can face a deterioration of his retina. The later causes can lead this breed to lose its sight during the day.
  • Epilepsy: This is a neurological condition. This condition can be inherited by the breed from its parents. It begins with mild seizures in its early stages. The later stages include a change in behaviour like falling while running or unable to control the bladder.
  • Osteochondrosis Dissecans: In this disease, unwanted cartilage starts growing at the joints. This can cause endless pain to the dog.
  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis: Among the many diseases, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis is one. This occurs also to the Border Collie Breed only. This disease causes neural damage to the body leading to death at a very early age. Those who have this disorder cannot survive more than two years.

If you are thinking of owning such a breed, or if you already own one, it is suggested to keep his health checked by a veterinarian regularly. 

Are border collies suitable for children?

Border Collie with children

(Source: YouTube)

Besides being a work-oriented dog breed, they are also family-oriented. These family dogs have a protective instinct that makes them highly cautious of strangers. With children, they can become very loyal. An interesting and fun fact about Border collie is that they are not friendly with other pets; be it a cat or a dog. Therefore, if you are thinking of owning one, make sure you don’t have other pets at home. However, if socialised from a young age, these dogs can adjust with anybody! 

Price and Availability of Border Collie:

There will be variations in the price of the Border Collie Breed due to its temperamental characteristics. The price of a basic Border Collie Puppy is ₹15,000-₹25,000. For a Border Collie puppy who is KYC registered is ₹25,00-₹45,000. The best quality Border Collie puppy is usually the costliest, i.e., ₹45,000-₹90,000.

If you want to own a Border Collie Breed, make sure you buy it from a trusted breeder.  Some breeders do not care about the quality of the breed and are busy making easy money. They might also try selling you a puppy of a basic quality with a price of the best. Therefore, check wisely before buying it. Check for a trustworthy breeder who will value the quality of the puppy and the needs of his customer over anything else.

Final Words about Border Collie Breed:

The Border Collie Breed is very adaptable to nature. Therefore, he can be a good choice for you. These friendly dogs are loyal to their owners and love them a lot. If trained properly, these dog breeds can save your life too! Since they are intelligent and fast learners, they adapt to your every command very quickly. 

But if you live in apartments, this dog may not be very suitable for you. Being highly energetic dogs, they will always keep running around the house. They also need to exercise regularly. As an owner, make sure you add this to his daily routine. This breed is a bit costlier. Thus, you need to be financially stable to own these dogs. In case you own one, you already have your best partner!

Mostly Asked Questions Regarding Border Collie

What is the cost of a Border Collie in the UK?

A KYC- registered Border Collie puppy costs about £700-£1500.

Does a Border Collie shed throughout the year?

Yes. For most of the year, the Border Collie keep shedding. It overrides about twice a year. It is recommended to brush this breed thrice a week.

Do border collie like cuddling?

Border Collie are very adorable pets. They love their owners as much as they love getting cuddled by them. 

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