Pomeranian Vs. Spitz: Difference between Pomeranian and Spitz

Are you planning to buy a dog and is confused between a Pomeranian and a Spitz? Well you should be considering their look alike. Hence, we bring you this article which will help you dive deep and differentiate between the two so that you can choose the best according to your need. If you take a look at either of the breeds, you might face some difficulty in identifying them. Both the Pomeranian and the Spitz belong to the same ancestry. They are descendants of a large sledge-pulling breed of the Arctic region that are 6000 years old. Back in the day, these dogs were much larger and were used for the sole purpose of hunting.

Several characteristics including their appearance, colour and size can confuse you since they are very closely related. But these features are still significant enough for you to differentiate between them.

Pomeranian and Spitz: Are they Similar or Different?

History claims that both the Spitz and the Pomeranian were traditional dogs that originated in Germany and had the same job- herding and hunting. These breeds have a similar personality and make up for perfect watch dogs for families. Their appearance, including their weight, might also be quite similar to each other. One can almost conclude them to be  identical twins with a slight variation.

Pomeranian vs spitz

Breeding both of them with each other can also be a possible reason for their similarity. However, there are differences between the Pomeranian and the Spitz. While the Spitz is friendly with people around them, Pomeranians can be quite vivacious with their behavior.

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Difference between Pomeranian and Spitz: General Characteristics

Despite having numerous differences between Pomeranian and Spitz, both breeds have a similar backstory. Sources confirm that the Spitz was originally recorded from the same area as the Pomeranian- Pomerania. But, both have a different story of coming to the limelight. Back in the 15th century, the Spitz dog breed was used by poor people as watchdogs for farms. It was after the King of England, George I learnt about this breed when it became popular amongst nobles.

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On the other hand, the Pomeranian became famous around people like Isaac Newton and Queen Victoria I. She found it in the 18th century, a breed weighing 12 pounds. Such a small breed interested her in inbreeding smaller dogs. The Pomeranian that we see today is her invention. In India, this energetic breed is also known as Cultured Poms.

Origin  It originated from a region situated in the north-western part of Poland and the North-eastern part of Germany.
They were bred from the large-Spitz sized dogs.
The American Kennel Club came to recognise this breed in 1888.
The Spitz dog breed that we see today is likely to have originated from Siberia or the Arctic Region.
The dogs from which this breed was bred is still unknown.
The American Kennel Club has not yet recognised the breed. But several organisations have shown interest in the breed. 
Height The height of a Pomeranian is 6-13 inches.The height of a Spitz is 7-11 inches.
WeightThe weight of a Pomeranian is 2-9 pounds. The weight of a Spitz is 11-16 pounds. 
Types The Pomeranian dog breed has 5 different types. These are:Standard PomeranianFox-Face PomeranianTeddy Bear PomeranianBaby Doll PomeranianPomeranian MixesThe Spitz dog breed has over 40-60 different types. Out of these, some of the dogs are:Japanese SpitzGerman SpitzIndian SpitzFinnish Spitz, etc.
Coat colour and typeThe colour of a Pomeranian’s coat includes red, white, orange, cream and black. 
Some dogs also have different coloured markings on their coat. The marks can be or black colour, tan colour, orange colour or a sable colour. 
They have a thick and long double coat along with a soft and dense undercoat. They also have a luxurious ruff near the neck.
The colour of a Spitz’s coat includes brown, black and white.

Some dogs of this breed have white markings near their paws, chest and tip of the tail.

They have a double coat. The outer coat is straight and long. The inner coat is thick cotton-like. Due to this reason, it may look that Spitz dogs are larger. 
PriceUSA: $500-$6,000UK: £700- £2,500India: ₹5,000-₹75,000USA: $1,000-$2,500UK: £300- £900India: ₹4,000-₹8,000
Lifespan The average lifespan of a Pomeranian is 13-16 years.The average lifespan of a Spitz is 11-14 years.
SpeedThe speed of a Pomeranian is 14-20 mph.Spitz belongs to the non-working group. 
Bite ForceThe bite force of a Pomeranian is 13-1394 newton.The bite force of an Indian Spitz is 3,102 newton

Difference between Pomeranian and Spitz: Appearance

Let’s take a look into the morphological differences in their appearance which will help us in better understanding them.

Build upPomeranians have dense fur. Their chest is a bit hard. They also have a furry collar around their neck that gives them a distinctive look. The Spitz dog breed, on the other hand has light fur. The breed also has a softer chest than the Pomeranian. They have frills around their neck but it is not as furry as the Pomeranian breed.
HeadThe head of a Pomeranian is in balance with the rest of its body. They have a wedge-shaped head along with a straight and strong snout.The Spitz breed has a medium-sized head. It is broader at the back and converges in a wedge shape towards the front of the nose. Unlike the poms, the Spitz only has a conical snout.
Muzzles Poms have a short muzzle that is neither snipey nor coarse.The muzzle of a Spitz is not overlong. They also are at a pleasing proportion to their skull.
Eyes They have medium sized, almond-shaped eyes that fit well into their skull.Spitz also has similar almond-shaped eyes, but, they are slightly slanting. 
Ears Pomeranians have very small ears that can barely be noticed from its fur.The ears of a Spitz dog breed are straight and pointed.
Nose Poms have a snub-nosed facial structure. They mostly are a perfect ‘beaver coloured nose’.Spitz has a small round nose that is completely black in colour.
Tail Pomeranians have a tail that lies on its back. The tail of a Spitz is curled and bushy.
Legs The forequarters of a Pomeranian dog breed are well spaced. Also, they are straight and parallel to each other.The hindquarters of this breed are also parallel to each other when viewed from the rear. The forequarters of a Spitz are broad, straight and very well-developed. In the hindquarters, the thigh and the lower leg is of the same length. They are parallel to each other.

Pomeranian and Spitz: Difference in their Personality and Temperament

Out of the several differences between Pomeranian and Spitz, they have one thing in common- the same type of personality. Both are adorable breeds who like to stick to their owners. However, the loyalty of a Spitz can sometimes be more than that of a Pom. 

Both are always eager and feisty when it comes to their temperament. Considered extroverts, both can adapt themselves to all types of conditions. Pomeranians feel they are somewhat bigger than their size. Therefore, they can even get into a fight with a dog larger than themselves. But, on the other hand, Spitz is surprisingly talented in understanding the intentions of humans and animals.  

Pomeranians are just as alert as Spitz. Yet, while choosing a dog for guarding, one should go with the Pomeranian. These dogs tend to stay aloof from strangers and are good barkers. But, the Spitz breed requires proper training and socialization for acting as watch dogs. 

Difference between Pomeranian and Spitz: Health issues involved

A benefit of owning either of the two breeds is that you don’t have to worry much about their health. Amongst the many differences between Pomeranian and Spitz, a similarity between them is that both the Pomeranian and the Spitz are quite healthy breeds. However, they might be affected by similar diseases. These include:

  • Eye problems: Eye problems are common for both dog breeds. Diseases like progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts and duct problems can happen to either of them. If the problem persists, owners are recommended to consult  a veterinarian. 
  • Collapsed Trachea: This might be a rare disease for other breeds. But for Pomeranian and Spitz, it is quite common. Here, the cartilage of the windpipe, also called the trachea becomes soft and floppy. Thus, the walls of the trachea can collapse, and prohibit air to pass through, making it hard for the dog to breathe.  
  • Dental Disease: The dental diseases of both breeds can be different. Pomeranians, unlike Spitz, face gum problems along with early tooth loss. Therefore, it is essential to have a look into the mouth of the breed while brushing it.

On the other hand, Spitz has dental problems due to its diet. Sometimes, not providing the best food may have created a bacterial environment inside the mouth of the dog. This, in turn, can have adverse effects on its health including kidney and heart-related diseases.

Other than these, both breeds also have significant health disorders. The Spitz breed is prone to diseases like-

  1. Idiopathic epilepsy: This is a genetic disorder and is inherited by the breed from its ancestors. It is a type of seizure that sometimes occurs due to kidney failure, liver disease, brain tumours or toxins.
  1. Luxating Patella: This involves the dislocation of the knee in the dogs.

The Poms on the other hand are susceptible to heart diseases. They must be kept away from junk food to avoid fur infections. The growth of ringworms or parasite infection can lead to alopecia if not treated properly and at the right time. While the Spitz breed suffers through separation anxiety if left alone for long hours, Pomeranians are not much affected by it. We  suggest checking our Spitz and Pomeranian dog breeds for greater insight about their health issues.

Difference between Pomeranian and Spitz: Grooming, Shedding and Feeding

Pomeranian and Spitz grooming and shedding

Pomeranians require frequent brushing of the coat at least 3 times a week. But, the Spitz should be brushed daily. Both breeds should be washed every two weeks to maintain the quality of their coat. 

A similarity between Pomeranian and Spitz is that both are moderate shedders. However, the Spitz comparatively shed more. Their long coats can have fleas and ticks attached to them. The Poms on the other hand can have worms in their ears or dirt in the eyes. Therefore, it is important to look for the parasites while grooming both breeds.

With the slightest difference in the size of the breed, Spitz requires more food than the Pomeranians. Owners should provide 1-1 ½ cups of high-quality food to Poms, and a little more than 2 cups of food to a Spitz. Both can also be prepared homemade food. Items like rice and milk will be a perfect meal for either of the breeds. But, if you are providing them with commercial food, ensure that the food contains sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals in it. 

Difference between Pomeranian and Spitz: Training and exercise

Both the Pomeranians and the Spitz are highly energetic breeds. Unlike some dog breeds, both prefer going on walks rather than lying on a couch. But, as an owner, you must ensure that both breeds are socialised at a very young age. This way, they become more adaptable to different environments. Due to their small size, they can fear the world around them. But with proper training and socialisation, they become fearless and ever ready. 

They may not require regular exercising but compulsory playtime should do. While the Spitz requires long walks for at least two hours a day, a half-an-hour walk for the Pomeranians should be enough. Make sure they do not sit idle for long hours for it can make either of the breeds aggressive and sometimes, out of control.

The difference in the puppy face: Pomeranian and Spitz

Both the Poms and Spitz puppies look close alike during their puppy stages.However they are still differentiable provided you know the right traits to look at. While the Pomeranian puppy has a short and straight muzzle, Spitz has a tapering muzzle. Unlike the Poms, the Spitz puppy has a wolf-like appearance along with pricked ears.

The eyes of a Spitz are almond-shaped and are of different colours like white, green and sometimes blue. But, the Pomeranian has only one eye colour, i.e., brown.    

Which is more suitable for apartments?

Both the Pomeranian and the Spitz are perfect for the apartment dwellers. As a dependent breed, the Pomeranian would always want to stay with its owner. Therefore, they are perfect for elderly people. But, if you are thinking of owning a Spitz, make sure you make them work out properly. Unlike the Poms, Spitz requires proper training and exercise for residing with families.  


Besides having a similar ancestry and bloodline, these dogs are also fun to live with. With time they have not only become a common household dog but they have also featured in many movies. Many famous celebrities like Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Keanu Reeves and Ozzy Ozbourne have owned a Pomeranian. The Indian Spitz has featured itself in many famous Indian movies as well.

Although there are several differences between Pomeranian and Spitz, they both are equally adorable, intelligent and true companions of humans. A good human companionship, a good diet and training these breeds can simply make your life memorable and cherishable.

Some Useful FAQ

Q. Why do the eyes of a Pomeranian pop out? 

The eyes of a Pomeranian pop out when it has become very aggressive or are traumatized by a particular scene. 

Q. Do Spitz bark a lot?

The Spitz dog breed barks when it is enjoying or is excited to meet new people.

Q. Do Pomeranians suffer from separation anxiety?

Pomeranians do not suffer from separation anxiety even though they are quite dependent on their owners. But, in a few exceptions, they might keep barking a lot at a sign of stress and boredom. 

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