Top 15 Dog Breeds that get along with Cats

It is no secret that dogs and cats are considered archenemies of each other. Even some myths claim that the cohabitation of cats and dogs is next to impossible. But, does it apply to every dog breed? In reality, some of them can be feline’s best friends, depending on their general personality and the period they have spent together.

Contrary to the popular belief there are certain dog breeds that can happily coexist with cats. Like in general working dogs were mainly bred to protect and watch their family members be it other animals as well. There are also toy breeds that go along well with cats. Getting or having a high-energy dog or prey drive dog breeds are not suitable for cats as most cats prefer peace and quiet places and tend to be solitary creatures.

On the contrary, how a dog will react with other companions depends completely on the training and environment you provide it. In general, if you are planning to have both cats and dogs, try to bring them home at the same time. It’s a good practice to slowly introduce your pets to each other which will help them accustomed to each other and socialize well.

Given below is a list of some of the dog breeds that get along well with cats. 

List of 15 Dogs Breeds that get along with Cats


Beagle bond  with cat

This big floppy-eared dog is considered to be one of the best dog breeds that get along with cats. Beagle has an open mindset and can easily share its space with other pets, including cats. Good-natured cats will be perfect for them as they have a sociable and relaxed nature. 

These hunting dogs are highly energetic and always thrive on companionship. However, leaving them alone for long hours can make them destructive. Having a cat as a companion will thus help keep them in check. 

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Pug bond  with cat

This poach is one of the most gentle dog breeds. They are little bombs of happiness and have tons of personalities. Unlike other breeds, pugs were bred not for a specific task, but out of pure love to become companions.  

However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind before owning a pug and a cat together. If you suddenly bring home a cat, the pug is likely to get annoyed despite its low prey drive. But if your dog has been staying in the feline company for longer years, introducing a new member should not be a problem. Such a factor also makes them one of the best dog breeds that get along with cats. 

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Basset Hound:

Basset Hound  bond  with cat

This breed is a natural hunter. But on the bright side, it likes hunting food more than hunting cats. The Basset Hound is also a dog that has large floppy ears and is highly patient. Besides being one of the best dog breeds that can get along with cats, the Basset Hound has a high tolerance level. 

These Hush Puppy Dogs keep things mostly to themselves and therefore can easily stay in the company of other cats. They like taking naps and prefer moving at a slow pace. The mild-mannered appearance of this breed makes them perfect pets for small homes.


Corgi  bond  with cat

These dogs make up excellent family dogs and are highly affectionate. They are also viral over the internet due to their level of cuteness. Corgis are clever animals and can be trained easily. Thus, they adapt easily to the given surroundings. This also makes them one of the best dogs that can get along well with cats. 

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this breed. They might be energetic dogs but they still become victims of mental disorders. They are therefore required to take proper stimulation to overcome the issue.   

German shepherd:

German Shepherd  bond  with cat

The German shepherd is an all-around canine with a high intelligence level. Their hunting instinct makes them perfect guard dogs for your home. Besides being aggressive, this breed also makes up for one of the dog breeds that get along well with cats. 

As loyal dogs, they consider protecting their family to be their prime responsibility. They also have a high prey drive. Therefore, a sudden appearance of a cat can worsen the situation. Try introducing them to kittens while they are still young. This way, they will also take cats to be a part of their family and protect them at all costs.

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Maltese  bond  with cat

This toy poodle is one of the best dogs that can get along well with cats. The Maltese are cute, fluffy dog that enjoys most of their time lying on the couch. As a result, it does not get involved in any of the ‘cat business’. 

This breed is friendly with other pets but is not much welcomed at dog parks due to its height. Hence, making friends with the feline group turns out to be a good alternative. They are also low-maintenance and require daily brushing to prevent their hairs from tangling.

Golden Retriever: 

Golden Retriever breed information

Golden Retrievers are famous for being the friendliest breed. They are very kind, gentle, and empathetic and possess a sweet nature.  The adaptability of this breed is nothing compared to any other dog breed. As a result, it faces no difficulty in staying with cats under the same roof. Once in a while, you will also find them sharing the same bed.   

Since they have the common dog instinct, Retrievers should be trained to not chase kittens. They should also be made to exercise daily to keep their behavior in check. Once achieved, this dog will surely stand out to be the best dog breed that can get along with cats.

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Despite appearing like a four-legged bully, Bulldogs are one of the most socialized animals. They might appear rough on the outside, yet they are one of the best dog breeds that get along with cats. 

Bulldog  bond  with cat

Unlike other breeds, the bulldog makes faster friends with the felines. Due to their patient nature, they are also recognized as excellent family dogs. But, certain habits of the breed matches with the cat, for example; they dislike water as much as cats. Such a thing in common binds both the pets together.

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Border collie:

Border Collie  bond  with cat

It can come as a surprise when you hear a dog of the herding group resides with a cat. Collies are one of those exceptions who are harmless towards cats. Be it a rough-coated collie or a smooth one, this domestic breed can easily be brought up with a cat. The reason is, this breed was bred to take care of their family, not hurt them.

Collies are among the most intelligent and loyal breeds that one can own as a pet. They are also very gentle and lovable around kids. Thus, one can always leave their kids with this breed and be relaxed about it. Such characteristics make Border collie one of the best dog breeds that can get along with cats.

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Apart from being one of the best family dogs, Labradors are also known for their even-temperedness. Though the breed is quite larger than cats, it still can become friendly with everyone else. Their gentleness was the reason why this breed was used as rescue and support dogs.

Their retrieving instinct is much higher than their hunting instinct. Therefore, there is very little chance that your Labrador might attack its cat-mate. As a dog breed that can get along with cats, these large animals are much socialized and fits in perfectly with your family. 

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Poodle  bond  with cat

The Poodle dog is an energetic and playful breed. It is also considered one of the best dog breeds that can get along with other cats, irrespective of its size. It is always eager-to-please and has a good temperament. 

As an intelligent and curious breed, Poodles are always excited to learn about new tricks and master them. Surprisingly, they are also capable of learning when their feline friend is in a cranky mood or is ready to be a snuggle buddy.   

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Pomeranian  bond  with cat

This well-renounced breed is famous for being a great lap dog. As a small breed, they do not find it difficult to exist with cats under the same roof. Pomeranians are good with almost every pet only if they are socialized properly. These are also among the best dog breeds that can get along with other cats.

In case your dog barks at the sight of a cat, it is suggested not to bring them home. It is also advisable to bring a kitten to the house of a pre-existing Pomeranian. Kittens get along easily with every pet. Thus, they can bond fast and become friends with the breed. 

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Irish setter:

Irish Setter  bond  with cat

This red feathery coated breed is among the best dog breed that can get along with cats. Irish setter puppies are fun to play with. They are big and clumsy animals and are always eager to jump on you. With time, these dogs become obedient and can be trained easily. 

With both kids and cats, this breed is very calm and composed. This makes them a perfect mate for houses with different pets. It is a party animal and gets friendly with new members easily. 

English Spring Spaniel:

English Spaniel  bond  with cat

Another dog that belongs to the floppy ears group is the English Spring Spaniel. They are a highly sociable breed and are among the best dog breeds that can get along well with other cats. 

Unfortunately, spaniels have a very low tolerance level if they are kept alone for long hours. But a good cat company should keep it occupied and happy.  They are always full of energy and are often found chasing cats as a way of playing with them.

Shetland sheepdog:

Shetland sheepdog  bond  with cat

This breed is quite famous for its obedience and is considered a dog breed that can get along well with other cats. Sheepdogs belong to the herding group and include both animals and humans under their family. Therefore they require proper exercise to curb their herding instinct. 

They might tend to bark when left alone, which can sometimes be dangerous for your cat. But, in most cases, Shetlands do not get bored if they have a daily routine with their cat friend.


How a dog breed will get along with a cat depends completely on how you introduce them to each other. Such things take time. Therefore, go slow and start with the initial stage first.  Keep them separate but within the smelling distance for at least two weeks. This way, they both get time to learn about each other’s existence. 

Since cats are a bit unsocial, they might require some more time to get acquainted with living with a dog in the same house. Try to keep them at higher spots than dogs so that they are not harmed by them. And finally, provide casual moments for them to interact. After they have spent time learning about each other separately, keep them in the same room for a better introduction. 


Q. Which breeds do not go well with cats?

Breeds like an Alaskan malamute, Doberman pinscher, Whippet, Basenji and other dog breeds do not go well with cats.

Q.  Are female dogs better with cats than male dogs?

In case you have cats of the female gender, it is advisable to own dogs of the opposite gender. This way, both the animals see each other as less of a threat and more of a friend.

Q. Can dogs and cats eat the same food?

Due to a difference in their nutritional requirement, cats and dogs cannot eat the same food. Cats require food that is rich in protein while dogs are omnivores and eat both meat and vegetables in equal amounts.

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