Why should you adopt a cat – Know things before adopting a Cat

Cats are among those furry companions who prefer nothing more than a warm cuddle. While they can be stubborn at times, they also exhibit affectionate feelings towards their owner. If you are thinking of owning a pet, cats are a good choice for they are low maintenance.   

Unlike dogs, they can be accommodated easily in small spaces. Closed rooms give them a feeling of security and protection. This is the reason why you will find them resting in shoe boxes at times. Further, cats are more self-dependent than dogs. They like to enjoy their personal space while dogs spend their entire day sticking to their hooman. 

Given below are some of the points that will try to convince you on why should you adopt a cat. 

8 reasons why should you adopt a cat:

1. Adopting them costs you less:

Owning a pet involves great understanding and responsibility. One of the reasons why you should adopt a cat is because they cost you less. The adoption price of this pet is comparatively lower than any other. Also, spaying or neutering, microchipping and vaccinating a cat can be done at a relatively reasonable price. 

Adopting a cat is not as challenging as it seems. Depending on the cat’s personality, expenses regarding training and housebreaking can be reduced. Even the fees for visiting a veterinarian at regular intervals are low.    

2. They are perfect senior companions:

Cats have a less demanding personality than other pets. One of the reasons why you should adopt a cat is because they provide good company to everyone, especially older adults. Being a calmer breed, the actions of a cat can be predicted easily. They also require lesser medication compared to dogs. 

They are perfect senior companions

Sources have confirmed that adults who have high cholesterol and blood pressure started recovering at a faster rate after bonding with cats. Even retired people, who feel lonely and are missing their daily routine, can adopt cats and enjoy their company. Breeds like Maine Coons and Ragdolls are considered a good breed for such people.

3. They can also entertain other pets:

Cats not only take care of humans, but they also play a role in entertaining other pets. This is one of the most adorable reasons why you should adopt a cat. Such a character makes it easier for owners to adopt more than one pet. Unlike cats, dogs develop anxiety if they are left alone for long hours. But, if you own a cat at the same time, there are chances that it will keep the dog occupied. 

Owners can also do a ‘cat test’ to learn if all their pets are willing to welcome a new member to their family. It may take some time for them to adjust together. But, once done, these animals will collectively bring happiness to your home.

4. Owning a cat keeps you fit:

One of the reasons why you should adopt a cat is because they keep you fit, both physically and mentally. Studies have proved that adopting a cat reduces the chances of stroke and cardiovascular diseases in people. Surprisingly, cats have also helped combat asthma and the sensitization of infants.

Owning a cat keeps you fit

Besides these, a cat has different types of positive effects on humans. It releases us from anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression. Also, adopting them develops a feeling of happiness and well-being in the family. 

5. They are perfect apartment dwellers:

Cats are very comfortable with living in small spaces. This is a good reason as to why you should adopt a cat, particularly houses with small spaces. Unlike dogs, cats do not like to roam around the house. Instead, they would take pleasure in lying on their couch. 

They are perfect apartment dwellers

On the bright side, you don’t have to invest much time in taking care of a cat. These animals can spend their day playing with toys as cat trees or window rests. However, if you feel like adopting a hyperactive cat like Sphynx, you might need to keep an eye on it. 

6. They bring a sense of responsibility in kids:

Cats are easy pets and require less grooming and training. One of the reasons why one should adopt a cat is because they also develop a sense of responsibility in children. Cleaning litter boxes and keeping them under nominal supervision makes the child self-reliant. Cats, thus, act as role models for kids.

They bring a sense of responsibility in kids

They are resilient species and live on an average of 10-14 years. Throughout this lifespan, kids play a part in their upbringing. During this phase, they get to learn about commitment and responsibility. Also, they are clean pets. They spend half of their day grooming themselves. This promotes the idea of clean hygiene in kids which can be later groomed by their parents.

7. Adopting a cat helps in fighting pet mills:

On buying a pet from the pet store or the online market, one is sure to receive them from the pet mills. The pet or kitty mills are breeding mills that put their profit before the health of pets.  

Adopting a cat helps in fighting pet mills

The cats and dogs in these mills live in extremely poor conditions before they are transferred to animal shelters. Even the mothers of these animals are made to live in cages to give birth to new babies. Gradually, they lose all hope of getting a family and die eventually. In case they are unable to breed any further, they are abandoned or sold at auctions. This also makes it one of the most convincing reasons as to why you should adopt a cat. 

8. You are saving a life:

One of the biggest reasons why you should adopt a cat is to save its life. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) claims that about 3.2 million cats enter the U.S animal shelters every year. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, a total of 860,000 cats are found dead. The reason is, they lack the space to accommodate all the cats.

By adopting them, one can not only reduce the number of euthanized cats and dogs but also provide a family to these animals.

Things to know before cat adoption:

Owning a pet comes with a lifetime commitment. Once you adopt a pet, you know that the relationship is going to last for a long time.  But before bringing them home, one must also be completely aware of the responsibility that comes with it.  

Things to know before cat adoption:

Make sure you choose the right pet that will fit your home perfectly. In this article, we have already provided you with the most convincing reasons as to why you should adopt a cat. Now, let’s learn about the different areas that should be considered before adopting a cat.


  • Cats adopted from shelters should not be kept outside too much for they can always be victims of diseases and dangerous encounters like vehicles and wildlife.
  • Do not let kittens out till they are neutered/sprayed properly, especially if they are stray cats. It is necessary to vaccinate kittens at the age of 6 months. Going out without completing the vaccination makes the kitten vulnerable to diseases and illness.
  • Many adopted cats miss the opportunity of home living as they are born stray. After adoption providing them a comfortable home should be the topmost priority of the owner to make them feel warm and  homely.

Food and water:

  • Adopted cats should be fed clean drinking water along with proper and nutritious food. If you are adopting a stray cat ensure that the cat is fed well. 
  • Kittens should only be given kitten food till they complete one year. Read the feeding instructions properly before feeding them. The amount of food provided to them should also be equal for every day.
  • They should be given clean water daily. Foods like avocado, citrus, chocolate, coffee, grapes and raisins should never be given to cats for these substances can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and even breathing problems.


  • Making them practice the habit of ‘Litter box’ should be an owner’s top priority. Also, the number of litter boxes should exceed the number of cats at home.
  • Litter boxes should also be placed in easily accessible areas so that your pet cat can enjoy a few moments of privacy. 
  • Avoid clumping litter, especially if you have young kittens at home. This can be harmful if ingested and rough for their respiratory system.

Veterinary care:

  • Before adopting a cat ensure they are in proper health. If you are adopting a stray it is mandatory to vaccinate them and ensure they are free of pests or infections.
  • Establishing good relations with the vet is beneficial for the owner, especially during cat adoption.
  • Cats and kittens should be taken to the veterinarian within one week of adoption for a health check-up and exam. 
  • Check for a nearby veterinary clinic that can come in handy during an emergency.

General considerations:

  • Keep the grooming tools available at times. Brushing the cat’s coat daily will keep it healthy and smooth.
  • Before adopting a cat, make sure you have consulted an Adoption Counsellor. It is necessary to take advice from such counsellors so that your home environment stays intact and you receive the best positive outcome. 
  • Make sure you buy a sprayed/neutered kitten from the shelter. In case you feel the kitten is not spayed/neutered, consult your veterinarian for a solution.
  • If you are thinking on adopting a feral cat, make sure you bring it home first. These cats take much more time than sheltered cats to socialize with humans. As a result, they require extra care and love.
  • Overall in general it is mandatory to take proper initial care if you are adopting a cat be it feeding them or housing them or taking proper medical care.


Besides searching for reasons on why you should adopt a cat, you must also give a second thought on which one to choose- kitten or adult. Kittens are more adaptable than adult cats. You can train them from a very early age so that they can live in any situation. But if you have a tight schedule, choosing an adult cat is a better option. 

Search for a cat breed that suits your personality. If you want to own a cat that loves petting, search for a breed that is handler oriented. By following the correct methods, you will end up being a good cat owner. 


Q. Are cats prone to illness?

Cats like staying both in and outside the house. But, the ones that prefer doing an outdoor activity can be more prone to health diseases.

Q. Is spraying/neutering a cat necessary?

The surgery of spaying/neutering is essential and should be done frequently to maintain the health and safety of the cat.

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