Top 10 Dog Breeds With Strongest Bite Force

Throughout history, dogs have been bred for various reasons ranging from guarding livestock, to hunting, to intimidating rivals. Dogs have been the best friends of human beings for many decades. You like to play, take them for a walk, share food and bed with them. But simultaneously, you should know the power behind your dog’s bite and how dangerous they can be. The powerful jaws along with strong biting force also makes up for some of the most dangerous dog breeds on earth.

What is PSI?

The bite force is one of the strengths of canines. But can we measure this strength in scientific terms?

Yes, certainly we can. PSI is referred to as Pounds per square inch which is a unit to calculate pressure. The unit of pressure determines how much force the dog exerts in one inch square of a specific space. The pressure will vary depending on a dog’s bite, mood, and breed type.

All dogs don’t have the same biting force. The biting force of an average dog usually lies between 230-250 psi. But there are some dogs whose biting force exceeds 250 psi. For instance, the Kangal dog breed has the strongest biting force of 743 psi.

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This article discusses the top ten dog breeds with the strongest bite force. But first lets delve deeper to understand the various parameters which affect the bite force of dogs.

What Are The Parameters That Affect The Bite Force In A Dog?

  • Skull Morphology: The size and shape of skull plays a key role in bite force. As per research published by the NCBI (National Center of Biotechnology Information), the dog skull size can vary from small to large whereas different skull types possible are 
    • Dolichocephalic (Long-headed) – Length of skull is greater than its width
    • Mesaticephalic (Medium-headed) – Length and Breadth are proportional in measurement
    • Brachycephalic (Short-Headed) – Breadth of skull is greater than length

Bite force was higher for medium and large dog breeds. Also Bite force increased as we move from Dolichocephalic to Brachycephalic dog breed.

  • Age And Sex Of Dog: Young, active dogs will have greater bite strength in comparison to old or lapdogs. The anatomical difference between male and female dogs result in greater bite force of males compared to females.
  • Type Of Object: The dogs’ jaws will not execute much pressure while biting a toy or his favourite treat. But it will exert more pressure on an object it perceives as threat.
  • Grip On The Object: Bite force varies depending upon where in the mouth you measure it. Bite force from the front jaw will be lesser than the bite force measured from rear jaw. 
  • Health and Dental status: Healthy dogs will have greater willingness and bite force than unhealthy ones. Also, infection or inflammation of gums or teeth will cause discomfort or pain decreasing the bite strength.
  • Size of Dog breed: A bigger dog breed will have greater power and strength and will naturally execute greater power while biting than smaller dogs. The larger the dog and the dog’s head, and the wider the jaw, the higher the bite force turns out to be.

How is the Bite Force in A Dog Measured?

While humans can move their jaws both in the lateral and vertical directions, the biting force needs to be measured three-dimensionally. But dogs mostly move their jaws vertically, hence the bite force needs to be measured in the lateral direction only.

The researchers used different methods to calculate the biting force in dogs. Some researchers measure the biting force by allowing the dog to chew a transducer under the effect of anesthesia, while the other was more theoretical and measured using the architecture of the skulls and jaws of deceased dogs.

But having said all this, since most of the data collected was using indirect and laboratory measures actual data may vary greatly depending on parameters discussed above.

Below here is a table that shows the ranking of different dog breeds according to their biting force as per the records collected till now.

RankDog BreedBiting Force
1Kangal743 psi
2Bandog730 psi
3Cane Corso700 psi
4Dogue De Bordeaux556 psi
5English Mastiff552 psi
6Dogo Canario540 psi
7Dogo Argentino500 psi
8American Bulldog305 psi
9German Shepherd238 psi
10Pitbull 235 psi

Top Ten Dog Breeds With Strongest Biting Force

1. Kangal

Among the top 10 dogs with the strongest biting force, Kangal definitely deserves the first mention with a biting force of a whopping 743 Psi. All credits to their enormous head and muscular body structure weighing 110 up to 145 pounds and height going up to even 3 feet.

Being of Turkish origin, this massive dog breed was popular as a guard dog to protect livestock from dangerous animals like wolves, jackals, and others. Hence, their earliest history points toward an aggressive and protective nature of the breed.

Some things become very crucial when petting a Kangal, for example, proper training at an early age. A Kangal’s bite is easily capable of tearing apart bones in our body, especially hands. Hence, proper training at an early age will keep rough behaviors and biting tendencies within the check.

2. Bandog

The Bandog breed comes next in the list with the strongest biting force after Kangal. If you know their history a bit, this breed has been named literally because they were kept chained up (banded) throughout the day and left during the night to guard farmyards and alleyways. The Bandog boasts an unmatchable biting force of 730 psi, thanks to their enormous head and jaws, this dog is definitely not one to mess with. The dog breed also has a muscular body weighing somewhere between 60 to 130 pounds which adds to the biting force.

This breed is considered to be a hybrid cross between a common bulldog and a mastiff. The breed is exceptionally loyal once disciplined into your family. Although a strong training regimen is required since their early childhood to tune their character and tendencies, the Bandog is a very good one-master dog.

3. Cane Corso

Boasting its origin in Italy, the Cane Corso is an extremely powerful dog breed and has even served in the war. With a large head and strong jaw sets, this dog breed weighs 89-110 pounds and can produce a biting force of over 700 Psi. You might have popularly heard people petting Cane Corso dogs as family dogs, which is not impossible but requires careful adequate training given at the puppy stage itself to merge into the family and imbibe a loyal nature to protect the family. On the flip side, the breed has a high intellect, and hence, training them is comparatively easier.

4. Dogue De Bordeaux

The Dogue De Bordeaux is an ancient French dog breed earlier used extensively to guard herds of cattle or mansions. Essentially, the breed comes from a group of guarding ancestors. If you want a powerful dog who will not only be protective of your family but also be a good companion, then Dogue De Bordeaux is the best choice. Although extensively used as a family dog to guard kids, it needs proper training as it owes an aggressive history and strong biting forces of around 556 Psi. The enormous biting force is because of the brachycephalic skull and the heavy body weight of the dog (99-110 pounds).

Remember, this breed of dog has a powerful instinct to chase animals like cats and cannot tolerate another canine of the same sex in the same house. But proper training will help in preventing such problems.

5. English Mastiff

Now, we all are quite familiar with the name Mastiff. The English Mastiffs are popular as watchdogs for both cattle and families. Although gentle and calm with people, this breed is not to be messed with in a time of emergency and responds quite well with a strong biting force of 552 Psi. The average weight of a mastiff is enormous as you might have already seen and ranges between 160 to 220 pounds. Earlier these breeds were used by Romans to guard sheep. They were even used as bodyguards for people. The strong biting force of this breed makes them great guard dogs for cattle to protect from predators.

Generally, they are not very aggressive when trained properly from an early age and can even socialize well. Inadequate training will only lead to an increase in aggressiveness.

6. Dogo Canario

The next on our list is the Dogo Canario breed which has also served in wars earlier owing to their aggressive tendencies and strong body features. This breed owes a thick muscular body weighing 83-130 pounds with a brachycephalic skull that contributes to the powerful biting force of 540 Psi.

This breed originated from the Canary Islands where earlier they were used to protect livestock or huge farmlands. Their strong biting force enables them to keep wild dogs and other dangerous animals at bay. Ample socialization and training can make Dogo Canario an excellent pet for your house. This pooch also requires daily exercise like other dog breeds.

7. Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino apart from having a strong biting force of 500 Psi is also a one-master dog, being loyal to its owner and friendly towards children. But these species need a good amount of training and socialization right from an early age to keep their aggressive biting tendencies at bay. The high biting force is mainly because of its massive round head and jaws.

The weight of the Dogo Argentino is usually 83-130 pounds and this powerful dog breed originally comes from Argentina. Apart from protecting cattle, Dogo Argentino has even been used in the past for hunting because of their enormous biting force.

8. American Bull Dog

 The American bulldogs are affectionate and gentle, alongside a strong possessive personality which makes them excellent as family dogs. But just like any other aggressive dog, they too need proper training and socialization right from the puppy age as they have a high biting force of 305 Psi. Their massive head, muscular body, and strong jaws enable them to have a strong biting force. The weight of these breeds generally ranges from 60 to 120 pounds. These types of dogs need a lot of exercises, and they can unleash terror when bored.

9. German Shepherd

Not new to most pooch parents, the German Shepherd is quite a popular dog worldwide for its dual nature as both guard dogs and family pets. They are brilliant, intelligent, bold, and loyal and find extensive use by the police force and military. They have a strong biting force of 238 Psi because of their strong jaws, muscular body, and massive head.

If you are considering keeping the German shepherd breed as a pet dog, then you must train them right from the puppy stage. You will not find much difficulty training them as they are very intelligent. Again they are very affectionate towards family members and kids, so a little affection from your side will go a long way in merging your pet into your family.

10. Pitbull

The Pitbull is a dog breed with the strongest biting force of 235 Psi. Its biting force is mainly because of its massive head and strong jaws and high muscular body. That being said, it’s best to clarify a common Pitbull myth that is “Pitbull’s have locking jaws”. To answer simply, no, healthy pitbulls don’t have any special mechanisms to lock their jaws. The weight of a Pitbull is between 30-90 pounds.

The biting force is so high that it can break your bones or tissues. However, its biting force is less compared to the above dog breeds. You need to train this breed properly right from an early age. The Pitbull is intelligent and can learn your commands quickly. So, you will have fewer problems in training them. These dogs are gentle, affectionate, and love to play with kids, which makes an excellent choice to keep them as a pet.

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Canines are no doubt a good companion of a human being, but they can be dangerous if you don’t train or socialize them properly. Most people don’t choose a pet dog based on their biting force. But knowing your dog’s biting force will help you understand how much training is essential to prevent bites.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope this article has given you helpful information and if you have any queries, then ask in the comment section. We will be happy to answer all your queries. 


Q. How many teeth does Dogs have?

Adult dogs have 42 permanent teeth in their mouth, as compared to a human’s normal 32 teeth. 

Q. Which animal has the strongest biting force on the planet?

The crocodile has the strongest biting force in the entire animal kingdom. The saltwater crocodile has a biting force of 3700 PSI, while the Nile crocodile has a biting force of between 4000 to 5000 PSI.

What is the bite force of humans?

According to National Geographic, an average human bite varies between 150–200 psi.

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