Health Benefits of Exercising and 7 Ways to Exercise with your dog

Benefits of Exercising with Your Dog

With our busy schedule it becomes very difficult to motivate ourselves to maintain a good healthy life. But there cannot be better way to keep yourself fit when you have a four-legged furry pet to keep you motivated. Pets be it dogs or cats are a great source of inspiration as they are full of energy and charm. Without proper exercise they seem to get lazy and health issues. Be it of any species or breed or age or gender every pet needs to exercise.

But why do your pet needs exercise. Well we at petforcare enlist the the why and what of exercising with your pets.

Keeps your pet Fit and Healthy

Exercise is the best way to maintain your dog fitness and keep him healthy. Along with diet food regular exercise helps to ward off obesity and unnecessary weight gain. It also helps to keep their circulatory and respiratory system healthy. Exercise prevents joint problems a very common symptom among dogs and lowers blood pressure and helps to build muscle. You need to be very careful if your pet becomes obese. So start exercising and keep a track of their body weight. Do visit your vet in case he needs additional support.

Helps in Bond Strengthening

All dogs be of any size, age or breed prefer outing with their workout partner. No dog will ever cancel or complain about going out with you. And somehow this is very crucial and beneficial in building the bond between you and your pet partner. Exercise is best for teaching your pet proper manners and obedience.

Reduces Disease Risk

Regular exercising with your dog is great not only for you but also for your dog as it prevents them from becoming obese. Many species of dog need regular exercise to prevent joint and bone problems.  Unlike humans regular exercise can benefit dogs a lot. Lack of exercise can also lead to many gastrointestinal, fatigue, weight loss, change in appetite. Keeping your dog physically and mentally active can ward off many age related diseases.

Source of Motivation

We are all busy these days, and most of us barely have any enough time to exercise ourselves. But lets not forget dogs who can be a great motivator for keeping you and your family active. A nice family hike can be great for you as well as your family. For somehow people become more active on presence of a dog and they help foster stronger family ties.

Eliminates common behavioral problems

Exercise prevents you dog becoming bored. If you leave your dogs alone without much workout frustration creeps in and this is when they execute some rude unruly behaviors like digging holes, chewing household items and excessive barking.  If you focus on giving your dog a daily dose of exercise you will soon realize that a tired dog is heavenly one.

7 Ways to Exercise with your dog

Well although is saying is easy but exercising with dogs can be difficult particularly if he is new to it. So you need to be easy ,patient as well as motivating your dogs. You can start off with some gentle exercises and as time passes you can increase the intensity as well as sessions for your dog.


One of the most common yet powerful and effective method to exercise with your dog. No matter what all dogs love to walk around or run in open spaces or park or the beach. This is also the best method if you dog is new and not much acquainted with terms like exercising. Its important for you to teach your dog to run or walk with you. Though the best trick is to let loose the dog but this can be dangerous particularly if he is not tamed much. Initially you can start with off the lash and run for smaller distances and then eventually letting off the leash and finally work up your way to higher speeds and longer distances. However avoid very hot temperatures and do remember to carry sufficient water for yourself as well as your dog.


Not many people can afford a private swimming pool of their own nor live close to water body. But if you do or can arrange such a place let them swim. Not all species love swimming so don’t push them. But if you have a water loving dog there cannot be a more better way to exercise. Just like humans swimming has great benefits on your dog as well. If your dog doesn’t know swimming but is ready to learn you can surely teach him too. You can start with a lifejacket and shallow water until she becomes adapted to it. If they like it they will soon be on their own .

3.Tug Of War

Dog fitness can be achieved not only through outdoor activities but various indoor games also. A very popular game is Tug Of War. This is a very enjoyable game which you can play with your dog and it helps to strengthen bond between you and the dog. It helps to build confidence and provides mental and physical stimulation. However many of you might have heard that this might lead to increase in dominance and aggression. But experts say if the game is managed properly and in control of you the game remains fun and dog doesn’t become aggressive.


Dogs can be a great companion for outdoor campaigns. It will be great fun to explore the wilderness with a furry friend and this can be great for bond making, however this can take time. So plan your schedule and make sure your dog is interested in long walks or trekking. Start off with regular walks and then eventually practicing over long and difficult terrains. You can let dog carry a bagpack with all essential things like food and water and other essentials.

5.Stair Running

Stair case running or walking can be great for your dogs if you want to let them be fit. This is mostly an indoor exercise but you can arrange it outdoors too. It helps to build dogs legs,shoulders ,hips and lower back muscles. So if your dog is having knee or hip issues and doesn’t always go for a walk this can help to strengthen those hind ends. If you have a pup you can teach him to go step by step as this will take time for new ones. This exercise can be strenuous so watch out for signs of overexertion. However I would not recommend this if you dog is really old as this might further create problems.

6.Fun Games

There are a host of fun games that are essential for social bonding as well as good forms of exercise.You can play many indoor games like the keep away game or play a game of hide and seek together. You can try the ‘Fluff Challenge’ which is very trending these days and see if your dog truly cares for you if disappear. Or try the Fetch game where in you throw objects at distances and ask your dog to bring them back to you. All these are fun activities and somehow exercises them thus making them physically and mentally strong apart from creating friendliness and dog fitness but also good bonding.

7.Brain Games and Mental Exercise

When we say exercises, we mean only physical but for pets mental exercises are needed too. Basic and essential commands training are necessary for your dog particularly on how they stay at home or behave outdoors or treat people at home. Teaching your dog to keep room clean and not mess is important. You can try out some play games like ‘Which Hand Game’ wherein you keep a treat in one hand and then shuffle it and let him choose the right fist. If he picks the right one treat him well. Or try out the shell game which is great for your dog attention as well as problem solving skills. In this you take several cups or bowls with a treat in one of them and then shuffle them. Reward your dog if he picks the right one.

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