Top 10+ Most Interesting and Fun Facts About Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound is a very old dog breed belonging to the sighthound family. The Afghan hound has an average lifespan of 1214 years. Their face is skinny and long with ears dropping down to their head sides. The Afghan hound is a thin and tall dog with a long tail that is held high up in the air

The Afghan hound is distinguished by its fine, thick silky coat with a ring curl on its tail at the end. The cold mountain and deserts of Afghanistan are where this breed acquired most of its unique features where it used to hunt gazelles, foxes & wolves.

The Afghan hound breed is usually a high stationed dog that stands at a height of 24-29 inches (63 to 74 cm) and weighs around 45-60 pounds (20 to 30 kg). This very old dog breed was created in the mountains of Afghanistan & the deserts of ancient Egypt which dates back to around 4000 years B.C. The Afghan hound is a very agile fast dog that can adapt to life in an extremely cold environment. Once it got away from its homeland the Afghan hound gained popularity in all parts of the world because of its unusual temper and unique appearance.

Some Interesting and Fun Facts About Afghan Hound

1. The Afghan Hound Is One Of The Oldest Dog Breeds:

Some interesting and fun facts about afghan hound

An Afghan hound is considered to be 1 out of the 9 ancient or “basal breeds” which means that their DNA belonged to the ancient dogs in our history. A desert coursing Afghan hound breed named Tazi, shared its ancestry from a similar Tasy breed from the Caspian Sea, around the regions of Turkmenistan and Russia. 

The Afghan hound is found to be one of the oldest breeds with evidence that suggests that the dog breed had been existing for thousands of years. Some theories confirm the Afghan hound breed existence in Egypt thousands of years ago. The Afghan hounds originated from the mountains and desert in Afghanistan while some breeds and their development were done from parts of Russia.

2. The Breed was seen outside Afghanistan after the 1900s: 

Afghan hound old 1900 photo

In 1927, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. Despite its long history, the Afghan hound breed was rarely encountered in other countries other than its eponymous country till the 20th century. The Afghans were seemingly very protective about their Afghan hound breed as they refused to sell their dog to outsiders. It was the British soldiers who first bought the breed and brought it to the west. The Afghan hound breed is similar to a basal breed that predates the modern breeds and their emergence in the 19th century. 

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3. Afghan Hound Is A Hunting Breed:

Afghan Hound as hunting breed

Despite their elegant appearance, the Afghan hounds are no lapdogs. They might look as if they were bred for a luxurious life but in reality, they were utilized to aid hunters in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan.

They were bred for hunting as they were agile and capable of challenging games like chasing down wolves, antelopes, hares & even falcons. During the chase, the dogs used to corner the animals until their owners caught up with their prey.

This clever dog is capable of thinking and hunting independently, so they require very little direction in the fields. During hard climates, their thick fur keeps them warm. Their athletic and stud-like build makes them physically capable athwart various terrains.

4. Afghan Hounds Are ‘Quite Popular’ For Their “Glossy Fur”:

Afghan Hound glossy fur

This breed is known for its silky furs. The furs of the Afghan hounds are particularly long and lustrous. However, their coats require a good amount of grooming. An Afghan hound needs both weekly bathing and daily brushing to prevent matting as the breed is highly susceptible to it.

You should bathe your afghan hound at least twice a week for keeping them long & thick. The Afghan hound needs a blow dryer, shampoo & conditioner to maintain the quality of the fur. You are also advised to dry their hair properly after bathing.

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5. Afghan Hound Breed Are Passed Along By Many Names:

Being an ancient dog breed, it’s not surprising that the Afghan hounds are called by different names by different cultures. There are numerous names to this breed namely Tazi or Shalgar hound, Ogar Afghan, Levrier Afghan, Kuchi Hound, Kabul Hound, Galanday Hound, Eastern Greyhound, Barutzy Hound, Baluchi Hound, Balkh Hound, African Hound & Afghanischer Windhunt.

Due to its long existence and its presence in many different cultures, the Afghan hound dog breed goes by many different names.

6. Afghan Hounds Were Introduced To America By A Marx Brother:

Afghan Hound introduced by Marx brother

Herbert Zeppo Marx or the “other Marx brother” was one of the earliest fans of the Afghan hound breed and was also the first to bring the Afghan hound breed into the United States of America. He brought the breed in America in 1931, which was around that time of the year when the breed got popularized. There were two Afghan hound breeds that Zeppo imported from the United Kingdom. They were named Westmill Omar & Asra of Ghazni.

7. Pablo Picasso Owned An Afghan Hound Named “Kabul”:

Afghan Hound owned by Pablo Picasso

It is a well-known fact that Pablo Picasso was indeed a true dog lover. It’s been said that the painter had his major five passions, which were art, ego, image, women & his dogs- and it was in that order.

Picasso owned numerous terriers, a Boxer, Poodles, a German shepherd, Dachshund & yes, an Afghan hound. Picasso once quoted that one of his favourites from the many dogs that he’s adopted was a dog named Kabul, an Afghan hound.

8. Two Afghan Hounds Won The Best In The Show Prize At Westminster:

Afghan Hound in dog show

An Afghan hound’s beauty caused them to be highly desirable in dogs & pets shows. Since the first prelim annual show at Westminster Kennel Dog Club in 1907, two Afghan hounds won the best-coveted show prize in 1957 & 1983. At first, the two wins might not sound impressive but we have to keep in mind that they were the only two Afghan hound breeds to win the best in show prize out of only five dogs. As for now, no other hound breed has won the show more than once. You can read more about various dog shows around the world in our website link.

9. Afghan Hound Is The First Dog To Be Successfully Cloned:

Afghan Hound first clone dog

In 2005, scientists in South Korea successfully cloned a dog for the first time. The clone was of an Afghan hound puppy, successfully born on April 24. It was a male puppy named Snuppy as for “Seoul National University Puppy”. He was created from the ear cell of an adult Afghan hound and the process involved around 123 surrogate mothers of which there were only two pups that were born but “snuppy” became the sole survivor.

After three years of his birth, he effectively became a part of the first successful breeding to ever happen between a pair of cloned dogs.

 10. Afghan Hounds Have Featured In Multiple Tv Shows, Fashion Magazines & Animated Feature Films:

Afghan Hound cartoon

The distinctive appearances of Afghan Hounds have led them to be represented in TV shows and animated feature films, which include- The Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure (Ruby), Disney’s lady, and Universal Pictures- Balto (Sylvie). Later, the Afghan Hounds have also appeared in the two movies namely 101 & 102 Dalmatians. They have featured in fashion magazines and television advertisements.

11. Afghan Hound A.K.A “The Scented Hound”:

Afghan Hound aka scented dog

It is rumoured that the afghan hounds have their scents- more like musky jasmine. The scent is noticeable when a new litter is born as claimed by the breeders. Many other owners get the smell of pleasant musk from their hound breed especially when they come indoors after getting wet in the rain. It’s a genetic component that they have acquired from their predecessors. The cheeks of the Afghan hound dog breed have scent glands that emit a musky pleasant odour.


The Afghan hound is a loving dog that is deeply attached to its owner. He can be endearing, loving, and sometimes silly in comparison with other dogs. As on the other hand, the breed is well known for being regal, independent, or even aloof. 

The Afghan hound is an intelligent working dog.  He needs hard training so that they can exercise regularly. 

They are freethinkers as their independent nature comes from their ancestor’s need to think freely while going on a tour of hunting. As an owner, you should prepare yourself before considering this breed into the family. Those who fancy this breed have insisted the challenge taken to be worth it.


Q. How many puppies do an Afghan hound breed give birth to?

On average, an Afghan hound breed gives birth to 7 puppies (maximum 15). Unlike other breeds, the puppies also tend to seek affection from the members of the family.

Q. What is the nature of an afghan hound?

An Afghan hound is dignified and aloof by nature. They do not require constant attention from their owners.

Q. What is the running speed of an afghan hound?

An Afghan hound can reach the average speed of forty miles per hour and jump a distance of up to 7 feet from a position of standing. 

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