Top 14 Interesting and Fun Facts about Great Dane

The Great Dane breed makes up for a gentle dog. This breed, also known as ‘Gentle Giant’ is one of the most loved pets. Their large size makes them even more appealing. It has a nobility that comes with robustness and displays power with elegance. The popularity of this breed makes it one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. However, it was not till 1899, when the American Kennel Club recognized it as an official dog breed.

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Originated in Germany in the 1800s, this breed was considered a boar-hunting beast. Their name can also indicate that they are Danish, but that isn’t true. Just like most dog breeds, the Great Dane is also a friendly breed. The build-up of this dog may force you to think that this breed is an aggressive one. But, in reality, it means you no harm. There are also several fun facts about Great Dane that will surprise you. 

14 interesting and fun facts about Great Dane:

#1: They are one of the tallest breed in the world:

The Great Dane dog breed is one of the most elegant dog breeds. But, an interesting and fun fact about Great Dane is that they are the one of tallest breed in the world(very close to Irish Wolfhound in height). If made to stand on their hind legs, this breed can easily tower any human. 

Great dane height

The male dog of this breed has a an average height of 32 inches (81cm). On the other hand, the female breed has an average height of 28 inches (71cm). The breed that is enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest breed is Zeus, a 44 inch tall Great Dane.    

#2: They were bred to act as working dogs:

These dogs might be your best homies now, but at one time, they were famous for their working skills.  A fun fact about Great Dane is that they were bred to guard the property of their owners. People living in the early ages wanted a dog that would help them rather than lying in a corner of the house. 

Another job that was specified for Great Dane was hunting wild boar. The strength and size of this breed made it a lot easier for him to hunt the boars down. This breed has the agility of a Greyhound, the strength of a Mastiff and the height of a Wolf-hound. 

#3: They are depicted in cartoons:

Cartoon character of Great Dane

Everyone is aware of this famous cartoon named ‘Scooby-doo’. The well-known character Scooby-doo, who is also the best friend of Shaggy is actually, a Great Dane. This cartoon pictures the lapdog trait of this character with utmost perfection. You will always see Scooby in the arms of shaggy whenever they are frightened. 

A fun fact about the Great Dane dog breed is that they have been portrayed in several other cartoons. In Marmaduke, the doggy detective, Marmaduke was a Great Dane. Even Astro from the Jeston family was a Great Dane.     

#4: They grow faster than expected:

Great dane with boy

A fun fact about Great Dane is that they grow at a very fast rate. The weight of a baby Great Dane is 1-2 pounds. Therefore, within half a year, their weight can be close to 100 pounds! 

The height of this breed grows to 6 feet within a year. These dogs grow till they are 3 years old. Unfortunately, they don’t get to live long. According to the thumb rule, smaller dogs have a longer life span. Therefore, the average life span of a Great Dane is 8-10 years while the small Chihuahua lives for up to 20 years.

#5: They also appear as mascots for prestigious organizations:

Great Danes university

Just like Greyhounds and Bulldogs, Great Danes have also been used as mascots by universities. A fun fact about Great Dane is that it has been represented by the State University of New York’s Albany campus during the collegiate sports.

The school teams called themselves the Pedagogues. Soon after the university started representing Great Dane, the school teams changed their name to Great Dane in 1965. 

#6: Their origin is a mystery:

denmark great dane

This breed may have a Danish name, but it did not originate in Denmark. The term ‘Great Dane’ means ‘Grand Danois’ in Danish. Therefore, people often get confused about its origin. But, an interesting and fun fact about Great Dane is that they came from Germany.

In the 15th century, the German hunters required a well-bred dog that could help them in hunting. Thus, they carefully bred an Irish wolfhound and an English Mastiff to create this breed. Their popularity convinced Deutschland to consider Great Dane as the National Dog of Germany.

#7: They are adorable lapdogs:

Great Danes are indeed too big to sit on a lap, but it is also one of their most impressive traits. A fun fact about Great Dane is that they are lap dogs. Irrespective of their size and age, they always want to be cuddled by their owner by sitting on their laps.

To make sure you can cuddle him easily; sit on a full-sized couch. You may even need to train your Great Dane at an early age so that he does not get too accustomed to the pleasures. 

#8: They love to sprawl:

sprawling great dane

A fun fact about Great Dane is that they are quite the sprawlers. They sprawl mostly while playing or relaxing. They have big paws and long legs that explain their need for a larger home. Therefore, make sure you have enough space for your dog to sprawl. 

They have a square-shaped head and they would like to throw whenever they like. Surprisingly, they are both lazy and active at the same time. Those living in apartments are recommended not to adopt one of this breed, as they might not be able to live comfortably. 

#9: They are an intelligent breed:

Great Danes are one of the most adorable and friendliest dog breeds. They rank as the 15th most popular dog under the American Kennel Club. However, a fun fact about Great Dane is that they are an intelligent breed. Their intelligence makes it easier to train them. 

The Great Dane is also a very obedient dog breed and is loyal towards his owner. This breed functions according to your emotions. They are happy in your happiness and sad in your sorrows. They might bark less, but they are very alert and can warn you whenever they sense danger. 

#10: They are also the State dogs of Pennsylvania:

iconic representation of great dane

An interesting and fun fact about Great Dane is that it has an iconic representation. William Penn, the founder of the State of Pennsylvania was very fond of this breed. He brought into light the qualities that a Great Dane possesses. According to him, this breed had a wonderful tolerance level along with beauty, intelligence and courage. 

 Mr Penn’s love for his great Danes made this dog a popular breed. Even, the government of Pennsylvania declared Great Danes as the State dog of Pennsylvania in 1967. If you ever visit the Governor’s Residence in Pennsylvania, you’ll surely find a portrait of Mr William Penn and his Great Dane on the wall. 

#11: They have deceiving looks:

If seen at a glance, these dogs have the appearance of an aggressive dog breed. Some people might also get frightened looking at how big the breed is. But a fun fact about Great Dane is that they are the most gentle breed. 

greate dane looks

Honestly, they are exceptionally large, but so is their heart. Their love would make you dependable on them. These dogs have a very kind nature and are perfect human companions. However, their short lifespan will cause you pain for they become an important part of the family in a small period. 

#12: They are antique dogs:

antique dogs of great dane

We know that this breed gained recognition in 1899. But, long before that time, these dogs were still in existence. A fun fact about Great Dane is that they are an antique breed. Several carvings were found in the Egyptian mountains that claim that there was a dog with a similar resemblance to that of a Great Dane. These carvings date back to 3500B.C to 5000 B.C. 

Some archaeologists have also found ancient writings about dogs that resembled the Great Dane. These writings were written in Chinese literature that belonged to 1121 B.C. It might be so that these breeds might have existed long before our time.  

#13: They do not require much exercise:

great dane exercise

Like every dog, Great Dane also requires regular exercise. But a fun fact about Great Dane is that they don’t require too much of it. As working dogs, they have a lot of excess energy inside of them. Regular and daily work-out should be enough to release this energy.

However, too much exercise may not be good for them. The bones and joints of this breed are fragile. Therefore, doing exercise more than needed can cause damage to this breed. 

#14: They are highly adaptable:

adorable great dane

One of the common fun facts about Great Dane is that they are a very adaptable breed. They can survive in any environment, be it hot or cold.  This breed will stay healthy for as long as you provide it with nutritious food. 

Great Dane also requires regular check-ups as they are prone to health issues. These dogs may not be very noisy, but they can warn you about upcoming dangers. Therefore, you can consider them as partial guard dogs. 


This awesome dog breed is perfect for families. Even with children and other pets, they behave gently. They would spend their entire day roaming around their owner. However, this breed was not like this forever. Due to its hunting instincts, the Great Dane was a considerably aggressive dog. But, after it started breeding with the English Greyhounds, it gradually developed its calm and tenderness. As a responsible owner, one must take good care of this breed to make it a perfect family dog.


Can Great Danes swim?

Great Dane may not be a proficient swimmer like Poodle or Retrievers, but they are capable of swimming.

Does Great Dane have a nickname?

The Great Dane is also known as Deutsche Dogge in Germany.

What is the Price of a Great Dane in India?

A Great Dane puppy may range from ₹35,000- ₹40,000. If you want to own a puppy, you are recommended to buy it from a genuine breeder.

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