Best Dog Breeds For Hot and Cold Weather

Your owning a dog depends on the place where you reside. Keeping a dog safe and comfortable is the owner’s priority. Therefore, choosing the best dog breeds for hot and cold weather should be the owner’s responsibility. You should choose the dog breed according to the climate where you live.

Some dogs like hot weather. Again some dogs like the cold. Since dogs don’t sweat like humans, their physical attributes allow them to survive high temperatures.

Dogs like Afghan Hound, Whippet, and Ibizan Hound are the best dog breeds for hot weather. These dogs adapt to the high temperatures because of their light-colored coat, small built, and short coat.

Dogs of cold climate have a thing for hunting. They are bred to do difficult tasks in the cold weathers. And while you are busy putting on jackets to protect yourself from the icy winds, these dogs have a fluffy undercoat that does not allow the heat to escape.

They have fur-covered paws that help them in walking on snow. Dogs like Akita, Newfoundland and Siberian husky are some of the best dog breeds for cold weather.

But can dogs survive both seasons? Dogs having double–coats are likely to stand both the weathers. Given below is the list of best dogs for both hot and cold weather.

List of Top 7 Best Dog Breeds for Hot and Cold Weather

Canaan Dog:

Canaan Dog - Petsforcare
Canaan Dog

Being a dog of the desert region, the Canaan Dog has survived for thousands of years on the sand. It is also on the list of best dog breeds for hot and cold weather. It is a pariah dog. Its origin comes from a long time back when the Hebrews used them to guard their encampments. 

This dog can survive in harsh weathers. Their high level of alert makes them a good companion for families. They can tolerate cold weathers because of the amount of fur on their body. They might sometimes need a jacket to withstand the cold while taking walks.

They are also adaptable to the hot climate. All of this is because of the double coat that can tolerate even the worst of climate.  They have a square-proportioned and medium-shaped body. For this reason, they instil agility, strength and endurance. Because of their natural guarding trait, they will always be rough towards strangers in the beginning.

But, if proper training is provided to them, they can be one of the best pet dogs to play with along with being one of the best dog breeds for hot and cold weather.

Jack Russell:

Jack Russell - Petsforcare
Jack Russell

This is a dog with a hunting trait. The Jack Russell Terrier was bred to hunt foxes about 200 years ago. These are charming dogs but require a little bit of training to live with families. This clever little dog originated in England. They can also be carried anywhere.

These dogs also have a thick layer of fur. This makes them one of the best dog breeds for hot and cold weather. Being adjusted to every weather makes it easier for them to hunt. Being an independent thinker, this dog might be a little problem to deal with. It can also be hard to train such dogs. 

These dogs need lots of exercises to burn out energy. If not done, they can show unruly behavior. To avoid such circumstances, you can play the ‘fetch’ game with your dog. It will help him, release excess energy. There are three variations of Jack Russell– the smooth, the broken and the rough one.

But, all of these coats tend to shed.


Weimaraner - petsforcare

The Weimaraner belongs to the athlete group of dogs. Their energetic characteristic makes them one of the best dog breeds for hot and cold weather. The mouse-grey to silver-grey given them the nickname of “the grey ghost”.

Just like the Jack Russell, these dogs also have the traits of hunting. As a result, these dogs also require lots of physical activity to burn their energy or else, they might start acting destructively. They get matured by 1-2 years while they develop within 6-8 months.

Because of the thin layer of hair on their body, they can adapt to the hot climate. But they can adapt to the cold winters because of their metabolism.

These dogs love people and always interact with them. But sometimes, they also go through separation anxiety. As a result, they can have behavioural issues when left alone.


Chinook - petsforcare

The best dog breed for hot and cold weather is the Chinook. Originated in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this dog breed is named after Admiral Byrd’s first Antarctic expedition hosted in 1928.

This strong breed of dogs is used for dog sledging since the old times. In modern times, Chinook does dog sledging for recreation purpose. This best dog breeds for hot and cold weather also participates in the laborious work because of their strength. They are used in search and rescue operations because of their hunting skills.

These double-coated dogs suit every climate. However, they are also very sensitive and can go through anxiety issues.

Thus, as an owner, you should be aware of his behavioural disorders. They require proper and experienced training. Because of their non-aggressive nature, it is easier to train them. These dogs prefer living in a pack. Therefore, they may not be that suitable for living with families for a longer time.

Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever - Petsforcare
Labrador Retriever

This species of dog originated in Newfoundland in Canada in the 1500s. Back then, small water dogs were made to breed with Newfoundlands for creating this breed known as St. John’s Water Dog or Lesser Newfoundland. The smaller dogs came to be known as Labrador Retriever.

These dogs are also one of the best dog breeds for hot and cold climate. Their thick layer of hair prevents them from the cold winters. However, the hair of these dogs shed twice a year. In such situations, they do not feel that hot during summers.

As the name “Labrador Retriever” suggests, retrieving is one of the most effective ways to exercise. In case your lab is not allowed to exercise properly, he might search for destructive ways to do so. He might start digging up the grass or chewing it or even barking restlessly. Their webbed toes are a part of their biological feature that helps them to adjust to any climate and make them one of the best dogs for hot and cold weather.

Border Collie

Border Collie - Petsforcare
Border Collie

Another dog that adds to the list of best dog breed for hot and cold weather is the Border Collie. These dogs mostly belong to UK, Ireland, Scotland and England. Long-time back, these dogs were used to guard and control a flock of sheep near the hill border between Scotland and England.

These dogs can survive the temperature of the plains throughout the day. Over years, they have evolved into new versatile species that can adapt to any climatic condition.

This makes them one of the best dog breeds for hot and cold weather. The double coat fur keeps them from freezing in winters while the soft undercoat evenly distributes the heat from the surface of their body during summers. 

These dogs have high stamina that makes them a premier herding dog. They also act as watchdogs and can be very protective of their owners. These working dogs can behave in a disruptive manner if left in confinement. But, they are still suitable for living with families. 


Poodle - petsforcare

This dog, known as Pudel in Germany and Caniche in French is elegant neck-straight back dogs. This is the final dog in the list of best dog breeds for hot and cold weather. These dogs are proud of themselves and are usually the show-stoppers

Their single-layered coat is so dense that it can prevent both hot cold from reaching its body during summers and winters. This dog even makes dog fashion popular due to its fur. They come in three different variants- standard, miniature and toy.

These dogs are the most intelligent in the list of best dog breeds for hot and cold weather. They can be trained very easily since they are very active and fun-loving. However, the small poodles can be aggressive at times towards strangers or other pet dogs. They also have the trait of hunters and therefore require training to overcome their roughness and adapt to a family. 


The dogs listed above are the best breed for hot and cold weather. These dogs might adapt to the various climatic conditions, but they are not immune to the very harsh ones. The dogs can have hunter instincts or guarding characteristics. But, they are nothing like the best dog breeds for the hot weather or the best dog breeds for the cold weather. They cannot suffer the desert heat or the snowy cold. These dogs are mostly for places that have a moderate climate- neither too hot nor too cold. 

While choosing a dog as your pet, keep in mind the favourable climatic conditions at your residence. Depending on the weather of your home, selecting the dog will be a wise decision. If your dog has double coats, it can be the best breed for cold weather. Single coated fur is mostly suggested as dog breeds for hot weather. In case, you got double-coated fur in a warm place, try keeping him in the shelter and provide him with enough water.

Which dogs can tolerate the desert heat?

Answer: Dogs like Chinese Crested, American HairlessTerrier, Hairless Ecuadorian, Chihuahua and Hairless Chihuahua are best suited to survive the heat of the desert.

How much heat can a dog withstand?

Answer: If the humidity is too high for a place, and does not get cooling with time, it can affect the dogs real bad. Some areas (especially deserts) are hit badly with “loo” during the day. This hot wind can have tragic results. Ensure that the dog’s surrounding temperature is not above 104 degree Celsius.

Which dogs are compatible with the Arctic Circle?

Answer: Dogs like Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute can withstand the cold temperature of the Arctic Circle. Even Chinook, which is a dog of a moderate climate, can also survive the icy temperature of the Arctic Circle.

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