Can Dogs and Cats Get Coronavirus? – How to Prevent to Spread COVID 19 from Your Pets

One of the infectious diseases that affected the entire world in 2020 was COVID -19. This disease spreads from person to person making it deadlier with every passing day.  However, it has been observed that the rate at which animals get affected by Corona Virus is considerably less.

 The pets who have been closer to the person affected by this virus are likely to get infected.  People also believe that this virus has originated between animals before spreading to people.  The U.S Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have also declared that animals, especially dogs and cats are affected by this virus, but not at an increasing rate.

Animals spread covid-19 to people:

In the current situation, you should know if your infected pet can spread the virus to other pets or people. Earlier it was seen that the chances of spreading Corona Virus to people by infected animals were less. But with the increasing numbers, there are greater chances of a new outbreak. If this is true, the risk factor will rise to a great level. 

Animals spread covid-19 to people

Besides people, pets are also able to infect other pets. While dogs appear more resistant to this virus, cats replicate this SARS-CoV-2 and become more ill. Therefore, the chances for the survival of an infected cat are much less compared to an infected dog. It was observed that when an infected cat was kept along with an uninfected cat, they fell sick, and initially died. But, dogs on the other hand do not transmit the virus to another animal.

Even though such tests were conducted, there are always exceptions.  Animals are not completely immune to this virus. Bats may act as host in transmitting this virus to people. You are therefore requested to keep your pets at home as much as possible. 

Protocols for a Healthy Animal Hygiene:

Pets, especially dogs are prone to boredom. Due to the COVID situation, people are locked in their own homes. Neither can they go out, nor take their pets for an outing. This makes the pets more stressed. To release this stress, you can make your dog exercise. You can also be a part of the exercise if you like. 

Protocols for a Healthy Animal Hygiene-petsforcare

In case your pet is a dog, play ‘fetch’ with him on your lawn. This is their most favourite game. If you want to take him outside for a walk, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, make sure you wear a mask. Secondly, wash hands before and after the walk. And finally, try keeping distance from other owners and their pets. 

If your pet is a cat, force them to exercise as well. Although we know it is difficult to make a cat exercise, but it is for their good. Working out not only releases their stress but also keeps their health upright. They need to be encouraged for working out. You can put cat food into things and ask your cat to sniff it out. You can also provide them with toys to chase. But make sure their hygiene is not compromised. Also, keep them sanitized from time to time.

After such activities, try to be affectionate with them. Brush them or clip their nails to keep them at ease.

Can People spread covid-19 to animals?

We know the Coronavirus to be a family of viruses. Besides affected humans, it can also make the animals ill. From the limited resources that are available, it has been seen that dogs and cats are more prone to getting affected if they stay in close contact with the affected person.  While many people are concerned about getting affected by animals, there is no such proof that explains that the Corona Virus is caused by the furs of animals. Pets usually get affected with the SARS-CoV-2

Can People spread covid-19 to animals - petsforcare

It has been seen that about 17 dogs are infected with this disease mostly including Pomeranian and German shepherd. The owners of most of these dogs were affected by the COVID-19.  There is also a case in Wuhan where 102 cats were affected. While some of them were exposed to this virus, most of them are considered to be mysteriously tested positive.

Some of these cat’s owners were also tested positive. Therefore, these incidents explain that pets can also be affected. In case you are affected by this virus, try to maintain as much distance as possible from him. 

COVID-19 affecting animals:

There are chances that animals can get affected by this virus. They are likely to fall sick. As owners, we have very little information about how can this virus affect animals. Till more information is obtained, it is better to keep the animals under protection. To ensure your pet’s health, you should keep a track of his hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands after coming in contact with your pet’s toys and other essentials. 

COVID-19 affecting animals - petsforcare

Since pets get affection from their owners, they like to return it in the same manner. For the time being, try to avoid face lickings. These regulations are both for you and your pet’s safety. It has also been observed that animals who went into direct contact with the affected individual or animal get sick, or even die in some situations.

You are recommended to provide your pet with vaccinations to prevent threatening diseases like rabies, Lyme disease or even respiratory illness. Consult your vet about the necessary precaution that is to be taken during this pandemic.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 in pets?

 A small ratio of animals has been affected by Corona Virus. However, most of them are affected by Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Both of these are said to be deadlier parts of the same Corona Virus. Most domestic animals like cattle, horses, dogs, cats, etc are affected by this virus

The most common symptoms of this virus are running nose, cough, sore throat and fever. Some of the mild symptoms are common cold and pneumonia. Animals affected with the virus may not show any illness in the first phase.

But, this can be transmissible to other people or animals. You can also ask your vet about the care that is to be taken by you for your pet. While dogs get infected, they have very few chances for spreading it. But cats can infect other cats too.  Animals like ferrets and minks are also susceptible to this infection and can infect the animals of the same species.  Maintaining social distance applies not only to humans but also to animals

Methods to deal with pets during COVID situation:

With every passing day, this virus is constantly evolving. It is becoming more dangerous to go out of the house. To protect yourself and your family from this virus, follow the three simple steps:

  • Always wear a mask
  • Keep a distance of 2 meters
  • Wash your hands with soap at regular intervals

It is easier to maintain these methods unless you have a pet at home. But making a pet understand the worsening conditions is a bit difficult. In case you are affected by this virus, take specific precautions. Send your pet to some other family member for taking care of him.

Do not come in direct contact with your pet.  Also avoid petting him, snuggling with him or kissing him. To make sure that your pet’s life is not at stake, wash your hands after touching them. 

If your pet is infected with the virus, take him to the vet as fast as possible. He might be affected by respiratory diseases. As a precaution, vaccinate him for Bordetella, parainfluenza and canine influenza since these are the common respiratory diseases

Will it be safe to carry my pets out for a walk?

Since there are very few chances for animals to get affected, you can take them out on a walk. This will reduce their boredom and also keep them active. But make sure you keep them at a safe distance from other people or their pets. Also, you don’t have to be afraid of an approaching dog. Their fur does not contain the virus. But the person who is out with him can have it. 

Will it be safe to carry my pets out for a walk - petsforcare

While you are out with your pet dog, avoid touching any part of your face. Wear a mask and make sure that you have the nose and mouth covered. If you are thinking about putting a mask on your pet’s face, you are wrong.

Putting a mask on the face of the animal will not prevent the virus from entering their body. Instead, they can develop respiratory problems which will again lead to Corona Virus. The virus will easily enter the body through bodily fluids.  The COVID situation requires you to take your pet to the vet for proper care. 

Necessary precautions for pets to prevent covid-19:

If you feel that your pet has encountered an affected person, do not delay in informing your vet.  You may also report to the public health veterinarian. These officials will inform you if the spread is from a contagious human or an animal. In such cases, both you and your pet are quarantined for some time. But that is the only alternative

Necessary precautions for pets - petsforcare

You can also go through a sanitation protocol. This protocol will pick up all the pores that are already contaminated with the infection. So, after walks, clean them before you let them into your house. With the presence of this virus outside your house, both you and your pet’s lifestyle has also changed. Tackle them with compassion. Be more engaged with them and involve them in household exercise. Search for new and exciting ways to work out with them so that they are not bored. Keep in mind that their boredom can lead to destructive behaviours!

Make sure you wipe their paws using disinfectant and sanitize them every time they return from outside or nature’s call. You can also use papers to check that they are not coming in contact with the wall of the corridor or steps. The plus point of this lockdown is that it gives you enough time to spend with your pet- something that was not possible before the COVID situation.

Steps for taking care of my pet when I fall sick:

  • The immediate step that you should take after getting infected with Corona Virus is to isolate yourself not only from your family but also from your pet. As an owner, you will never want your pet dog or cat to get affected by the virus
  • Avoid coming into direct contact with your pet. Do not kiss him or play with him in the affected state. Do not, under any circumstance share your bed with your pet.
  • Pets are difficult to hold back. So, if you find them loitering around you, cover your face with any cloth or mask. Make sure you wash your hand if you touch him. Ask your family members to sanitize your pet as well. 
  • The belongings of your pet should also be cleaned. This includes his waste and food supplies.

Taking proper care of yourself and maintaining distance will help you heal quickly. In case, you feel there are chances for your pet to be affected by the virus, contact your veterinarian immediately.  


With the emergence of this virus, the life of every living being has come to a pause. While on one side, humans are locked up in their homes, the other side shows signs of a growing environment. The ozone layer has been mended due to a lack of pollution. The air is fresh and the sky is clearer than ever. 

But the main idea of animals getting affected by this virus is not that harmful. Besides a handful of these, no other animal is much affected by this virus. While cats may act as host for spreading this virus, dogs do not stand a chance. 


Do smokers have a greater chance of being affected by this virus?

Since Corona Virus affects mostly the lungs, smokers have a greater chance of being affected by it. Since the lungs of these people who smoke become weak, they lose their capacity of protecting their body.

Is it safe for people with low immunity to be in contact with the outside world?

Since Corona Virus affects mostly the lungs, smokers have a greater chance of being affected by it. Since the lungs of these people who smoke become weak, they lose their capacity of protecting their body.

Is COVID-19 capable of surviving on water?

To date, no evidence proves that COVID-19 survive on water.

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