Top 14 Interesting and Fun Facts about Dalmatians

You probably must have come across this dog that has spots on its entire body. The Dalmatian dog breed can be considered one of the most unique breeds in the world. They have a symmetrically build body along with a willing attitude. You might consider them to be a normal breed, but they are quite smart and have a lifespan of 10 -13 years. 

Back in the day, this breed was called Canis Dalmaticus in Latin. It was not until 1771 when Thomas Pennant named it ‘Dalmatian’. This breed is packed with extreme energy and is ever ready. They are also great companion dogs and love to be by your side. However, staying active all the time can make them look goofy. A fun fact about Dalmatians is that it is the only spotted breed in the world of dogs. 

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Let’s explore the various fun facts about Dalmatian dog breed.

14 Fun Facts about Dalmatian dog breed:

1. They are an all-purpose breed.

A fun fact about Dalmatians is that they can be used for every kind of purpose. Throughout the years, these dogs have been very purposeful in several activities. They have worked as retrievers and hunters and are even good in trailing hounds. 

During the war, this breed was used as a sentinel at the Dalmatia-Croatia border. They were also the only breed that was bred for ‘Coaching’. During the 17th century, when the nobles and merchants of England travelled to distant places in carriages, they took this breed with them. The dog used to run alongside the horses, making way for the coaches to go through. They kept the horses calm as a part of their natural trait and also protected them from the dangers on road.

2. They are born spotless!

This breed may have been spotted at a young age, but they are not always like this. A fun fact about Dalmatians is that they have no spots on their coat at birth. Dalmatian puppies are born pure white. 

Dalmatians are spotless - Interesting and Fun Facts about Dalmatians

The spots start appearing when the dog is at least 2-3 weeks old. Some can even take as long as 4 weeks. Once occurred, these spots continue to grow and stay with them throughout their lifetime. A fun fact about this breed is that it has spots all over its body, and even inside its mouth! 

3. They are also firehouse dogs.

You already know how purposeful these dogs are. One of the fun facts about the Dalmatian dog breed is that they have also been used by firefighters.  Their skills as coaching dogs helped them become successful firehouse dogs.

Firehouse dogs dalmatian

Earlier, these dogs used to run behind the fire trucks that were pulled by horses. Since horses were skittish near the fire, the Dalmatians had the prime responsibility to take care of them. Later when these fire trucks became motorised, these Dals had no work but to act as a trustworthy companion for the firemen. 

4. Their spots are unique:

Just like fingerprints and snowflakes, every spot of this breed is different. This can also be considered a fun fact about Dalmatians. Surprisingly, every Dal has a unique pattern for spots. You will never find two Dalmatians with the same spot pattern. Also, the number of spots on the body is different for every Dalmatian. These spots increase as they grow old.

These dogs have a piebald pattern (having spotted colour on white). The spots on the white coat of a Dalmatian can be liver-coloured, brindle, brown, black, blue or even lemon. However interestingly, those dogs who are tri-coloured (spots or black and brown) or have lemon coloured spots are not eligible for taking part in exhibitions.

5. They have a movie by their name:

A fun fact about Dalmatians is that they have been depicted in movies. The well-known film, ‘101 Dalmatians‘ gives us a perfect introduction to this dog breed. This film turned out to be a big hit and resulted in a craze where everyone was hell-bent on buying a Dalmatian. 

101 Dalmatians

However, this was not a good sign. You may think that many Dals got a family to live with, but the scenario was quite the opposite. Those who went to buy this dog did not do proper research on this breed. As a result, many of them ended up in shelters. People failed to understand that an energetic dog like this required lots of training and attention.

6. They have a mysterious origin:

The origin of this breed is a mystery for every dog lover. According to history, Dalmatians have always been seen travelling with the Romans, who were nomadic. However, others believe that the breed originated in a province of Austria along the Eastern shore of the coast of Venice.

Surprisingly, there are also Egyptian paintings found on the walls of the tomb which depict spotted dogs running alongside chariots. Therefore, the exact origin of this breed is still unknown.  

7. They are show dogs.

A fun fact about the Dalmatian dog breed is that, they are show dogs. This distinctively spotted breed may be agile and energetic, but they portray themselves mostly as show dogs in competitions. 

These breeds take part under groups like Hound group, Utility group, Gundog group and Terrier Group. They are alert, poised and are combined with endurance and speed. Yet, they mostly do not take part in agility championships. Their unique spotted coat earns more popularity as a show dog than any other title. 

8. They have several nicknames:

We know this breed by different names. A fun fact about the Dalmatian dog breed is that they have many nicknames. Their work at the firehouse makes them ‘firehouse dogs’. Helping the horse carriages go smoothly through the crowd has even provided them with nicknames like ‘Carriage dogs’ and ‘Spotted coach dog’.

But, besides these, they also have other names. Many people call this breed by the name ‘Plum Pudding Dog’. This name was mostly given to the dog as it reminded people about their traditional spotted desert. They were even named ‘Spotted dick’ to support the fact that they originated in the region of Croatia known as Dalmatia.

9. Having a shorter coat doesn’t mean they don’t shed.

The coat of a Dalmatian dog breed is very fine and dense. People consider this short and smooth-coated breed to shed less. But, a fun fact about the Dalmatian dog breed is that, they shed a lot. 

Dalmatian facts

These dogs shed, not once or twice but throughout the year. Especially, the dogs with brown and black spots tend to shed more than others. Their hairs can be found on carpets and upholstery and are mostly difficult to remove because of their size. However, such a thorough shedding of the breed allows the healthy hair to replace the dead and damaged ones. As a result, you will always find a soft velvet type fur on the Dalmatian’s body.

10. Budweiser uses them as mascots:

The sleek body and attractive characteristics of this breed also made them mascots for companies. A fun fact about Dalmatians is that they have been used as mascots by the Budweiser Clydesdales since the 1950s.


Back in the day, these dogs used to guard the wagons of this company while the driver would go inside a shop to make deliveries. But today, you’ll find these dogs sitting right next to the drivers. 

11. They were the President’s favourite:

They may have been popular in few countries in the past. But today, these dogs have gained worldwide popularity. A fun fact about Dalmatians is that George Washington, the first President of the United States was in love with this breed. 

Presidential Pet

Throughout his lifetime, the President owned several dogs. Surprisingly, he is also known to be an early breeder of Dalmatians. The Dal he owned belonged to the Non-Sporting group. It was named Madame Moose. Besides these, he also owned Italian Greyhounds, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands and Terriers.

12. They became official in England:

Even though historians claimed that this breed originated in Dalmatia, it got its standardization in England. This is also one of the interesting and fun facts about Dalmatian dog breeds. This breed has been in existence since the regency period. However, it was after they were trained to run alongside the horse carriages that they slowly gained popularity. 

Researches confirm that this breed was mostly bred in England. The first unofficial dog of this breed was introduced by an Englishman named Vero Shaw in 1882. After the first Dalmatian club was formed in England in 1890, this breed earned its standardization. 

14. They have a genetic predisposition to deafness:

One of the interesting and fun facts about the Dalmatian dog breed is that they are deaf. Tests confirm that about 15-30% of Dalmatians have a genetic predisposition to deafness. There are also 5% of Dalmatians who are deaf in both the ears. The reason for this genetic deafness can be their genes. 

Presdisposition to deafness of dalmatian

The genes that cause spots on their bodies lack mature melanocytes. These are cells that produce melanin in the inner parts of the ear. A deficiency of these cells can result in a lack of hearing in Dalmatians.  Fortunately for dogs who have larger spots on their coat have a lesser chance of becoming deaf. However new study carried out by Kennel Club and Animal Health Trust revealed there has been a decline in such cases thanks to careful breeding.

14. They are a wilful breed:

A fun fact about the Dalmatian dog breed is that they are smart. The American Kennel Club recognised this breed in 1888 as a Non-sporting breed. They might be a gentle breed but they require lots of attention and training. Without proper training, these dogs can become highly stubborn.

Dalmatian as a wilful breed

As intelligent breeds, they can grasp the training very easily. Their intelligence is classed as ‘above average intelligent’. They are also very cautious and energetic. As a result, they serve as good guard dogs. 


A Fun fact about Dalmatians is that they are an adaptable breed. If they are living with you from a very young age, they tend to adjust to any situation you place them in. To make sure they have a long lifespan, taking good care of them is important. These dogs require a regular maintenance and care. Make sure you blow-dry their entire body after a bath so that the dirt loosens from their body. Provide them with 1.5-2 cups of nutritious food for proper health. Taking proper care of your furry companion can ensure larger years of living.


Q. Are Dalmatians good companions?

Dalmatians are great family dogs. They enjoy the company of humans and become protective of them overtime. They are  also very patient with children and toddlers. 

Q. Are Dalmatians clingy?

The dogs have a playful instinct. However, they can become clingy and destructive if bored or kept alone for a long time.

Q. What is the height of a Dalmatian?

Dalmatians have a height of 20-23 inches and weigh 45-60 pounds.

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