Pros and Cons of Great Dane – 7 Facts about Great Dane

The Great Dane breed has a heart that is as big as its size. Its reputation precedes as a gentle breed that has an easy-going temperament. These dogs even make up as adorable pets. Those who have owned this breed are well aware of the living style of this breed. But there are also several pros and cons of the Great Dane. 

To build up confidence, these dogs must be taken out of the house very often. As a big breed, it can get bossy if proper obedience training is not provided. They are even accompanied by serious health issues like canine cancer. Thus, you can understand quite well that no dog is perfect. Still, if you think of owning a Great Dane, you should be acquainted with both the good and the bad in them. 

This article will give you detailed information about the pros and cons of Great Dane.

Pros and Cons of Great Dane:

Great Danes are known mostly famous for their size. This German breed has a strong body with short hair. The instinct of this breed was to hunt. But, even though they look that way, they aren’t that aggressive.

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Given below are some of the pros of Great Dane that will surely make you like them.

1. They are an easy going breed.

The first point under the pros and cons of Great Dane is that these dogs have a very easygoing temperament. Despite their massive and aggressive-like structure, these dogs go pretty well with almost every member of the family, especially children. 

These dogs might hurt kids, but that is never their intention. There is a chance of small children getting hurt while playing with this dog due to their big size. Therefore, owners of this breed should keep an eye on both of them. They must also ensure that the children of the family develop a strong bond with this breed and treat them like family. 

2. They can sleep anywhere.

Great Danes are considered to be energetic dogs. This is the reason that they need proper sleep. But one of the pros and cons of Great Dane is that they can sleep anywhere. If allowed, these dogs will even sleep more than needed.

Great Danes require three sleep/wake cycles within 24-hours. Such a characteristic makes them polyphasic sleepers. They might start kicking or squirming around in their sleep as a part of their REM cycle. But, an owner must keep in mind that excess sleep can also be harmful to their dog.

3. They can be groomed easily.

Grooming a Great Dane is one of the most hassle-free jobs. They have a short and smooth coat. Thus, brushing them with a soft-bristle brush every week can help to maintain the quality and smoothness of the coat. This can also be considered as a pro and con of the Great Danes.

However, this breed requires regular bathing. A bath every week or two minimizes the shedding and keeps the coat healthy.  Using a high-velocity dryer or a brush is necessary to take out any loose hair that is stuck onto the breed’s coat. You can even card their coat to accelerate the shedding of fur.

4. Other pets are also their friends.

One of the pros and cons of Great Dane is that they are friendly even with other pets. The friendly temperament of this breed allows them to live side-by-side with other pets.  

But, to ensure that they do not cause any trouble while living with them, every Great Dane must be socialized from a tender age. With time, they will be friends with everyone, be it a dog or a cat. However, there are chances that other pets can get scared looking at a fully grown Great Dane. 

5. They are wonderful watch dogs and guard dogs.

As a protective dog breed, Great Danes make up for good watch dogs. This can also be considered as a pro and con of Great Dane. Their huge size and a deep bark are enough to keep threats at bay. They can certainly be trained to perform as good guard dogs as well. This breed was originally bred for protecting the German nobility and hunting wild bores. 

The qualities of this breed make up for a perfect guard dog. He will bark or grumble whenever he sees that something is not right. Having them as your guard dogs is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

6. Training them is easy.

One of the pros and cons of Great Dane is that they are very easy to train. This ‘Apollo of Giants’, unlike other breeds, can be easily trained without using food as a reward. They are also very obedient and have a great level of patience. Great Danes are not the most intelligent dog breeds but are moderately easy to train. 

Unfortunately, training this breed can be difficult at times. As large dogs, few Great Danes can be stubborn. They are smart enough to realize that they cannot be forced to do things as you want them to. Therefore, you may have to praise them for grabbing their attention. It is important that they must be trained from a small age as puppies as with age the height and bulkness makes it difficult for them to be trained.

7. They keep up with almost anything fast.

Having long legs allows them to take longer strides and be incredibly fast. Even as hunting dogs, they had to run to chase their prey. Thus, this can be considered as a pro and con of Great Dane. 

Even as an owner, you don’t have to think twice before throwing a ball to a greater distance, for they’ll surely get it back in no time. Longer legs also mean higher jumps. Therefore, they’ll catch your Frisbee, no matter how high you throw it. 

8. They are very loyal.

A pro and con of Great Dane are that they are fiercely loyal. This loyalty towards their family makes them highly protective of their owners. As joyful spirits, they will do anything to prove their dedication towards you. 

Loyalty is a part of their instinct. However, it stays dormant unless they are properly trained. As puppies, these dogs should be raised correctly so that, they can be ready whenever their family is in true danger. Since they have the character of never giving up, they will always stand by your side, no matter what.

These were some of the good sides of a Great Dane. But, every good thing has something bad latched to it. Let’s learn about the cons of Great Dane. 

Cons of Great Dane

1. They have a short lifespan.

This breed has features that will make you love them. But soon, they’ll leave you alone. One of the pros and cons of Great Dane is that they have a very short lifespan.  

These dogs live for 8-10 years while the smaller breeds live longer. However, if a dog gets lucky, he gets to live for 10-13 years. Scientists believe that the reason for larger breeds living smaller lives and vice versa is because of the risk of getting affected by diseases. Theories confirm that the larger the breed, the more the health issues. 

2. They are not suitable for apartments.

A pro and con of Great Dane are that they are not fit for apartments with small rooms. The long size of this breed makes it difficult for them to reside in shorter spaces. Thus, a simple wagging of the tail can cause things to break. Therefore, apartment residents with small to medium houses who are thinking of owning this breed, are recommended not to.

However, people who live in homes which have larger spaces inside their houses can surely own this breed. In case you have a lawn attached to your house, these dogs would spend most of their time outdoors provided you accompany them. But, staying outside for longer hours without the proper attention can make them destructive. 

3. They are prone to several diseases.

We have already mentioned how larger dogs are prone to diseases. This paradox works, even for Great Danes. A pro and con of Great Dane are that they are easily susceptible to health issues. 

Diseases like Hip dysplasia, bloating and cancer are some of the crucial health diseases that are common in this breed. As energetic breeds, they require a good amount of exercise. But, too much exercise can also be harmful to them as it can cause joint problems. If you find your Great Dane dealing with allergies, you are recommended to take him to the veterinarian. 

4. They have the habit of drooling.

A pro and con of Great Dane is that they drool more than any other breed. This can be considered as their habit. But another reason for this is their facial structure. They have a square jaw with loose lips which is not enough to contain drool, i.e., saliva.

These dogs have folds in the skin that lets the saliva out very easily.  Great Danes can be seen drooling right after eating or drinking or sometimes, working out. Moreover, this habit is seen often in males than in females. 

5. They are patients of bloating.

Besides other health issues, this breed is also a victim of bloating. This can be considered as a pro and con of Great Danes. Their height to weight ratio are one of the greatest reasons for bloating. Sources confirm that this breed bloat five-eight times more than other dog breeds.

It has also been observed that males have a greater chance of bloating than females. In case the parents of this particular dog have undergone bloating, there is a greater chance that the dog will also be susceptible to it. It is suggested, not to use these dogs for further breeding as these can aggravate the situation in blood line. 

6. They are chewers.

As large breeds, they are born with strong teeth and jaws. This makes them easier to chew up on almost anything with ease. But at times, this habit becomes difficult to control if not looked upon seriously. Their tendency to chewing substances often leads to damage and destruction. 

Having a jaw size bigger than any other breed; they chew things with more strength. This can also be considered as a pro and con of Great Danes. The habit of chewing in Great Danes can often lead to a dangerous situation. If not trained at the right time, these dogs may never be able to get over it. 

7. They can be destructive. 

In general, these dogs are the gentlest breed that you will ever find. But a pro and con of Great Danes are that they can also get destructive. Sometimes, the main reason for them being destructive can be their pent up energy. 

Some owners have claimed that this breed becomes destructive when it is left alone for longer periods. Owning this breed requires you to spend as much time as possible, with them. However, if you own a puppy Great Dane, you might train him to stay without you for more hours. In such cases, there are chances that he will not get destructive. 

8. They are a costly breed.

They might be a wonderful breed, but maintaining them can sometimes be as big as their size. One of the pros and cons of Great Dane is that they are costly to maintain.

As one of the largest breeds, they have a large stomach that requires a sufficient amount of food. Besides this, they also require larger spaces to reside. Therefore, you need to have a big house and a big car if you think of owning this breed. Finally, being prone to several health issues, the investment on drugs or treatments is more than small or medium sized dogs.


These were the pros and cons of Great Dane. They are not exactly a hassle-free breed, but if trained well, they can turn into one of the best pets you’ll ever have. However, before owning this breed, make sure you have good financial stability and enough time to deal with the requests of this breed. 


Q. What is the price of a Great Dane in the US?

The cost of buying a Great Dane from a quality breeder is $1,700- $3,000.

Q. Is excessive drooling in Great Danes good?

Sometimes, excessive drooling in Great Danes can be an indication of a condition called Ptyalism which involves a greater flow of saliva from the mouth of the animal.

Q. Are Great Danes clumsy?

As big dogs, Great Danes can be a bit clumsy. Living in smaller spaces makes them even messier.

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