Top 12 Interesting And Fun Facts About Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is the smallest dog breed in the family of Spitz. As a companion dog, Pomeranian is well-known for its compact size, thick, and rounded coat. Pomeranian dogs also known as Poms belong to the toy group. The current fashion for small dogs has gained popularity and so has the demand for this dog breed worldwide.

Pomeranians are said to have originated from Iceland while their development is believed to happen in the Pomerania region of Europe, which incorporates certain sections of Germany and Poland. Due to a lack of proper documentation, this piece of information is debatable. But, all of these do not stop Pomeranians from becoming one of the most owned dog breeds in the world. This is because of their adorable, energetic, mischievous yet dedicated nature which makes them a complete package enough to melt any heart. However, there are a number of other entertaining and fascinating facts about these goofballs that will astound you.

Here are some of the most interesting and fun facts about Pomeranian for you to consider.

The Pom is one of the most colorful dog breeds in the world

While most of the dog breeds are available in 1-2 shades to a maximum of 4-5 shades, Pomeranians are available in 25 different color variations, of which 18 are recognized by the American Kennel Club. Some of the common hues include chocolate, white, beaver, orange, black, and sable along with a mixture of all these shades. 

What’s even more fascinating is that Pomeranians may change color with age. So, do not be surprised to see your cream-colored puppy turning brown and white or a brown dog becoming orange while maturing. However, it should be noted that not all puppies change color. It is also difficult to predict which ones will change and which ones won’t.

So just because your Pom has a beautiful white coat, doesn’t always mean the coat color won’t change when it grows old. Don’t freak out if the color does change. Its completely normal for them.

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Blue Pomeranians Do Not Have Blue Furs

Yes, you heard that right. A blue pom is classified as blue not because of the color of its fur but because of the color of its nose. The color of their fur is instead black with somewhat blue-tinted noses. Some Blue Pomeranians are also known to have blue eyes. Their nose is of the same color as that of blue nose Pitbulls.

A blue pom is a diluted black dog and can have blue eyes. The blue color in eyes is hereditary. Puppies will have blue color only if it’s passed down from parents.

Queen Victoria Had a Pomeranian

Previously, owning larger dogs was thought to be a status symbol but the royal family owning these tiny species made the Pomeranians a highly popular breed in both the UK and abroad. It was Queen Victoria who is credited with popularizing this breed.

Queen Victoria was known for her love and obsession with Poms. She was a great admirer of this breed and it was during this time when several English breeders began breeding this Poms. Soon, the popularity of this small breed exploded and became a household dog breed in whole of England. This love for small breed began when she met a cute Pomeranian named Marco. At one point she had around 35 poms in the royal kennel.  

Boo, the social media Icon Was a Pomeranian

Boo, who was owned by Facebook employee Irene Ahn, was the most popular Pomeranian of all time.

Unfortunately, Boo was also subjected to a death hoax and fake information about his passing gained traction on Twitter. Later Boo was revealed to be hale and hearty.

A Pomeranian named Boo was a social media icon. Boo (March 16, 2006 – January 18, 2019) was owned by a Facebook employee Irene Ahn. Soon after Irene opened his Facebook page, he quickly became a fan favorite. By the end of March 2016, Boo had garnered a massive fan following with Facebook likes crossing 17.5 million. He became the centerpiece of four photo albums.

After seeing Boo having over 5 million followers, Chronicles contacted his owner to produce and publish the books. They knew those would be a runaway success.

Boo’s rapid rise to fame was aided by the fact that musician Kesha developed a fondness for the dog, and announced him as her new boyfriend with a link of him on Twitter. In July 2012, Boo was appointed as Virgin America’s official pet liaison. Boo eventually passed away in January 2019. 

Boo the social media icon --petsforcare

President Teddy Roosevelt owned a Pomeranian

The 26th President of United States, Teddy Roosevelt was known for his love with animals. He owned lots of animals including parrots, pigeons, cats and many dogs. He also owned a Pom named Gem. Not much is known about him but he talked extensively about his mother’s relationship with Gem in his letter to his son Kermit, describing how Gem sometimes “carries her along as if she was a Roman chariot.”. It is said that he donated his Pom to one of his family members.

According to a letter this is what he wrote: “Mother is going to present Gem to Uncle Will. Gem is really a very nice small bow-wow, but Mother found that in this case possession was less attractive than pursuit. When she takes him out walking, he carries her along as if she was a Roman chariot. She thinks that Uncle Will or Eda can anchor him.”

Several Artists Have Taken Inspiration from Pomeranians

When it comes to classical art, Pomeranians have influenced a number of artists across various genres. 

Mozart was believed to have dedicated one of his tunes or arias to his pet Pomeranian named ‘Pimperl’. A Pomeranian accompanied Michelangelo, the great Italian painter, as he worked on the legendary Sistine Chapel. Chopin, meanwhile, is credited with writing Waltz of Dogs after observing his friend’s pet Pomeranian enthusiastically chasing its tail.

Not only that, world-renowned mathematician and scientist Isaac Newton often scribbled his ideas alongside his Pomeranian just like theologian Martin Luther.

They are used as Watch Dogs

The Poms make an excellent watchdog. They are good at spotting anything out of the ordinary. They are a curious and intelligent dog breed. Even though it is hard to imagine the tiny Pomeranians as guard dogs, they are highly skilled as watch dogs. Pomeranians have a very high-pitched bark and keen listening skills. They are highly protective of its owner and family members and make excellent watch dogs.

These dogs can not only be used as watch dogs for your home but also as alert dogs or therapy dogs. Due to their devoted and compassionate personalities, they are also utilized as health monitoring dogs or as medical alert dogs. They are trained to look after their owners, mostly diabetic patients, and alert others in case of a heart attack.

Additionally, they also become perfect companions for deaf people, notifying them of phone calls or when someone rings the doorbell. 

Jiff, the Pomeranian held two Guinness World Records

Pomeranian Jiff, who featured in the music video ‘Dark Horse’ for Ketty Perry is the proud holder of not one but two Guinness World Records. Its also the most popular individual dog with an astounding 10 million followers on Instagram. No other dog is even close to this.

But before becoming a celebrity, Jiff made headlines when he set a Guinness World Record for the “Fastest dog on two paws”. He completed a 10-meter race with his back legs within 6.56 seconds and the other for the quickest 5-meter run that Jiff completed in 7.76 seconds with his front legs. Jiff set both the records in 2014, although his quickest front paw record was later beaten by a mixed-breed dog named Konjo.

Jiff is a Guiness world record holder --petsforcare

Two Pomeranians survived the sinking Titanic

The Titanic, a British passenger liner was the largest ship at the time it entered service. The sinking of the ship was one of greatest mishaps which caused more than 1500 deaths. There were also 12 dogs among all the passengers on the Titanic. Among them, only 3 dogs survived the tragedy with two being Pomeranians

One of them was owned by Elizabeth Rothschild who insisted on taking her pet with her while boarding the lifeboat. The other which went by the name of Lady was carried on to lifeboat no. 7 after being blanketed by the owner Margaret Bechstein Hays. 

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Pomeranian feature in multiple books and movies

Poms have been a center of attraction for many years and this popularity also made them feature in many movies and books. One of the most famous dogs from literature is a black Pomeranian named Duchess, who appears in Beatrix Potter’s book “The Pie and Patty Pan”. The other one is called Bunty Rogers who was the primary character in the Australian book called “My Trip by Bunty” by famous writer Hunter Rogers.

Several movies also feature the breed of Pomeranians. “Dumb and Dumber”, “Harlem Nights”, “Secret Life of Pets”, “Chasing Papa”, and “Killer Bud” are some of them which are worth mentioning. Besides, you may also find Pomeranians in many television series with “The Real Housewives” series being a prominent example. 

Pom mothers can give birth rise to twins

Twin births among canines are a rare occurrence, but Pomeranians have the capability of achieving it. The twins typically have the same umbilical cord despite being contained in separate embryonic sacs. 

Most of the time, the babies have different color. Because of this, it is unlikely that the puppies would be identified as twins unless any individual was there to see the birth. Also, while the average size of litter of puppies is 5-6 but in case of Poms it is 2-3 puppies.

Several Celebrities Own Pomeranians

Pomeranians being cute have become very popular as celebrity pets. If you browse the internet, you will find several well-known faces getting clicked by the paparazzi while strolling around with their adorable little furry friends. 

Famous people who own Pomeranians include Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Hillary Duff, Kelly Osborne, Nichole Richy, and LeAnn Rimes. 

Due to these celebrities posting pictures of themselves with their Pomeranians on social media, some of the dogs have even developed a little fan following of their own.

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Pomeranians are a highly protective breed apart from being very loyal and affectionate. So, if you are looking for a cute and a beautiful companion that can also warn you when something is wrong, Pomeranians are the ones for you. Poms are a popular breed. Interestingly they rank 23rd in the list of intelligent dog breeds as ranked by Stanley Coren in his book “The Intelligence of Dogs”. Hope you enjoyed reading these beautiful fun facts about Poms. Finally, if you like our article and efforts behind it, please share this post with your lovable persons. If you want to know anything, then feel free to comment below.

Happy dog parenting. 


Q. Did Isaac Newton’s Pom set his manuscript on fire?

Isaac Newtown owned a Pom named Diamond. As per reports, Newton was close to finalizing his theory on gravity and publication. But one night while Newton was up late at work, he heard a knock on the door. Of course, the scientist went to check the do
But one night while newton was up late at work, he heard a strange noise. Diamond scrambled to protect his owner and accidentally knocked over the candles which set Newton’s manuscript on fire.

Q. Why do the eyes of a Pomeranian pop out? 

The eyes of a Pomeranian pop out when it has become very aggressive or are traumatized by a particular scene. 

Q. Do Pomeranians suffer from separation anxiety?

Pomeranians do not suffer from separation anxiety even though they are quite dependent on their owners. But, in a few exceptions, they might keep barking a lot at a sign of stress and boredom. They love to spend time with their owners.

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