Top 10+ Interesting and Fun Facts about Poodles

Apart from being the first member to join the community, Canis lupus familaris (the scientific name for Poodles) are considered to be among the most intelligent dog breeds. Their iconic coat and attractive flare make them stand out. 

The Poodle is a gun-dog that is identified by the American Kennel Club. It is a non-sporting dog breed and comes in all shapes and sizes. 

The lifespan of this elegant-looking dog breed is 12-15 years. It has a single-layered coat, consisting of curly and dense hair that sheds minimally. Besides being cute and stylish, these dogs also have other talents. There are also several interesting and fun facts about Poodles that the non-poodle owners are unaware of.

Let’s take a look at them.

Top 10 interesting and fun facts about Poodles:

1. The true origin of Poodles – France or Germany?

Poodles a breed of Germany
(Source: Wikipedia)

We know poodles to be the National dog of France. A picture of an owner strolling with these furry companions on the roads of France is quite common. But what if you come to know that this breed originated in Germany? A surprising yet interesting and fun fact about Poodle is that they belong to Germany. The term Poodle is derived from the German word ‘pudel’ or ‘pudelin’. This word meant ‘to splash in the water’. 

After originating in Germany, this dog breed was made to standardize in France, making it a French dog. It is also known by many other names. In France, people call this breed ‘Caniche’ meaning ‘duck dog’. In Germany, the breed is known by the name ‘Pudlehund’. 

Note- The term ‘French poodle’ is a misnomer.  

2. Hunting is their true purpose.

Poodles used for hunting purpose
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Following their names, Poodles can be assumed to be great swimmers. Their athletic build and webbed feet make them perfect water dogs. But in reality, these dogs were bred for hunting. A fun fact about Poodles is that these breeds can outcasts Labradors in their hunting skills. 

As a descendant from Germany, these dogs fulfil the purpose of their name. They were made to hunt waterfowl like ducks. During the Pheasant season, the Standard Poodle is capable of fetching injured birds without breaking their bones. Their sense of smell is also praiseworthy.

They can be trained to smell mushrooms from a good distance. This characteristic helps the mushroom hunters in finding truffle mushrooms. Due to their soft bite, they can bring the fungus without destroying it.

3. They come in three sizes but one breed.

Poodles come in different sizes
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Poodles rank as the 2nd most intelligent dog breed and are able-bodied. An interesting and fun fact about Poodles is that it has three different variants in size but follow the same standard dog breed. These sizes of Poodles are recognised by the America Kennel Club.

The different sizes of Poodles include – Standard Poodle, Moyen Poodle and Miniature Poodle

  • Standard Poodle: The Standard Poodles are 15 inches tall and have shoulders ranging from 22-27 inches. The weight of this dog breed is between 45-70 pounds
  • Moyen Poodle: This dog was exclusively bred for Europe. They have a height of 15-20 inches and weigh 20-30 pounds. This dog is recognised by the International Poodle Standard of FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale).
  • Miniature Poodle: These are mini poodles that are comparatively very light in weight. The height of this dog is 11-15 inch and the weight is 12-17 pounds.

Another fun fact about Poodles is that they have another dog variant known as the Toy Poodle. The toy poodle is a tea-cup dog that has a height of fewer than 10 inches. Surprisingly, these dogs also have the same eligibility as other dog variants of Poodles. 

4. They are a potential ancestor of various dog breeds.

Poodles a potential ancestor of other dog breeds
(Source: TailsBuddy)

A fun fact about Poodles is that they are known to be the ancestors of a series of dog breeds. The Irish Water Spaniel, the Pudelpointer and the Curly Coated retriever; all seem to have been originated from this particular dog breed. This also makes Poodles, a hunter dog

They were made to cross with other dog breeds to invent newer dog species. These dogs were known to be designer dogs and were given nicknames using whimsical portmanteau words. The dogs that were originated from Poodle include:

  • Cocker Spaniel (Cockapoo)
  • Maltese (Maltipoo)
  • Golden retriever (Goldendoodle)
  • Labrador (Labradoodle)
  • Schnauzer (Schnoodle)
  • Bernese Mountain dog (Bernedoodle)
  • Pekingese (Pekapoos)
  • Cavalier King Charles (Cavoodle) 

5. Adaptability is their major characteristic.

Poodles are adaptible to different climate
(Source: BeChewy)

Poodles are one of the most recognisable dog breeds in the world. Their appearance makes them even more likeable. A fun fact about Poodles is that they are highly adaptable. Being an intelligent dog breed, Poodles can be easily controlled. However, they must be trained at a younger age so that they don’t become disobedient.

These dogs are friendly with kids and other family members. This makes them ideal for families. You can even see them playing with a ball with kids. What is more surprising is the fact that Poodles can make themselves adaptable to any kind of climate. They can fit easily in both hot and cold climates. These happy dogs may appear active and alert on the arrival of strangers due to their original wildlife instinct. However, they can be reluctant to go near other pets.   

6. They can also be called energy balls.

Poodles are a ball of energy
(Source: Askideas)

Poodles are smaller than any other dog breed. But they do not let their size come in the way of their agility. Poodles are hyper-active dogs. Being hunter dogs, they contain a lot of energy. For games like fetch, these dogs are the most ideal ones. 

The sturdy body of the Poodle makes them a perfect hunting dog. These dogs are even suitable for taking on long walks and even for jogging. They also have water-resistant coats and webbed feet for swimming smoothly and fast in the water.

However, as an owner, one must ensure to release their excess energy so that they are not destructive when left alone.

7. Poodle cut is not for fashion.

Poodles known for their looks
(Source: Groomer to Groomer) 

We may consider Poodles to be the showstopper for fashionable dogs. But, in reality, the hairs of Poodle have more purpose than they look. An interesting fact about Poodles is that their fur is known as hairs. There may not be much difference between the two words, but just like human hair, their hair never stops growing. It also undergoes hormonal changes just like any other human hair.

The beautiful hair of Poodles has a purpose. Proper grooming of their hair can allow them to participate in various sport events like swimming and running. The hairs of the Poodle contain moisture. This makes the dog heavy while in the water, and sticky when it is out of water. Owners can provide excess warmth to the chest of these dogs to prevent them from stickiness.

8. There are sleepyheads.

Poodles are sleepheads..They sleep a lot
(Source: Reddit)

A fun fact about Poodles is that they are big sleepyheads. This breed requires at least 13 hours of sleep daily. Being active dogs, they are not prone to obesity. Therefore, sleep doesn’t hurt them much.

Puppies who are of 8 months require a sleep of minimum sleep of 15-18 hours. This is one of the normal characteristics of Poodle. Lesser nap intervals can make them mentally lethargic. Some owners even consider this sleep as beauty sleep.  Those who own Poodle should not push them to play during their sleeping time.

9. Owning beautiful colour coats is in their genes.

Poodles come in different colors
(Source: Delphi Forums)

Poodles have about 11 different colour coats. An interesting and fun fact about Poodles is that they have unique coloured coats. The different coat colours include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Apricot
  • Cream
  • Black and white
  • Sable
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Red

Black is considered to be the most common coat colour. Here we again find a similarity of Poodle’s hair with that of human hair. Sometimes, these black hairs of poodles may fade with time and become silver or even blue. Poodles with brown coats colour are more preferred to be taken to dog shows. Apricot Poodles are considered to be the rarest coat colour. Being genetically bred, this colour is the last to be developed.  

10. Elvis loves them!

Elvis Presley a lover of Poodles
(Source: Pinterest)

American icon Elvis Presley was one of the greatest admirers of Poodles. He earned his fame as a reputed singer and was known as the “King of Rock and Roll” all over the world. But besides his fascination for music, he also adored dogs. Poodles were among his favourites. 

He had three Poodles namely Champagne, SweetPea and Duke. He gave away Champagne to his girlfriend. The other two Poodles lived in Graceland till he finally gave them to his mother to look after.

Other owners who owned a Poodle include Jackie Kennedy, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Walt Disney himself.

11. Biggest attraction of Dog shows.

Poodle in dog shows

A fun fact about Poodles is that they have been one of the biggest attractions of various dog shows. The first Poodle to win a title in the dog show was Ch. Wilber White Swan. In 1956, she won the title for ‘Best in show’ at Westminster

Poodles with their skills have attracted many dog owners from over the world. Even till this date, Poodles have defeated other dog breeds like Golden retriever and German shepherd and obtained numerous titles. The dog to win the title for ‘Best in Show’ in 2020 at 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was also a Black standard Poodle named Siba.


Given above were the surprising fun facts about Poodles. This dog breed is also known to be the smartest dog breed. It has also excelled in various fields due to its intelligence. A Poodle named Seamus won the Guinness Book of World Record for living for 20 years and 298 days.  The breed’s excellence dates back to the 1630s when Rembrandt drew his self-portrait with his pet poodle. 

Being one of the most recognizable dog breeds, Poodle also has many of its paintings drawn by the Spanish artist Francisco Goya. Its popularity makes it the 7th most popular breed in the United States.

Q. Is the hair of Poodle Hypoallergenic?

Yes, the hair of Poodle is a single-layered coat that is hypoallergenic.

Q. How did poodles gain popularity?

In the 15th-16th century, a German artist named Albrecht Dürerm drew Poodles. It was then this dog breed started gaining popularity.

Q. Has Poodle taken part only in the Toy group in a dog show?

Poodles have taken part in Sporting, Non-Sporting and Toy groups for various dog shows.

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