Top 15 Interesting and Fun Facts About Doberman

You may have the notion that Doberman Pinschers are aggressive dogs. Given this breed’s athletic build, perked ears, alert eyes, and almost ready-to-attack posture at most times, we can’t say we blame you.  In fact, this sleek tan-coated dog has many traits that may pleasantly surprise you. The Doberman dog breed is a highly intelligent, alert, and tenaciously loyal companion to humans. Originating from the country of Germany, they are highly versatile dogs and excel in the field of agility and companionship. But before we judge this breed lets look into some of their unique fun facts which will surely surprise you.

Here are some of the most interesting and fun facts about Doberman for you to consider.

This breed owes its name to a German Tax Collector

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany was the one to first establish the lineage of this species in the late 1800s. He was a taxman and wanted a fierce watchdog to accompany him on his rounds. He also kept the local pound, where he had access to several strays.  It was his need for protection that led to the existence of a kind that would have exceptional power, endurance, swiftness, sharpness, and loyalty as their key traits. The breed came to be known as Dobermann thanks to the name of its creator.

But after he passed away, it was  Phillip Greunig and Otto Goeller who transformed this dog breed into the sort of dog breed what we know today. It was also named Doberman Pinscher. Pinscher was however discarded by most nations later on with the United States of America and Canada being the only exceptions.

They are a blend of different breeds

The Doberman’s history is quite blurred and not much is known about which breeds were bred to create this wonderful dog. They are believed to be a hybrid of many different dog breeds. Some of which are Rottweiler, German Shepherd, German Pinscher, Thuringian Shepherd Dog, Weimaraner, Black Greyhound, German Shorthair Pointer and Great Dane. If you compare the origin of the Doberman with other breeds, you will find it to be a comparatively newer kind.

Many believe that the ferocious and ruthless nature of Dobermans came from the Rottweilers and Pitbulls. However, one should note that their genetic makeup has significantly changed over time, and the Doberman we know today is a far more obedient, gentle, and sociable version than it was in the past.

A Stray Doberman was accidentally sworn in as President

According to a post by, a stray Doberman Pinscher sprinted straight past the secret service and reportedly knocked over Joe Biden, to lick his face and then accidentally placed his right front paw on the Bible, right at the same moment when Chief Justice John Roberts started reciting the oath of office. What followed next was a state of confusion which left everyone awestruck. A number of twitter users confirmed this story to be true.

Doberman Pinschers have won over four titles in the Westminster Dog Show

The breed has aced the Westminster Dog Show four times in total – in the years 1939, 1952, 1953, and 1989. The Doberman named Storm was even awarded the Best in Show award multiple times and owned the Westminster Kennel Club’s big green carpet back-to-back in 1952 and 1953. Doberman was the one out of the only seven breeds to have bagged this award multiple times. A lot of the success can be attributed to Storm’s great-grandsire named Geraldine who was the first one to pave this path for the breed.

They are great family dogs

The Doberman is extremely loyal dog. At the same time it is equally protective of its owner and its family. Dobermans are highly intelligent and people oriented dogs and are extremely loyal, loving and excellent family pets. They are also great with kids that are raised with them. It is important to train your Doberman with kids and socialize them from an early age. They are generally full of energy and can be great playmates. Dobermans are one of the highly ranked guard dogs and can not only bark to alert the owner but are equally swift enough to take any action if needed.

Early training and socialization can help them become devoted guardians of the family. As an owner, one must have the right mindset and correct disposition while training these smart kids.

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They are intelligent, 5th smartest to be specific

According to a study by Stanley Coren, the canine psychologist, Doberman holds the 5th position in the list of smartest dogs in the world. Those higher than them are the Border Collie, the Poodle, the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever.

The research was based on the capacity of the species to pick up new commands and adhere to them. It was found that Doberman can learn up to 50 terms from human language and were able to grasp new things 5 times quicker than the other breeds.

Their strong desire to please their owners makes them hard workers. Hence, if you know the right tricks, training a Doberman won’t be much difficult for you.

They are subjected to docking

A Doberman just like any other dog breed is born with a long tail and droopy ears. But many owners and breeders practice docking their dog’s tails and ears. The major reason behind that is not to beautify the kind but to increase their level of performance as guard dogs. It is believed that this will increase their hearing abilities and minimise the risk of tail injuries. 

But several veterinarians and scientists are against this procedure as they do not consider this procedure to be very necessary. Besides some countries have even banned this practice including the likes of the UK and Australia.

In the International dog exhibitions, you will see a combination of both depending on which nation they are from. Some organizers also demand a certificate to know the legitimacy of the docking process.

They are great in Schutzhund

Doberman Pinschers are excellent for a variety of games since they are swift and smart. Schutzhund is one such game where these qualities are quite advantageous. This game was initially designed for German Shepherds to evaluate the different characteristics of the breed and identify the weaklings.

As it demands remarkable endurance, agility, strength, and intelligence, this sport is ideally meant for only a few dog breeds. All of these suited Doberman aptly and a Doberman named Bingo von Ellendonk actually became the first one to get the perfect score of 300 in this sport.

Their ancestors were World War II heroes

The Dobermans have played a key role in different military and police activities. World War II is one such example where these dogs assisted the military forces in a number of ways throughout the conflict. A Doberman named Kurt lost his life to a grenade while alerting the soldiers of an incoming threat. He was a war hero who managed to save several lives.

Another Doberman who deserves a mention is Cappy. He warned the army of the impending Japanese forces and saved the lives of around 250 American marines. Cappy also became the first dog to be laid to rest in what eventually evolved into a military dog cemetery. You will also find a statue of Cappy made of bronze on top of the World War II Dog Memorial.

The names of 24 more Doberman Pinschers who fought in the war and lost their lives defending US Marines from the Japanese army are listed next to Cappy’s name. This demonstrates how Doberman Pinschers were a man’s greatest buddy throughout the war.

Doberman Pinschers in America are less fierce

Doberman Pinschers were bred to be violent dogs in the past due to the jobs they were meant to do. However, over the course of time, they have become much less hostile.

What’s more interesting is that the American Doberman Pinschers are specifically less ferocious than those from Europe. This is because of the different breeding practices adopted by the Americans.

Breeders of the Doberman Pinscher purposefully aimed to reduce some of the type’s more aggressive characteristics while concentrating on enhancing the other characteristics shared by this breed, such as intellectual abilities and loyalty.

However, which version of the species is better completely depends on the preference of the owner.

They are found in four colors officially

Typically, when people think about Doberman Pinschers, they picture a brown and black dog. However, there are nine different color combinations, but the American Kennel Club lists only four recognized color variations for this kind. They are:

  • Rust and Black
  • Rust and Fawn
  • Rust and Blue
  • Rust and Red

The shade of Doberman is controlled mainly by two color genes – the black gene and the color dilution gene. You can bring up to nine combinations by mixing these genes. The dominant gene will determine the outcome.

It is worth mentioning that the fawn and blue shades are produced by the color dilution gene and are thought to represent a condition called Color Dilution Alopecia. Sadly, these dogs are more vulnerable to several skin-related diseases.

The White Doberman is not recognized

The American Kennel Club does not officially recognize the white variant of Doberman Pinschers. The cream color canine with white markings named as Sheba was first made in 1976, and was then bred with her male offspring who was later coupled with his younger sisters.  This kind also features vivid blue eyes, which is thought to be an albinism trait.

The primary reason why this variant is not acknowledged by the Government is because the color is a result of gene mutation that prevents melanin from being produced in oculocutaneous structures. These canines are named Tyrosinase-positive albinoids.

They are vulnerable to cold temperatures

Doberman Pinschers are powerful dogs, however, they do not do well in cold conditions. Dobermans are one of those dog breeds that needs a dog coat in winters. They have smooth, single layered coats with short hairs that lie close enough to the body. Also, their low body fat and lean physique are one of the main reasons behind their extreme sensitivity to cold.

They normally have a body temperature between 101 to 102.5 degree Fahrenheit and if the temperature goes below 100 degree for sustained period of time it can be dangerous. They are expected to wear a winter jacket in cold weather. As an owner one must be aware that Dobie are susceptible to diseases like Frostbite and Hypothermia in cold weather.  

To keep your dog healthy and comfortable, it is best to take the necessary safety measures when taking them out during the winter months.

Ch. Borong the Warlock is the most successful performer among all Dobermans

Dobermans are renowned for excelling in every endeavor in which they take part. However, Ch. Borong the Warlock, a Doberman, is one of the greatest performers ever. He has received championship awards from three separate nations. Additionally, he was the only competitor to win the Doberman Pinscher Club of America National Specialty Show thrice.

The success story is far from over for Borong, who also held further distinctions to his credit like:

  • 30 Best in Specialty Shows 
  • 66 Working Groups, 
  • 6 all-breed Best in Shows
  • 230 Best of Breed

In 1961, he was also declared best of its kind in a Top Ten competitive sports event by Doberman experts.

Dobermans have widely been the subject of various movies

Dobermans, owing to the ease of training them, have widely been used in various movies as the major subject. Beethoven, America’s Sweethearts, The Boss, The Boys from Brazil, Chinese Zodiac, and The Daring Dobermans are some amazing movies surrounding the breed. The most notable one is The Doberman Gang featuring six packs of Dobermans (as robbers) that rob the bank and are named after six robbers. 

In fact, this famous breed has also made many famous celebrities their paw parent namely William Shatner, Hunter S Thompson, Beatrice Arthur, John F Kennedy, Rudolph Valentino and even Kendall Jenner. 


We hope you enjoyed reading some amazing fun facts about Dobermans. So, if you love dogs and looking for a breed that can make your day amazing as well as secure, then you can surely adopt a Doberman. They are intelligent, energetic, alert, and loyal to their human friends. They easily adapt to home environment and are great companions of people. Having said that one must be vigilant with the aggressive nature of Doberman and must ensure a healthy living and training to make them great dog breeds.


Q. Are Dobermans difficult to train?

Dobermans are one of those dogs popular for their intelligence and ability to take up training fast and retain it throughout their lives, but they can be best trained when they are still in the puppy stage!

Q. Why are Doberman ears cropped?

Cropped ears in Dobermans nowadays usually are not associated with any significant reason but are simply done to either comply with show standards or just because of the pet owner’s personal preference.

Q. Are female or male Dobermans better?

The female Dobermans are said to have better off-leash skills compared to the male ones. Usually, the females have better recalling capacity and are less likely to chase other dogs or endanger strangers.

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