Raincoat for Dogs – List of Dog’s Raincoats for the Rainy season

We have already learnt about the after-effects of rain in the case of dogs.(Click here). Just like their hooman, they also enjoy the rain. But, the troubles they encounter can be dangerous. Therefore, raincoats for dogs are a must! 

Most of the time, dogs do not need jackets or coats while going on walks during the rainy season. Dogs like Boxers and Bulldogs are far away from getting wet in the rain. But at times, dog’s raincoats can be of some benefit.

On windy days, a jacket can be useful for dogs like Golden Retriever to protect them from cold. To know more about these dog’s raincoats and jackets, we have dug deeper and learnt about the top 10 best raincoats for dogs. You can easily find them on Amazon, in case you wanna buy one.

Top 10 best raincoat for dogs in the rainy season:

1. Dog in Tuxedo raincoat

Raincoat of Tuxedo Raincoat
Raincoat of Tuxedo Raincoat

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Known to be among the best raincoats for dogs, the Dog in Tuxedo raincoat is a double-layered coat with a hoodie that protects your dog from wind and light rain. These coats are durable, have Velcro adjustments and are easy to wear. The size of this coat varies from 14-19.  Depending on your canine, you can choose the right size for him/her.  It has bright colours for more visibility and is lighter than it looks. 

Features of Tuxedo Raincoat:

Size14, 16,19
ColourPink, Magenta
BrandThat Dog in Tuxedo
Fabric typeWaterproof fabric
PatternSolid colours
Water Resistance Level99% waterproof
Product care instructionsMachine-wash
Closure typeHook and loop

Various customers have viewed this product to be safe and comfortable. It has received only 5-star ratings from its viewers. Some buyers have also reviewed how their dogs are no more irritated while walking on the streets during rain. For sizes 14 and 16, the price is ₹1499 and for size 19, the cost is ₹1599 in India.

2. Doxters full coverage Dog raincoat:

Doxters full coverage Dog raincoat
Doxters full coverage Dog raincoat

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This raincoat for dogs is among the most durable ones. The Doxters full coverage raincoat covers nearly the entire body of the dog. It also covers the belly and the legs and prevents the body from coming into contact with dirt.

This rainwear has a strong Ripstock fabric that prevents the fabric from ripping and reflective tapes so that it is visible even in dark. The appearance of the coat is similar to the dress of a football coach. 

This raincoat for dogs has an opening for urination and has an adjustable hood cap to protect the sensitive doggy ears. This coat is available for dogs of all sizes including Chihuahua, Pug, Labrador retriever, German shepherd and Rottweiler

Features of Doxters rain coat:

Size14- 32
Neck StyleCollared
Water-resistance level99% waterproof
Product care instructionsMachine-wash
Closure typeHook and loop

About 82% of the customers have reviewed Doxters to be the best brand for their dogs during the rainy season. The opening for potty and urination is considered the best feature for this coat. Some buyers have been informed that these dog’s raincoats fit their dogs perfectly. The cost of this product in India is between ₹1,249 – ₹2,149

3. GabeFish Pets raincoat:

GabeFish Pets raincoat

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This polyester blend raincoat is one of the best raincoats for dogs. It has a completely waterproof outer shell that will protect the dog’s body from rain showers. It also has fastener straps on each leg and a hood that can be drawn over the dog’s full face. A drawback for this product is that you need to cut the pee-hole for your dog if it is a male. 

These coats also have Velcro adjustable system and a bottom closure which makes it easier to open the coat. It has an in-built hole that lets you attach the collar. This coat can undergo extreme climatic conditions like rainstorm weather or hurricane. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily carried everywhere. You have about 9 different colours to choose from.

Features of GabeFish Pets raincoat

ColourRed grey, blue-grey, neon grey, yellow-grey, pink grey, green-grey, orange grey, brown grey and white grey
Neck styleCowl
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
Product care instructionsMachine-wash, Hand-wash
Closure typeVelcro and Button

However, not many buyers are satisfied after buying this product. They have complained that the size chart for this product is not correct. Without the pee-hole, many customers are also facing difficulty in using it. Besides, it is more expensive than the other coats. The price of this dog’s raincoat in India is ₹10,775.

4. UEETEK Pet Dog raincoat:

UEETEK Pet Dog raincoat

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The UEETEK Pet Raincoat is one of the best raincoats for dogs. Made with 100% polyester fibre, this raincoat is highly durable. It does not suffocate the canine. Rather, it makes it easier for the dog to breathe.

The raincoat is designed in such a manner that its hood fits perfectly and protects the puppies from rains. It has buttons in the chest and an elastic band at the end. This makes it very convenient for the owner to open the raincoat. 

The design of this dog’s raincoat will surely grab the attention of the buyers. It has a sweet appearance and will make your dog look fresh. However, a drawback of this product is that it does not have a warranty. 

Features of UEETEK Pet dog raincoat:

SizeS: 42cm(Chest), 28cm(Back)M: 47cm(Chest), 33cm(Back)L: 52cm(Chest), 38cm(Back)XL: 57cm(Chest), 43cm(Back)XXL: 62cm(Chest), 48cm(Back)
Neck StyleRound
Water Resistance Level80% waterproof
Product Care InstructionsMachine-wash, Hand-wash

Unfortunately, those who have bought this item are not satisfied with its performance. They complain about the size not fitting the size chart. The price of this product in India is ₹899-₹929.

5. Kitty & the Woof Gang Green Dual Layered Raincoat:

Kitty & The Woof Gang Green Dual Layered Raincoat

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This is a dual-layered raincoat that has a cape that can be used for dogs, puppies and even cats. This stylish raincoat for dogs has a comfortable fitting and covers almost the entire body. It is made of 100% polyester fibre, both inside and outside. Being covered completely, this dog’s raincoat protects canines from mosquito’s bites or other fleas. However, the colour of the product may differ from the actual one.

Features of Kitty & the Woof Gang Green Dual Layered Raincoat:

SizeXS(10 inch),S (12-inch), M (14-inch), L (16-inch), XL (18-inch), XXL (22-inch), 3XL (28-inch) and 4XL (30-inch)
ColourGreen, Blue, Red, Yellow
BrandKitty& The Woof Gang
Neck StyleRound
Water-resistance Level99% resistant
Product care instructionsHand-wash
Closure TypeVelcro

Viewers have claimed this product to be highly durable. It completely covers the body of the canine without suffocating them. Customers find that this raincoat for dogs keeps the body warm during all kinds of weather. The price of this product in India is ₹400 which makes it highly reasonable.

6. Hurtta extreme warmer Dog Winter Coat:

Hurtta extreme warmer Dog Winter Coat

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This is also among the best raincoats for dogs that owners can buy. It has a special foil lining material that keeps the body warm and uses the dog’s body heat to check blood circulation. The heat reflectors of this jacket make it superior to any other winter jacket. The heat protection of this jacket also protects the neck and chest portion of the dog. The product also has a warming tricot hood.

This makes the jacket water-resistant. Any dog breed wearing this product will be comfortable and warm, inside-out.

Features of Hurtta extreme warmer Dog Winter Coat: 

Size16 inch
ColourOrange, grey, printed pink, lingon, printed green
MaterialFoil lining on the inside
Water-resistance level99% waterproof
Neck typeRound
Product care instructionsMachine-wash
Closure typeBuckle

Customers have found this jacket to be very comfortable and durable. Especially in extreme conditions, users found this product useful. The protective rear hem and adjustable collar and back make it even more convenient. The price of this product in India is ₹5,510.

7. Pro Plums dog raincoat:

Pro Plums dog raincoat
Pro Plums dog raincoat

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One of the most adjustable raincoats for dogs is the Pro Plums dog raincoat. The size of this coat is adjustable. Therefore, there are fewer chances of buying a raincoat that is not the correct size. This dog’s raincoat can fit the breed of any size.  It has reflective rims that make it visible even in low light.

The jacket also has a hole to harness the collar of your dog, so that it does not get lost. It has a thermal interaction of mesh lining. This keeps the dog warm during the rainy season. Also, the fabric is lightweight and portable. You can easily carry this product anywhere. The poncho covers most parts of the body from both rain and cold. 

Features of Pro Plums dog raincoat

Size12 inch-14 inch
ColourNavy blue and grey
BrandPro plums
PatternGeometric and solid
Water Resistance Level90% Waterproof
Closure TypeBuckle

Customers find this product quite fitting and comfortable. Some have also appreciated the design and weight of the product. These coats have wide-chest and are easily adjustable. The price of this product in India is ₹1,420.

8. Ellie dog wear raincoat:

Ellie dog wear raincoat

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This raincoat for dogs has a double-layered design along with a zip-up and some additional buttons. This makes it even more adjustable for every dog breed. The material is highly water-resistant and will keep your dog away from rainwater. Another advantage of this product is that it has multiple pockets. Therefore, you can easily store a lot of things in those mini pockets.

The hoodie of this product can also be removed, making it even more fashionable. This raincoat for dogs has an opening in the back so that owners can harness the collar of their dogs. 

Features of Ellie dog wear raincoat :

BrandEllie Dog wear
Neck StyleRound
Water Resistance Level99% waterproof
Closure typeButton-lock, zip

Customers consider this dog’s raincoat as the most convenient tool for their canines. It also protects their bellies from rainwater puddles and keeps them neat and clean. In case, the rain stops, the owners can simply open their dog’s hoodie. The price of this product in India is ₹3720.

9. Ccypet Small dog raincoat:

Ccypet Small dog raincoat

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This raincoat for dogs is one of the cutest innovations. Designed especially for puppies, these coats completely protect the bellies of the dogs. In case you think of buying it for big dogs, it is recommended not to do so. These coats have a transparent hoodie with four elastic cuffs. They are highly comfortable. Canines can easily breathe within this coat, be it rainy or snowy weather.

Made with 100% polyester material, this product is waterproof and can be easily folded into a small pouch. This makes it portable for treks and beaches. Dog pups can have different sizes. Therefore, make sure you check the size chart before buying the product.

Features of Ccypet Small dog raincoat: :

SizeL(14 inch), X (16 inch), XL (18 inch)
Product care instructionsMachine wash, hand-wash
Neck styleRound
Water-resistance Level99% waterproof
Closure typeButtock lock

Customers who have brought this product are extremely satisfied with it. It makes their pup look more adorable and protects their overall body. Also, the fitting of this product is up to the mark. The price of this product in India is ₹1,190.

10. Ethical pet fashion raincoat:

Ethical pet fashion raincoat

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One of the most stylish and comfortable raincoats for dogs is the Ethical pet fashion raincoat. The colour of this dog’s coat has a vibrant yellow tint with a fully covered spotty body. The fabric is made up of 100% polyester fibre that makes the dog’s raincoat waterproof. This way, the skin of the dogs will remain dry during every climate. 

This poncho has a Velcro system and has fastenings both on the chest and the belly. This way the canine is fully protected from puddles and dirt. You can find this raincoat in various sizes. All you need to do is measure your dog’s size according to the size chart. The black and white reflective stripes on the body of the coat make it easier to identify the dogs, even in the dark.

Features of Ethical pet fashion raincoat:

SizeXXS (6”-8”)XS (8”-10“)S (10”-14”)M (16”-18”)L (19”-24”)XL (24”-29”)XXL (29”-34”)
ColourRed, yellow
BrandSPOT ethical products
Product care instructionsMachine-wash, Hand-wash
Water Resistance Level99% waterproof
Closure typeVelcro

Customers love the way the product covers most parts of their pet’s body. The product fits well with the body of the canine. The price of the product in India is ₹800


Raincoats have become a necessity for almost every dog. The above-given raincoats for dogs will keep them dry almost the entire year. It will protect them from dirty puddles and wet mud. Also, wearing raincoats will reduce your time in trying to dry them after a rainy walk. 

As an owner, you would want to do anything to protect your dog- be it from rain, or fleas and diseases. If seen carefully, wearing raincoats causes no harm to the canines. If you feel the need to make your pets wear boots, check that it fits them properly. Boots can make your pets slip.

Q. Which raincoat is best for dogs?

There are many raincoats for dogs. The Pro Plums dog raincoat and Ellie Dog wear Raincoat are among the best raincoats for dogs.

Q. Which dog breed needs a raincoat?

Mostly, Boxers and French Bulldogs are dogs who do not like rain. Therefore, they are mostly in need of a raincoat.

Q. Do dogs need boots on a rainy day?

Boots can be slippery for dogs if they do not fit me correctly. Try to use boots that fit your dog’s paws correctly.

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