Pros and Cons of Adopting a Rottweiler

Rottie’ as enthusiasts call them or the Rottweiler dog breed is one of the impressive dog breeds. These dogs have an attractive stature and are loyal to their owners. They are also known for their strong build and protective nature. Back in the day, Rottweiler breeds were used by butchers to protect their money. With time, these instincts have transformed them into loyal breeds. 

Just like any other dog breed, the Rottweiler breed loves the company of people. Therefore, if you are thinking of making them your furry companion, go for it! But this dog breed also has certain pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before adopting one of them. Given below are a list of the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler.

Pros and Cons of Adopting a Rottweiler:

Owning a Rottweiler as your pet makes your life more entertaining and active. They would love to stick by your side, irrespective of where you go or what you do. The pros of adopting a Rottweiler are:

#1: Rottweilers are known to be the best guard dogs: 

Considering the character traits of a Rottweiler, we can easily assume them to be the best guard dogs. This point should be noted under the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler. Unlike other breeds, they do not bark. Instead, they are courageous enough to face their fears alone. They have all the traits of a guard dog- strength, fearlessness and fitness. These breeds also learn quickly and perform their tasks with utter perfection. 

#2: Rottweiler lives longer :

Rottweiler has a long lifespan. Therefore, you don’t have to think of losing your best friend in a few years. While the life expectancy for most of these breeds is 12-14 years, some even last longer, i.e., 13-15 years. The lasting of any dog depends mostly on how well you treat them. However, there are unfortunate circumstances where Rottweilers die out of other health issues like cancer. Researches confirm that around 40% of the Rottweiler dog breeds have died due to cancer. 

#3: Rottweiler are the best trainees:

Training Rottweilers is as easy as making Alexa play your favourite song. These obedient breeds are always ready to follow any instruction you give. Their intelligence makes them quick learners. However, the pro and cons of adopting a Rottweiler are that they need to be trained at an early age or else, they may end up being an aggressive dog breed. 

#4: Rottweiler have a lovely temperament: 

Rottweilers are considered to be among the most aggressive dog breeds. But, they can also have a great temperament when introduced properly to their surroundings. Proper socializing, make these dogs perfect for families. They are affectionate dogs and would love to spend time with their owners.  Especially with children, this breed creates a special unbreakable bond. Under the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler, one must ensure that they are socialised while they are still young.  

#5: They can be groomed easily:

The Rottweiler dog breed has a short coat. Therefore, grooming them is no fuss. Cleaning the teeth, face and coat strengthens the bond between you and your dog. But excessive shedding can be a part of the pro and cons of adopting a Rottweiler. Brush them regularly to reduce their shedding. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush while brushing them. 

#6: Rottweiler are perfect family dogs: 

Rottweiler are family dogs
(Source: Canna-pet)

Adopting a Rottweiler is a job of great responsibility. But once you’ve reached the periphery, it’s fun! Rottweilers are an adorable breed that sticks to you, no matter what. All they want in return is some love and care from you. They enjoy the company of kids, but with small children, they may not react well. Therefore, you should keep a check on them and see if they are not getting provoked in any manner under such situations. 

The Rottweiler dog breed has several reasons to be loved. But also there are certain disadvantages of this breed. However, these disadvantages are nothing compared to the benefits they own.

The cons of adopting a Rottweiler are:

#1: Rottweiler have a tendency to get ill: 

Health issues are common for Rottweilers. It is an important point under the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler. Issues like bloating, cancer, Obsession Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Epilepsy are some of the common problems that a Rottweiler has to deal with.  As a result, they lose their lifespan, strength and sometimes even become disabled. As an owner, you must take good care of your ‘Rottie’ and consult a vet in times of need.

#2: Rottweiler are victims of breed discrimination:

A recently developed problem in the world of dogs is breed discrimination. Countries like the United States have expressed their dislike for this breed as it is considered to be a dangerous and aggressive one. Therefore, even if you think of owning one, you may not be able to take them out on walks or sightseeing. 

#3: They need proper exercise: 

Rottweiler need training and exercise
(Source: Listland)

Rottweilers are considered to be obedient dogs. Just like any other dog breed, Rottweilers need hard training. These active dogs need at least 2 hours of exercise to keep them in check. While evaluating the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler, you’ll need to focus on this point. Proper training and exercise will also reduce their destructive behaviour.  

#4: Farting and drooling are its bad habits:

The imagination of a dog farting is funny in itself. But when it turns into a habit, you may feel irritating. Such habits may not be changed, but you can reduce them. Charcoal biscuits can help you reduce the smell of the fart. During food expectations and while sleeping, this breed tends to drool. Unfortunately, this habit cannot be stopped.  

#5: Just like humans, they need more ‘space’: 

If your family lives in an apartment, Rottweilers may not be the ideal breed for you. They need more space to roam around. But, if you have a house to yourself with a lawn, these dog breeds are your best choice. You can easily spend your time playing with them outside. A pro and con of adopting a Rottweiler are that they are not for all homes.   

#6: Strangers and small kids are not welcomed at their home:

These dog breeds may be loyal, but they still have aggression in them. Rottweilers are not friendly towards strangers. Even towards small kids, they show dislike. All this can be caused by improper socialization. A con of adopting a Rottweiler is that it can become destructive and aggressive towards strangers and kids if you don’t socialize them from a tender age.

Rottweiler and its cost:

Rottweilers are expensive dog breeds. A purebred Rottweiler may cots within $2000-$8000. The cost of this breed is high not only because it is an effective breed but also because it is among the oldest dog breeds.  

For taking care of these dogs, you may need to spend an amount of $150/month. These include vaccine cost, food, toys and even insurance. If you take good care of your Rottie, he might live longer than you expect. The dogs that are cheaply bred tend to have a shorter life span. This is also an important fact under the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler. 

Tips on adopting a Rottweiler:

There are certain things that one must know before adopting a Rottweiler. These are:

  • Educate yourself about a Rottweiler’s size and strength before adopting them.
  • Take some time before choosing the right dog for you. 
  • Make some changes to your daily schedule. These dogs will need most of your attention.
  • If you live in a rented house, ask the landlord if it’s ok to keep this breed at home. Some can be scared of them.
  • For the lawn, the fencing should be high. These dogs tend to break away. 
  • Before adopting a Rottweiler, make sure you learn about its history from the breeder. 

These are the tips you must know besides the pros and cons of adopting a Rottweiler. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you train them. 


Being an owner, you should also learn about the things that will keep your Rottie happy. An owner needs to create a beautiful relationship with their dog. As an owner, you are recommended to not pet any other animal or dog when you adopt a Rottweiler. They are not very social dogs; therefore, keeping them with other pets might worsen the situation. A Rottweiler might end up dominating the others. However, for a Rottweiler puppy, the picture can be a different one. 


Q. Do Rottweilers need mental stimulation?

As an intelligent dog breed, Rottweilers may require mental stimulation in the form of training.

Q. Are Rottweilers working dogs?

Bred to be butcher’s guard dogs, Rottweilers have become good guard dogs over time. Working can be considered as their favourite sport. 

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