Top 10 Common Myths About Rottweilers

Even though people love dogs, they still follow certain myths that are not true. Dogs like Rottweilers develop a bad reputation due to these misconceptions. As far as sources are concerned, Rottweilers are one of the best dog breeds. They are very loyal to their owners and are highly protective of them. 

They can also get aggressive, provided that, they are not trained to socialize at a young age. Those who have owned a Rottweiler in the past or are still fortunate to have their furry companion lying next to them will know that the various myths circulated among dog lovers about this dog breed are completely delusional. 

Given below are some of the common myths about Rottweilers that you must have heard at least once in your lifetime.  

Top 10 common myths about Rottweilers:

Rottweilers are a vicious breed: 

One of the most common myths about Rottweiler that is famous among dog lovers is that they are highly aggressive. If observed, these dogs were mostly bred to herd and protect livestock. Therefore, being aggressive becomes a part of their basic natural trait. But, this character does not define them.

The truth behind this common myth about Rottweilers is that they are an impressive dog breed. They demand love and return it in the same manner. Frankly speaking, these dog breeds are highly affectionate and caring. 

Top 10 common myths about Rottweilers

However, the aggression of this dog breed can be a result of improper training. The breed reaches its puberty at 6-9 months and begins to socialize at an age of 18-36 months. During these times, an owner should be ready to train his puppy.

Without proper socialization, they might start misbehaving by attacking strangers or even its owner.  

Rottweilers cannot be trained: 

Another common myth about Rottweilers is that they are very stubborn. Some even believe that they can be disobedient towards their owners during training sessions. Honestly, this is the worst misconception! Rottweilers are among the most intelligent and loyal dog breeds in the world. They have a strong determination and even use their mind for tackling serious situations. 

Rottweiler can be trained

About 2000 years ago, these dogs were descended from the drover dogs for working purposes. In Germany, they came to be known as Rottweiler Metzgerhund (Butchers’ dogs) since their work was to pull carts laden with meat to the market. Their obedience towards their owners made them a loyal breed.

Thus, you can call them anything but stubborn. In present times they are working with the military and the Police. They have also turned out to be among the best service dogs because of their intellect and compliance. 

Rottweilers attack children more than strangers: 

Have you ever heard about dogs not being friendly with kids? Hope not! But there is a common myth about Rottweilers that say that they are very aggressive with kids. Somehow, people fail to provide complete information. Rottweilers attack children only if they are not properly trained. Also, dogs aren’t humans.

They have no idea how to behave with kids. Therefore, several attacks take place due to a lack of supervision. 

Rottweilers are known to be the best guard dog. They are very protective of their family. Therefore, this common myth about Rottweilers is completely false. Even dogs like Pit Bull, Terrier or Chihuahua can attack kids.

Researches have confirmed that about 87% of dog attack cases have taken place in the past. But, these accidents were caused because the kids misbehaved with the dogs. So, before accusing the dog to be aggressive, one can surely teach his/her kid how to behave with pets. 

Rottweilers prefer the outdoors: 

A common myth about Rottweilers is that they are not fond of homes. To justify this myth, you might need to adopt one. Some Rottweilers are even considered to be junkyard dogs, as portrayed by various TV series. But, in reality, Rottweilers love human company. They spend time both indoors and outdoors depending on the position of their owner. 

Rottweiler prefer both indoors and outdoors

But, we still cannot ignore the fact that they need space for their entertainment. These dogs are about 23-28 inches tall. Also, they are filled with energy. Therefore, you cannot keep them indoors forever. They need regular exercise to burn out their excess energy. 

Owners who live in apartments may face some difficulty in training their Rottweiler. While owners who live in a house can easily own a Rottweiler and prove the common myth about Rottweilers wrong.  

Rottweilers do not shed: 

Rottweilers may have a short coat, but this does not mean they don’t shed. This common myth about Rottweilers not shedding is false. Rottweilers have a double coat and are moderate shedders. They shed throughout the year. However, their shedding increases during spring and autumn. 

Rottweiler shed a lot

Shedding maintains the full and healthy fur coat of every dog breed. Sometimes, even seasonal changes can convert the colour of their coats. But, excessive shedding of the hair follicles is not good. Brush your Rottweiler regularly using a soft bristle brush to control its shedding. Grooming it thrice a week can also improve its coat type.

You can even brush them before a bath so that most of the shedding fur is removed. Try to wash them only when they are dirty. Bathing them regularly might increase their shedding speed. 

Rottweilers turn on their owners: 

A common myth about Rottweilers is that they turn on their owners. However, this is not true. Just like every other dog breed, Rottweilers are human’s most loyal companions. It is, therefore, very unlikely of them to turn on their owners. 

Rottweiler are good with owners

The breeding purpose of this dog is the most valid proof to show that Rottweilers are a loyal breed. They protect their owners from every possible danger and keep them at arm’s length from any suspicious stranger who tries to approach them. People have heard about a case where a Rottie bites his owner.

But these accidents are mere examples of an owner mistreating his dog. If they are treated with love and care, attacking their owner is the last thing they’ll do. Such features have led Rottweilers to be the 8th most popular dog breed in the world. 

Rottweilers bark a lot: 

As aggressive dog breeds, we consider Rottweilers to bark.  But in reality, this common myth about Rottweilers barking is not true. Rottweilers are silent dogs. Those who have bred this breed will know that they are not very vocal. Rather, they are the silent type. 

Rottweiler do not always bark

Barking is the only means of communication for dogs. Therefore, it is very uncommon for a dog to not bark. But for this breed, barking is something they’ll avoid the most. At the age of 2, these dogs start developing their protective instinct.

However, it may vary from one dog to another. This breed may start barking seriously when it feels there is a threat to its family.

While meeting strangers, it will observe them quietly before barking as a warning for its owner. Those who have properly trained their Rottie will know the times when their dogs can bark. 

Rottweilers have an unforeseeable temperament: 

Some people claim Rottweilers to be an aggressive dog with an unpredictable temperaments. This common myth about Rottweilers is not true. Instead, these are one of the most affectionate dog breeds. With proper socialization, they can be introduced to their surroundings easily.

This breed has a great temperament that makes it perfect for families. They take guarding very seriously. They are fearless and are devoted to their owners. These dogs can also adapt easily to the work ethic since they are working dogs. 

While the male Rottweilers are always in search of some threat, female Rottweilers prefer affection and can be easily controlled. Surprisingly, these dogs are confident of their actions and deal with certain things with great calm. However, trying to teach them discipline in a sharp manner can disturb their temperament. 

Rottweilers are shy dogs: 

If you consider Rottweiler to be a shy dog, you have misjudged this breed. Rottweilers are anything but shy. Therefore this common myth about Rottweilers cannot be considered true. This breed has the genetic responsibility of protecting its family. Such a feature makes it more active and open to its owner. 

Rottweiler are not shy dogs

They prefer eye contact. As guard dogs, they tend to keep an eye on everything going on around them. This way, they might even look straight into your eyes, unlike other dogs that would look away in submission. This intelligent breed follows a wait-and-see attitude. It observes the behaviour of strangers before getting too intimate with them.

To earn your Rottie’s trust, you might need to spend a lot of time with him and let him understand your behaviour.  

Owning a Rottweiler is illegal: 

There has been a recent problem in the dog world called Breed discrimination. Few countries have discouraged the idea of owning a Rottweiler because of its aggressiveness. This is also a common myth about Rottweilers. But, from the political view, no specific law has been passed regarding owning a Rottweiler. 

However, strict norms have been laid in some countries for owners who want to adopt a Rottweiler. Therefore, this common myth about Rottweilers can be considered partially correct. In UK, this breed can only be used as guard dogs.

The concept of breed discrimination makes it difficult for breed owners to socialize their dogs. Unfortunately, few states in the US have banned the Rottweiler dog breed. You cannot adopt a Rottweiler if you live in Indiana or Walkerton.

Therefore, they cannot even think of breeding this adorable dog. But, if you are in a zone where you can adopt a Rottweiler, rush to your nearest reputed breeder and learn more about this breed.  


Every dog breed is special in its way. Therefore, you must not judge a breed from another’s point of view. Remember, with affection, even the most dangerous dog can become an adorable one. The adaptability of Rottweilers allows them to mould their lifestyle into the owner’s lifestyle. This misunderstood breed has a lot to explore. Don’t rely on different sources for getting more information on them. Instead, own one and see it for yourself!


Q. Are Rottweilers lap dogs?

They may not be lap dogs but they will not leave a chance to sit on your lap if you allow them to.

Q. Do Rottweilers like to eat?

Rottweilers being energetic dog breeds love to run and play. As a result, they get hungry real fast. They are even ready to work if you give them more food. 

Q. What is an owner’s biggest responsibility towards a Rottweiler?

An owner must train and socialize his Rottweiler whenever he gets a chance to. This way, owners can also prove that Rottweilers are not aggressive, but an affectionate dog breed. 

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