Top 10+ Interesting and fun facts about Rottweiler

Known to be one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Rottweilers easily stand out from other dog breeds. This breed has a confidence level that can surpass any dog without much difficulty. They have a playful personality along with a distinct level of loyalty and intelligence. 

The Rottweiler dog breed has a height of 24-27 inches and weighs up to 135lbs. Originally bred to be drover dogs, Rottweilers have successfully carried out their task. In modern times, these dogs are used mostly for guarding. But, besides such factors, there are also certain fun facts about Rottweilers that you would not like to miss. 

Top 14 Interesting and Fun facts about Rottweilers:

1. Trains made them extinct:

Trains made Rottweiler extinct
(Source: Reddit)

How can trains be the cause for the extinction of a dog breed? Well, Rottweilers were farm dogs. Their work was to pull carts to nearby towns so that their owners can sell their goods. To be honest, they were the most liable means of transport back then. But with the emergence of trains, Rottweilers practically became a history. 

Fortunately, some kennel clubs saw the good in this breed and decided to re-establish it. With time, these dogs turned out to be more than just drover dogs. This can be considered an interesting and fun fact about Rottweilers.

2. They make good police dogs:

Rottweiler make good police dogs
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A fun fact about the Rottweiler dog breed is that they originally received recognition from the police. There was a time when hardly any Rottweiler was seen attending a dog competition. Soon, the police realized its value and this dog breed had a comeback. To be fair, it was the police department that was the saviour of this breed. 

The police department trained these dogs to perform tasks under strenuous situations. Being smart dogs, they could easily grasp the training. Even to this date, they are an important part of the police department and also a mainstay at dog competitions.

3. Rotteweilers are typically strong:

Interesting and fun facts about Rottweiler
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The origin of this dog breed was to pull carts. Even at times, they had to work on farms as demanded by their owners. Therefore, they had to be strong. This is also one of the interesting and fun facts about Rottweiler. The strength of this dog breed can be easily compared to other military dogs like Labrador retriever, Doberman pinscher or German shepherd

It is their ability to protect that makes them good guard dogs. Therefore, even while working for the police, they would do anything to protect their handler. Their traits make them similar to a German shepherd breed. 

4. People call them dangerous, but they are quite the opposite:

Rottweilers are generally polite by nature
(Source: Dog Advisory Council)

Rottweilers fall under the category of the most aggressive dog breeds. But, some have developed a misconception about them. Rottweilers are an aggressive breed but only when not trained properly. This is one of the fun facts about Rottweilers. These dogs are not fearful by nature. Instead, they are a loving breed.

As puppies, they are of the curious type, i.e., they are always in search of some activity. Owners must socialize this breed at a tender age before it goes out of hand. With improper socialization, these dog breeds can even hurt themselves since they are incapable of realizing the danger approaching them.

5. They also have other designations:

 fun facts about Rottweiler
(Source: AKC.TV)

These dogs are mostly known as drover dogs and guard dogs. But, they are also popular for other reasons. In 2015, a Rottweiler dog breed named Wynd won the AKC Human Fund ACE Award for the category of Therapy dog. This can also be counted as one of the most interesting and fun facts about Rottweilers. 

Wynd is a therapy dog who served in the military. He was owned by Renice Zimmerman who lived in Virginia. It has helped the military family members at Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and also looks after the veterans who are undergoing PTSD and substance abuse at the Hamptons Veterans Hospital. 

6. They are depicted in books and movies:

Rottweiler have acted in many movies and books written on them
(Source: Amazon. in)

A fun fact about Rottweilers is that they have also been depicted in several films. In 1976, Rottweilers were seen acting in the film ‘The Omen’. Ten years later, in 1986, they were also seen in a film named ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’. Celebrities like Bruno Mars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Miley Cyrus have also owned this gentle dog breed.

A famous book series named ‘Good Dog Carl’ has also featured this dog breed. This book was released in 1985 and was written by Alexandra Day. Since then, Day has written more than 20 books that depict a Rottweiler named Carl.

7. They have a waterproof undercoat:

They have waterproof inner coat
(Source: My Animals)

Rottweilers have double coats. While the outer coat of this breed is hairy, their inner coat is waterproof. This is one of the interesting and fun facts about Rottweilers. The inner coat of this breed prevents water from entering their actual skin and enables them to get wet hassle-free!

Like most dog breeds, even Rottweilers love to play in the water. Due to their waterproof coat, they can spend as much time as they want in the water. 

8. Their marking has no variety:

Less variety of Rottweilers
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Just like other dog breeds, this breed has variations. But a fun fact about Rottweilers is that their markings are never different. The American Kennel Club recognises three different colours of Rottweilers- Rust, tan and Mahogany; all combined with black.

These dogs have markings over each eye, on cheeks, on the nose, on each side of the muzzles, on throats and forelegs and toes. They have a spot on each eye, a strip on either side of the muzzle, a bridge on the nose and a triangular mark that stretches from the forelegs to the toes.  

9. They served as rescue dogs during the 9/11 attack:

Rottweilers used in 9/11 attack
(Source: Penn today- University of Pennsylvania)

The attack of 9/11 was one of the scariest attacks on New York City. It caused severe damage and loss of lives. To save lives, Rottweilers were deployed with handlers at the Twin Tower. Other dog breeds like German shepherds and Labrador retrievers were also sent with them.

Being completely trained by the military and the police, these dogs were able to perform greatly and were successful in saving lots of innocent lives. Rottweilers were also used on the battlefield to rescue wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

10. Training is a must for them:

Rottweilers need training
(Source: Rottweiler)

A fun fact about Rottweilers is that they are a breed that is completely based on training.  They might be intelligent and obedient, but they still require proper training and socialization to behave in the given surroundings. 

The strength of this breed can also be used in the wrong way by many people. But if trained properly, they will be able to control their power. These pets are easy to train because of their wit. The training period for these dogs is also comparatively less. 

11. The US was their home for a short time:

Rottweilers lived in US
(Source: Bubbly Pet)

Presently, Rottweilers have been banned in some states of the US, but during the 1920s, the US was their home. Some researchers have also claimed that some of this dog breed came from the United States. Once, a German man came to the US along with his Rottie. Since then, Rottweilers have been living in this country. This is one of the fun facts about Rottweilers.

However, some people have developed the misconception that Rottweilers are highly dangerous. States like Indiana and Walkerton do not allow people to own this dog breed because of their uncertain behaviour. In reality, these dogs can be uncertain if not properly guided by their breeders.

12. They are named after a town:

Rottweilers were named after das Rote Wil
(Source: Woofline Pets)

A fun fact about Rottweilers is that they are named after the town of Rottweil. The Rottweiler Club of the UK confirmed that during the 74 AD., the Roman armies sought shelter with their herder dogs near the Necker River in Germany.  These herder dogs were used by their owners for bear hunting and herding. 

Thus, this place started to evolve and developed into a town known as ‘das Rote Wil’. Later, the town was renamed as ‘Rottweil’. Studies confirm that Rottweilers are decedents of these herder dogs, and thus, the name Rottweiler.

13. Rome is their real home:

Rottweilers are originally from ROme

Many people claim the Rottweiler dog breed to have originated in Germany. But the fun fact about Rottweilers is that they have originated in Rome. Romans were the first to inhabit this breed. These dogs were trained by their owners to do all sorts of farm work. Later, they accompanied the Roman armies to Germany.

With the passing years, people have been misguided regarding the history of the origin of Rottweilers. But truth be told, these dogs belong to Rome and not to Germany. 

14. The American Kennel Club recognised them in 1931:

fun fact about Rottweilers
(Source: American Kennel Club)

A fun fact about Rottweilers is that they did not receive recognition until 1931. This dog breed was considered the first dog that came to the USA along with a German emigrant in the late 1920s. The name of the Rottweiler was Stina von Felsenmee. She was the first-ever Rottie to be recognised by the American Kennel Club. 

These dogs have the best temperament and are of the gentle kind. They are also very obedient. For this reason, Rottweilers have been counted as the 8th most popular dog breed in the world. 


Given above were the most interesting and fun facts about Rottweiler. However, recently, these dogs have gained a bad reputation. There have been several unethical breeding taking place in various locations. As a result, the puppies that are born lack health and nutrition and are not mentally well. There has also occurred a change in their temperament. They attack other animals and people without any reason. Therefore, people are getting scared of this breed. 

But in reality, this is one of the best breeds one can adopt. They have the loyalty and obedience an owner needs. Also, their smartness makes them perfect family dogs. 


What is the lifespan of the Rottweiler dog breed?

Rottweilers have a lifespan of 8-11 years. Some even live for up to 13 years. 

Are Rottweilers good with kids?

The Rottweiler dog breed is good with kids only if they are properly trained. However, you are recommended not to adopt them with other pets. 

Can Rottweilers swim?

Rottweilers are very fond of swimming. They would love to spend most of their time in the water, if necessary. 

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