How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer – 5 Strategies to follow keeping dogs cool

With the approaching summer season, every person starts enjoying the pleasures of juicy appetites followed by pool parties and long days. Our food habits tend to change during summer. The same is applied to dogs and other animals. The long sunny days are a blessing for dogs. But even then, summer has its disadvantages. This article will guide you on how to keep dogs cool in summer and 5 strategies to follow keeping dogs cool

Hot summers are exhausting, not only for us but also for our pets. This requires proper planning and preparation. Dogs also tend to undergo several diseases during this season.

Skin and ear infection are among the most common ones. They can even face heatstroke and sunburn. To survive such circumstances, these fluffy and adorable creatures require little shade and plenty of drinking water

This article will provide you with every tiny bit that you need to know on how to keep your dog cool in summer. Also, cool dogs are easier to handle!

Do and Don’t for dogs during summer:

Being a responsible dog owner, it should be your prime motive to keep your cool dog well-going, even during the summer days. There are various Do’s and Don’ts to follow on how to keep your dog cool during summers.

Do’s for dogs during summer days:

👍 Do keep your dog hydrated at all times.

Hydrating your dog is a must.

About 60% of the dog’s body weight account for water. Dogs always prefer staying outdoors. This way, most of the body fluid is drained out in the form of sweat. As a result, they need to drink fresh and clean water from time to time. 

A basic thumb rule for dogs is that they should be given water every half an hour. This way, the dog’s body is hydrated all the time. It also makes up for the lost water from the body. However, the amount of water depends upon various factors like the size of the dog, the amount of exercise he does daily, his age, and most importantly, the medications he takes. This also adds up to the list of how to keep your dog cool in the summers.

👍 Make sure you ‘do’ keep your lawns trimmed nicely.

Do keep your lawns clean and trimmed.

Grown lawns can have insects including ticks and wasps lurking in them. Therefore, it is best to trim them off from time to time. Insect bites for dogs will reduce the chances for your dog to become a host for these fleas. You can also arrange for a cooling station outside, in these lawns. Dogs are mostly more out-going creatures. There can be a great chance for dogs to bring home bugs. It is thus, recommended to wash them clean before entering the home using a pet washer and hose. This is also among the tips on how to keep your dog cool.

👍 While playing, make sure you ‘do’ give your dog some time to cool down.

Breaks during playing to dogs in summer

Frequent breaks are necessary while excessive workouts or playing. Surprisingly, dogs require breaks more often compared to humans. If you want to know how to keep your dog cool in summer, this is one of the important points. While making him do activities like ‘fetch’, ‘hiking’, etc., dogs require a break of at least 10 minutes. Make sure that your dog gets to take a break of 15-20 minutes during every general walk. Give him water to drink during breaks. Find a shade to take a rest. And if possible, you can even take pictures with him!

Give him food or ice cream during summer.

👍 Do provide your pet dog with delicious frozen treats.

Ice-creams not only provide relief to humans. They also contribute to making cool dogs. But, certain precautions should be kept in mind before providing them to your dogs. This is also an important point on how to keep dogs cool in summer. Not every Popsicle is perfect for dogs. You can therefore try making him a DIY ice cream. Mix banana and fresh yoghurt for the ice cream. You can even add a little bit of cinnamon to it for extra flavour.  Other frozen items like watermelon and other veggies will also make them beg you for more. 

Do not walk your dogs on Hot Asphalt.

👍 Be aware that Hot Asphalt ‘do’ harm the sensitive paws of dogs.

Outside” is where pet dogs prefer to be most of the time. But summers can heat the asphalt or sidewalks in no time. On a very sunny day, these sidewalks even become difficult for humans to walk barefooted. A tip on how to keep dogs cool in summer involves keeping pet dogs inside on hot days. You can take him on walks on less hot or cloudy days. These pre-heated sidewalks can be uncomfortable for dogs’ paws and even cause bruises. Instead, try keeping them entertained at home on such days.


👎 Make sure you ‘don’t’ keep your car parked in the sun for long, with your dog inside it.

Dont park your dog inside a closed car.

Staying locked up inside a heated car can cause him heatstroke. This is most common for small puppies.

On the list of how to keep dogs cool in summer, this tip stands on the first. For making cool dogs, such a habit should be avoided. This can be a very fatal mistake.  Staying locked up inside the card can increase their body heat to a very uncomfortable level. Other dog breeds can also be a victim of such a situation.


👎 Don’t keep your dog ungroomed during the summer season.

Grooming during summers is a must.

One of the major ways on how to keep dogs cool in summer is to groom them regularly. Dogs should be well-groomed throughout the year, but grooming during summers are more important. 

Dog breeds who have long hairs can have an over-heated body. This happens more often in warmer weather. These dogs should be also be trimmed regularly to avoid body heating. For dogs who have a thicker coat than others require trimming more than anything else, especially before summer arrives!

👎 Don’t keep any unscreened window open at any cost.

Dont keep your windows open in summer.

Hot summers require cross ventilation. For this reason, you can keep your doors and windows open. But sometimes, such things can create adverse effects for your child.

Keeping an unscreened window can be very dangerous for pet dogs. This point adds to the caution list of how to keep dogs cool in summer. Open doors and windows tempt the dogs to run out onto the lawn or road. Sometimes, they can be even fall off from the higher floors. Therefore, it is recommended to keep doors and windows locked from the inside.

👎 Don’t keep dogs near water unnoticed.

Swimming a dog is necessary in summer.

Besides humans, dogs also have a desire to go to lakes for swimming. Most of the dogs who are hunter breeds know how to swim. The heat of the summer tempts both you and your dog into the water. But, there can be consequences.

Taking dogs on pool dates can be added to the list of how to keep dogs cool in summer. Cool dogs are into such habits. But keeping them unsupervised near the water can lead to dangers, sometimes even drowning or death. To avoid such situations, it is suggested to make them wear a life jacket or life vest. Sure no owner wants to lose his best companion!

👎 Do not make dogs exercise every time.

Don't make dogs exercise evrytime.

To have cool dogs, it is recommended to make them exercise dogs during the cooler times of the day. This action also adds up to how to keep dogs cool in summer.

With advancing technology, we can know about the weather with just one stroke. Our tablets and phones give us the weather of day on an hour and location basis. Check the weather before making your dog exercise. Working out during the warmer time of the day can lead to heating the body for the dog.  The preferred time for exercising is early in the morning and during the evenings

How to keep a dog cool outside?

There are several ways on how to keep dogs cool, especially outside. Honestly, there are more ways to keep them cool outside the house, compared to inside. 

how to keep dogs cool in summer.

Some of these life-saviours are:

  • Provide them with a shade to take a rest. The shade should be cooler, therefore the shade of a tree is more suggested. 
  • While the dog is drinking water, add some ice cubes to it. It reduces the heat, quenches their thirst and makes their cool dogs.
  • Provide them with homemade treats to meet their desire.
  • Make them an artificial pool with some cool water. 
  • If you don’t have a cooling mat, use a wet towel for them to lie down.

How to keep small puppies cool during summers?

how to keep puppies cool in summer.

The above article includes every detail on how to keep dogs cool in summer. But, for small puppies, not every step is similar. Big dogs can resist their thirst for some time, but puppies cannot. Owners should carry portable water bowls with them in such cases. There are other methods to make these puppies into cool dogs. Too much exercise should be avoided for puppies. It makes them more exhausted as they are more active compared to adult dogs. 

For cooling them outside, owners can use cooling beds. These special beds will help them cool down their body heat. For puppies, owners can use a frozen Kong. These act as a useful tool, engaging the dog’s mind. Try giving them some food inside a frozen Kong. It also keeps puppies cool in the summers


If you own dog breeds like mastiff or spitz, you will find various ways on how to keep these dogs cool in summer. But, there are some drawbacks to every step you take. Trimming hairy dogs during summer is good. But, the timing should also be kept in mind. Giving your furry companions just before the arrival of winter can be difficult for them. 

Long hairs for the respective breed grow under a different cycle. Getting them trimmed during summer might take more time than usual to grow and get the cool dogs their natural appearance back.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can dogs be kept cool in 100 degrees weather?

Yes, dogs can live in such high temperatures. But, they should be moved into an air-conditioned room before the heat strikes them. 

Q. Will bathing help dogs cool down?

Getting wet will keep them cooled down, but for a shorter period. You can use wet towels to keep them cooler for longer hours.

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